Flat Shoes Don’t Have To Be Boring… Here’s Why!

Every woman probably has a pair of staple flats that they have sitting in their wardrobes. Let’s be honest, you probably avoid wearing them and are you fighting the feelings of “I should get rid of these since I never wear them”, and “But they’re good to have, you never know when you will need them”. We know the feeling; we’ve all been there! 


To be honest, we probably have contradicting feelings about flats because they can sometimes be considered boring. 


Well, let’s show you why flats are not boring! They are a wardrobe staple! And we are going to show you how flats have been rejuvenated and ways you can style them for every occasion without feeling one little bit boring! 


Ok, so flats aren’t a chic pair of heels, but trust us, read on, and we will show you how you can have just as much fun in a pair of flats while still looking 10/10!


Flats are the perfect shoes for summertime; you will find that a trendy pair of slides or sandals will be your best friends throughout the warmer months. These airy slip-on shoes will keep your feet dry and fresh throughout the day, and their strappy peep-toe designs will have you showing off your fresh pedicures and sun-kissed pins! 




Sandals will look fantastic with anything in your wardrobes but if you are looking for something a little dressier, then opt for an ankle wrap up style. 


These flats will take your flats from dag to fab. The thick strap across the front of your foot will keep you in place, then simply wrap up your ankle using the wide wrap straps. These straps will keep your ankle secure all day, so wrap these straps as loose or tight as you please and secure them by tying a soft bow. This will add some extra small details to your outfit. 


Forget boring flats. These wrap sandals are a far cry from boring! 


Other sandal styles that mimic the current barely-there heel trend are also great options for a dressier style sandal. Just like barely-there heels, minimal thin straps wrapped across your feet look great when paired with dresses, skirts and jeans for a dressier look! Our sandals are a great alternative to slides, especially when looking for some flats with a little extra oomph to your outfit. 




If sandals aren’t for you and you are more of a laid-back kind of girl, then we’re sure that our slides will be perfect for you! Slides are great flats, slip into a pair, and you are ready to run out the door. Isn’t that exactly what you want from flats, something that you can throw on effortlessly without fiddling with straps and buckles.


At Wildfire, our flats come in a range of fabrics and textures. For something dressier, opt for a pair in a snakeskin or crocodile texture, or something more casual then braided patterns will do the trick. Have fun and play with different patterns and textures. Since these shoes are quite simplistic in style, then experimenting with textures will make your outfit pop!


Have we convinced you that flats don’t have to be boring? No? Well, we have a solution for you. 




That’s right, flatforms. These flats are the ultimate summer shoes. The elevated sandal will work wonders with any outfit without actually taking that extra step and putting a pair of heels on. We get it, sandals or slides just aren’t working with your favourite party dress, but we can guarantee that these flats will certainly do the trick. 


We love that these flats will add some height and take your outfit up a few notches without having to put on some heels, hallelujah! 


Our flatforms come in tan and black hues, so you will undoubtedly find the perfect shade for your next party outfit. Whether you are looking for a slip-on or sandal style shoe, we’ve got either sorted for you.


Our sandal flatforms with braided heels and contrasting block colours look great when paired with midi skirts and flowy-cropped blouses. Or one of our favourite outfits to wear with these flats have to be ankle grazer jeans, tuck in a relaxed tee and throw a long line blazer over the top. This outfit is perfect for casual dinners with the girls, long weekend lunches or winery visits, absolutely perfect for long summer afternoons. 


These flats are a far cry from boring! Flatforms are a brilliant alternative to wearing heels, save your heels for special occasions and embrace these new flats. Believe us, you will not regret this purchase; we guarantee you will find yourself wearing these flats more often than not! 


How can you go wrong? Grab yourself a pair today! 


Don’t Be Afraid To Play With Patterns, Textures & Prints


Have fun and experiment with patterns, textures and prints. The next time you style your favourite outfits, think about some different ways you can accessorise or style. For example, why not have some fun with prints? Throw on some leopard print slides with a simple figure-hugging summer dress. This will give a usually simple outfit a stylish twist. 


The same goes for textured finishes like crocodile and snakeskin finishes. Crocodile finishes on shoes are a hot trend at the moment, so why throw this one into your wardrobe mix? These flats look great when paired with cropped jeans with a relaxed shirt tucked in. Look casually sophisticated in this look. 


Of course, the same goes for linens, braids, hole-punched, crisscrossed, buckles, bows, embellishments, metallic, stripes… and the list goes on! Try out different textures and finishes when it comes to flats. These shoes may be simple and basic flats that you will find yourself wearing daily. By utilising these textures, you’re adding some contrast and style to any everyday outfit. 


Do you still think flats are boring? We didn’t think so!  

So, head to Wildfire today and get yourself some stylish flats for the season!