Flats for Every Outfit

Do you want to spend less time dressing up? Then, it's time to upgrade your closet and make some space for flats. These shoes deserve a spot in your wardrobe because they make dressing up easy. Flats' understated elegance and practicality enable women to look good and feel great without too much fuss.

These shoes are the perfect alternatives to heels at work—no more room for pain and strain. Flats leave your feet in their natural position, which is excellent for balance and stability. You can rush to meetings and presentations without worrying about losing your footing or feeling uncomfortable.

Besides keeping you cosy throughout a stressful workday, these shoes impress your colleagues with their impeccable style, elevating your work vibe with their polished and professional look. Since flats match several work outfits, expect to save time on morning preps. Use that time to indulge in your favourite coffee and breakfast.

Not only do these shoes save you time, but they also save you money. You get more bang for your buck because they are versatile and appropriate for various occasions. Your flats can take you to your weekend brunch with friends, go sightseeing with you when you travel, or boost your confidence during an all-important date.

While others worry about what they will wear during these events, you are chilling around, confident that your shoes will match any outfit. In this article, let our team share various ways you can wear Wildfire flats with every outfit. Let's start!


Wildfire Flat Shoes Collection


The flats collection at Wildfire has two subgroups: loafers and slippers. Let's discuss each shoe option and the various outfits that match them.


Style 1—Loafers


Loafers offer a minimalist, preppy look. We must highlight that you don't have to be preppy to wear these black flats; you only need to be adventurous with your outfit combinations. Experimenting with new outfit styles can be daunting, as there's always the fear of not pulling them off. But with Wildfire loafers, it's impossible to clash. These flats are easy to dress up or down; it's fun to wear them!

Let's start with styling tips for the workplace. Which outfits should you wear loafers with?

  • Skirts. Wearing loafer flats with skirts makes a beautiful, classy look. An A-line, flared or pleated skirt looks fantastic with a blouse or sweater. Impress your colleagues when you stride into the boardroom in this outfit combination. Consider a range of printed skirts, like check patterns, with a white long-sleeved polo for a unique touch to your work attire. Try Wildfire's chunky loafers to complete the look, providing a stylish and cosy elevation.
  • Dresses. Choose a dress that won't cover your beautiful women's flats. Instead of wearing a maxi dress, wear a midi or short dress with your loafers. You can always add a blazer to make it more appropriate for the workplace. A nice belt that matches your flats will complete the look. Cinch your waist and emphasise your curves. Wildfire's open-back loafers will do the trick!
  • Suits. If you're about to present the report you've been working on for weeks to a panel from the management team, it's time to bring in you're A-game. Wear your loafer flats with a suit that fits the classic vibe. Choosing a slim-fitted suit is best, as it's more appropriate for the occasion.

On casual days, wear your loafers with these outfits:

  • Jeans. The pairing of chunky black loafers and high-waisted jeans is the current trend. Your flats will match well with straight-leg, regular-fit, or baggy jeans. Complete the look with cute shirts and blouses. Layer a jumper vest over a blouse if you want to go all preppy on your day out. An important tip when wearing jeans with loafer flats is to ensure the length of your pants ends at the ankle to keep them visible.
  • Oversized shirt. The “no-pants look” has taken off, especially now that the weather's warmed. The oversized shirt becomes a makeshift dress that matches well with loafer flats. Add character to your vibe by wearing visible socks.


Style 2—Slippers


Coming home to a pair of cosy slippers after a long day of work or play is incomparable. For ladies, these flats are more than just a luxury; they are necessary. You would adore lounging on the couch while wearing these flats after being on your feet for extended periods. Slipper flats provide warmth and comfort and alleviate foot fatigue, slowly erasing the day's stresses and worries. With slippers, lounging is an exciting event you look forward to daily after having a tiring one.

While anything you wear at home with slipper flats would look ok, let's go through some excellent lounging outfits to make the experience extra:

  • Sweatpants. How about wearing your slipper flats with an all-black outfit consisting of sweatpants and a shirt? A monochromatic look at home adds a polished and well-put-together vibe, even if your goal for the night is to watch your favourite show. They are comfy and would contrast perfectly with the pastel-coloured Wildfire fuzzy slippers. These flats come with cute crossover straps and cushioned soles for a night of total relaxation. This outfit combination will serve as a retreat for your soul, body, and feet.
  • Drawstring romper. Stay stylish and comfy at home during spring and summer with a drawstring romper. Your slipper flats will complement the colours of your outfit's scoop neck cut and a loose fit around the legs. Pair it with Wildfire's limited-edition terry material slippers. It's great to wear something chic even at home because you never know who'll drop by for a visit.
  • Pyjamas. Nothing can get cosier than a pyjama and slipper set. Head off to bed, ready to recharge and rest. Leave your flats near the bed so they are the first things you'll put on when you wake up. Stepping on cold floors in the morning is not a fun way to start your day.


Dress Up or Down With Wildfire!


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