Flats Don't Have to Be Boring...Check Out These Wildfire Styles!

Are you the kind of girl who would choose to comfort over pain? If you are nodding your head, you are in the right place. We have gathered a range of women's flats that are sure to turn your world upside down (but in a good way, of course!). The team behind Wildfire store know the ins and outs of the latest fashion trends, and we can confirm that flats are not boring at all! 


This footwear style is becoming a very trendy style of shoe for women to wear. We love showing off our latest purchase of flats and styling them in fun and unique ways. So if you love to wear comfy shoes and want to add some gorgeous new styles to your shoe collection, we're telling you now is a perfect time. So keep reading and take a quick view ​if you would like to close checkout some of our favourite styles of flat shoes, girl!


Style 1 – Self-Tie Flats


Have some fun with our range of self-tie flats. These are the perfect shoes for you if you want to add something unique to your daily look. The self-tie straps are the feature that every girl will love to wear. In addition, these flats allow you to show off some skin during the warmer months of the year. 


The self-tie strap is what everyone will love to see. This style does work correctly ​with a flowy dress or a set of shorts and a cute crop top. We love that these self-tie flats can add something unique to your look, like a bold statement. Wearing a pair of these shoes is perfect for the girls who love to showcase their creative side because the way you can tie them up can be personalised to suit your style.


The self-tie flats can look similar to the ballet flats or a wrap around the ankle for something more subtle. For a customer creating new fun with their dress, try this pair of kicks. The choice is up to you, girl! 


Style 2 – Slides With Patterns  


Say hello to a pair of super cool slides. These are the perfect flats for girls to wear, no matter what time of the year it is. So whether there is rain, hail, or shine, you will find that a pair of slides will keep you looking fabulous. These flats are super easy to wear and offer plenty of versatility and comfort for your day-to-day activities. 


The best thing about these patterned flats is that they can add something different to your loo. For example, a pair of slides with patterns can feature a range of animal-print or polka dot print. There are so many possible ways to flaunt your pair of patterned slides, no matter the season of the year we are in. 


Try something fun, new and step out of your comfort zone with these flats, sis!


Style 3 – Platform Slides


Get ready to slay all day queen with our range of platform slides. These are the perfect pair of wide steps shoes for you to wear from morning until night. We could not recommend a pair of platform slides any more than we already do. These are the best pair of flats because they still give you a heel height boost without the pain and discomfort. 


Platform slides are super stylish for your everyday look and will always feel like the perfect finishing touch. Platform slides are great for a day at the beach where you need a pair of flats that can slip on and off your feet. You can feel the warm sand between your toes all day long with these flats on your feet. 


The best thing about availing of these flats is that you can dress them up for a sunset dinner. The warm summer breeze will flow against your feet so seamlessly. Girl, have we tempted you yet? These are a must-have in your wardrobe!


Style 4 – Sandals 


If you do not own a pair of sandals, then you need these in your life like yesterday, sis! Sandals are the ultimate pair of flats to wear throughout the year. We love styling these shoes with a wide range of outfits as well. So whether it is a day in the office or an afternoon stroll by the beach with ice cream, you will feel the ultimate levels of comfort and breathability with these flats. 


You can style these sandals with a slightly longer dress, jeans, or skirt. The options are endless when you get your hands on a pair of classic colours sandals, girl! You will fall deeply in love with these flats in no time. Sandals are perfect for your summer activities and will soon become your new best friend for the season. 


This footwear comes in a huge range of designs as well. You can find a pair of sandals with jewels, beads, glitter, or tassels. There is always something new to discover with these flats. This footwear style looks good with any foot length. 


Style 5 – Slippers 


Do you own a pair of slippers in your shoe collection? If you are shaking your head no, you need to hop on this trend as soon as possible, girl! Owning a pair of slippers is the ultimate win for any wardrobe. These are the perfect pair of flats that are sure to keep your feet cosy and comfortable all day long. 


We recommend wearing a pair of slippers when you hop out of bed in the morning. This tip will ensure that you feel cosy and warm, which can help you positively start your day. Slippers are the best pair of best seller flats for everyone to own. 


If you love to have fun with your set of new arrivals flats and make sure that they are not boring, then slippers are the ones for you. You can get your hands on these fluffy slippers every day of the year!


Prove Everyone Wrong About Wearing Boring Flats!


We hope that our style suggestions of women's flats have ignited a passion within. You can now prove everyone wrong by wearing these shoes and showing that they are not boring. Head to the website of our brands shop, Wildfire, today and score yourself some new goodies like leather loafers, babe!    


Trust us, and we solemnly promise that you will not regret it!Enjoy exclusive offers and many benefits. Faster checkout our items and continue shopping with us!