Flats For Every Fashion Style!

Wildfire has flats for every fashion style! Let us prove it to you!

Self-tie sandals are a stylish choice! 

Do you appreciate cute flats with versatile styling options? Self-tie sandals are your ideal match! With their soft faux suede material and gorgeous design, these have been a lasting favourite with Wildfire customers. Of course, the real reason that no one can get enough self-tie flats is that you can rework them to suit any outfit!

If you’ve got a long skirt or dress on and don’t want to conceal your shoes, then you’ll be able to tie them low around your ankles and keep them in view. Then, when you have a shorter ensemble on (like a jumpsuit, shorts, or skirt), you can crisscross your laces higher up your legs and let your flats make a bold statement! How would you wear these shoes?

Do you have any linen flats in your wardrobe?

Are you on the lookout for a trendy pair of slides? Flats in linen material are a must-have this year! Instead of your usual leather-look straps, try a pair of our linen slides, and you’ll bring a fresher feel to your warm-weather wardrobe. This season, we’ve brought in linen flats in a few different designs. 

One of the go-to pairs is an update on a classic Wildfire style with an oversize metallic buckle on top. The other pair of flats that we love in linen this season comes with a bow on the top strap for decoration. It’s a cute, simplistic design that looks gorgeous with everything! Why not have a look for yourself?

What about woven slides? 

Keep in mind that dozens of these flats at Wildfire are all with a unique spin! For instance, one of the best work styles we have is a slide-on loafer with pointed toes and a woven texture, a favourite with ladies who spend their week in an office. Some of our everyday flats come with tightly-knit woven material on a thick top strap. 

Other casual slides have leather-look material woven together to form stylish square patterns instead. In short, we’ve got heaps of styles for you to peruse through on our website! Which do you think would match your aesthetic?

Boost your look with platform flats!

Who wants their new sandals with an extra few centimetres of height? Not everyone is interested in wearing heels or wedges on the day-to-day, but if you want cosy shoes that can boost your stature, then platform flats will be a dream come true! Not only can they elevate your height, but these thick-soled sandals can add a trendier feel to your casual clothes. 

With their lovely braided rope décor and classic leather-look straps, these flats can complement any outfit. We have some versions with buckle fastenings and others that slide straight onto your feet, so pick your preference! 

Get wild with crocodile slides and sandals!

Introduce trendy textured flats into your wardrobe with Wildfire! Last season, snakeskin and leopard prints were the way to go with animal-themed footwear. Now, the pattern to choose on your flats is scaly crocodile skin. This material has been a massive hit with customers over the summer, especially since we’ve brought it in as a new version of some of our hottest sandals and slides.

 If you want flats that won’t clash with your favourite patterned clothing, then you’ll love that our crocodile sandals mainly come in black and natural. Could you get behind a pair of these chic slides?

Are you convinced yet?

If not, jump onto our website and scroll through our flats; you’ll change your mind soon enough!