Flats Don’t Have To Be Boring… Check Out Wildfire!

This season, get adventurous with your flats! Summer is primetime for sandals, slides, and all sorts of other seasonal shoes.


Shop at Wildfire, and we can provide you with our most classic, modern, and exciting flats. We’re about to share a bit of fashion wisdom so you can put together the best outfits and take your shoes to the right places. Do you want to embrace your wild side this summer? Well, listen up! There are a few different flats that every woman should have in her wardrobe, and we’re going to walk you through a few of them today.


Get slides with great décor 


Slides are essential flats, and there’s no excuse for neglecting them. However, since they have simpler designs than some of our other shoes, they can get overshadowed and feel less inspired. At Wildfire, we add decor and attractive features to our flats to help them earn recognition. 

These decorative features have no impact on the functionality of our flats, so you still get to enjoy the ease of wear. Oversized buckles are a popular addition on flats this year, but you might prefer something with more texture. In that case, styles with woven, linen, or braided rope material could also be great options!


Stick to the classics with sling-back flats


We’ll get straight to the point, literally. Our pointy-toed flats are an essential style for anyone who loves vintage fashion. Sophisticated shoes like these come with sleek material and a shape that slims down your feet. If you’re a fan of our sling-back heels, then you’ll adore our flats too! Pair sling-backs with culottes or a favourite summer dress, and we know you’ll love the results. Otherwise, take your chance and grab ones that go with your corporate wardrobe. We’re sure that a set of sling-backs will be a go-to for work for you in no time!  


Add an animal print to your loafers


Loafers are fantastic shoes for semi-formal settings. If you work in an office or a similar area, then you probably have a set in your corporate wardrobe already. Flats like these are ones that you can wear week-in and week-out. However, if you’re getting tired of your loafers, then it’s time for a style upgrade! At Wildfire, we’re offering all your favourite loafers and office flats in animal print this season. A fun and trendy pattern can work wonders and make any outfit more appealing and eye-catching. Not only that but if you wear patterned flats, you also open up the opportunity to accessories with our matching accessories too!


Try flatforms and get sandals with a point of difference!


There is no incline on these platforms, so we’re counting them as flats today. As some of the hottest shoes of the season, our flatform sandals will instantly make any ensemble more modern and memorable. You can choose a version with bands around the toes or ankles, or grab flats with faux-suede straps. Despite coming with a platform, our sweet sandals are squishy and kind on feet, so spending a day or night in them will be a breeze.


So, will you be trying any of these? 


Have any of these standout styles caught your eye? If so, make sure you stop by and have a look at our collection online. Seeking out some cute new flats won’t take long since the Wildfire website is so straightforward to navigate. In addition, delivery is convenient and fast (even if you choose standard shipping instead of express), so you’ll have your shoes home and ready to go before you know it. Make 2020 more exciting from the start with a stellar pair of Wildfire flats!