Flats for the Cooler Months

Winter is inching closer, and braving the colder months is a feat. If only we could be polar bears in hibernation during the cooler months, but since we are not, we must find ways to cope. 


It would help if you discovered appropriate footwear to carry you comfortably on your daily commute and keep your toes warm. But thinking of fashion looks that serve warmth, comfort, and style is a different ballgame.


While boots are the top choice for autumn and winter, some find them too bulky and constricting. Don't fret, as options are available at Wildfire, such as flats.


The Wildfire flats category comprises two kinds ideal for the cooler months: loafers and slippers. Our team at Wildfire will discuss each so that you will know your options. 


These flat shoes will likely excite you because they are stylish and comfortable and willand help you think more positively about the wet and cold months. So, if you're ready, let's do it!


Why wear flat shoes in the cooler months?


Wearing flats is beneficial, especially when the temperatures dip. For instance, wearing these shoes improves posture and provides arch support, which you need to navigate slippery surfaces. 


Flats align your body from head to toe and spread your weight evenly, enabling you to maintain good balance and stability. Moreover, these flat shoes give you better mobility. 


Helping the wearer be steady and giving them weight distribution allows them to stand and walk for extended periods.


Women's flats are lightweight, a characteristic your feet will be thankful for because they won't add to the load. However, autumn and winter are seasons of layering, which means additional weight for your feet to carry. 


Your muscles will work harder, and you'll end up more tired at the end of the day. More importantly, flat shoes are suitable for blood circulation. You need blood to flow freely to produce more heat for the feet.


What are the different Wildfire flats aside from the classic ballet flats?


Apart from ballet flats, two other flats are available at Wildfire. Let's look at how you can wear them to ensure you get both function and fashion. Wear these to make a bold statement!


Style 1—Loafers


Ladies used to think that loafers were ideal for spring and summer only because of their open-top and open-back styles. 


Thankfully, fashion keeps evolving and finding ways to improve wearing a particular footwear style to suit the season. And different fashion styles have cropped up to make this range of flats appropriate for office outfits during the cooler months.


Loafers are slip-on shoes that do not have fastenings. The design of these flats is minimalist and preppy, which makes them versatile and suitable for various occasions. 


Because they are trans-seasonal, you can wear them in all seasons, and you only need to add a few pieces for the loafers to work in the cooler months. The key to wearing these flats during autumn and winter is layering.


We want to share a couple of styling tips:


  • First, wear these loafers in classic colours with a cute pair of socks. Wildfire's chunky-soled black flats with chain detailing on top will look fabulous with socks filled with cute dogs or puppies. 


You can also opt for striped ones! It's the perfect time to experiment and bring out your printed socks.


  • Don't allow the gloom and grey of winter to stop you from adding vibrant colours to your fashion style! If socks don't work for you, wear an outfit with patterned tights! Wool tights can provide the warmth you need when wearing these flats.

  • Accessorise for added warmth. The key to keeping warm when wearing flats is to cover all other possible entryways for the cold. 

Accessories such as scarves, beanies, gloves, and shawls can keep you feeling toasty on the frostiest days.

  • Remember to wear your oversized winter coat when you wear your loafers. Coats set the tone and add the finishing touch to your look. 

Match them with a miniskirt or a short black dress, and we guarantee a fun evening out with friends!


Style 2—Slippers


Protecting your feet from winter's effects, outdoors or indoors, would be best. However, since loafers can do the job when you must leave the house for work or special events, you must also have flats to perform the task at home: slippers.


One mistake people make is walking barefoot around the house, thinking they're already safe from the harsh effects of winter. 


But since your feet are the most accessible entryway for the cold to enter your body, you must still wear flat sandals at home. Besides, have you seen Wildfire's collection of slippers?


The footwear's material is everything during the winter. For example, the slip-on slippers have cute crossover straps and cushioned soles to keep your feet feeling heavenly while at home. 


Wearing these Wildfire flats, with their soft and fluffy material, is like getting a warm hug to keep the cold and blues away. We bet even polar bears would stock up on these cosy flats if they could. 


As mentioned, slippers keep you warm and protect your feet from the cold, so you won't get sick at home. Other reasons for getting slippers for winter are:


  • Keep your feet clean. Walking without slippers at home makes your feet susceptible to dirt, dust, and other muck that came with you when you came home. How sure are you that your house is spic and span?

  • Several trips and accidents result from spills, slippery floors, and visible wires or cords. Slippers prevent you from accidental falls. 

With these flats' help, you can move steadily and uprightly around the house. Moreover, your feet are safe from stepping on sharp objects or tiny toys.

  • The flats' cushioned soles melt and relieve your tension away. So, coming home to these slippers after hours of standing and rushing at work is the best feeling. 

Plus, it makes you feel more relaxed, which improves your overall health and mood. So, can we lounge on the couch in these slippers all day?


Warm Your Feet with Wildfire's Flat Shoe Collection!


Combine fashion and function with these shoes from Wildfire. Then, make the most of the cooler months by heading to the nearest store. Finally, shop online by visiting our site. 


Browse, then take your selection to the checkout. Feel happy you didn't have to pay a hefty price for any of your purchases, as you would have for other brands!