Flats Perfect For A Weekend Getaway!

Enjoy your weekend getaway with Wildfire’s most gorgeous flats! We may be well-known for our lovely block heels and stilettos, but we’ve got heaps over great slides and sandals that are sure to put a smile on your face. Not only do we have an impressive selection of summery sandals for casual wear, but we also have some dressiest ballet flats and loafers that you can wear into formal settings. 


Why are these shoes the best for a weekend getaway?


For one thing, they’ll be easy to pack! Our flats are slim and lightweight. When you’re gearing up for a quick getaway, you don’t want to be dragging around a big heavy bag. Our flats won’t take up much space in your bag, and two or three pairs together wouldn’t weigh much more than one set of sneakers. What’s not to love about that? 


Now, let’s have a look at what we’ve got for you!


Wildfire has the best casual flats!


You can’t deny that our slides and sandals are some of the best holiday shoes ever! While their flexible soles and lightweight feel, you’re guaranteed hours of steady comfort from every pair. The hardest part of getting flats from Wildfire is trying to stop at one! Still, we’ve got a few favourites that we think you’ll like relaxing in this season. You can bring the bohemian vibe to your look with our woven material and braided rope sandals. Spending the day at the beach in our water-resistant synthetic flats is easy-breezy. 


Do you plan on going out to dinner while you’re away?


Even if you plan to spend your break by the beach or poolside, you might need to pack flats with a formal feel. After all, there are plenty of restaurants (even close to the shoreline) that will refuse service to people wearing beach thongs. Luckily for you, Wildfire has heaps of semi-formal and sophisticated flats. If you want to wear slides, try ones with oversized buckles or other metallic features. A little bit of bling will keep your shoes looking more elegant and dressier. Otherwise, you can’t go wrong with ballet flats! Tuck your toes away and into these classic shoes, and you should have no trouble. 


Platforms offer the best mix of fashion and comfort!


Do you want the steady comfort of sandals with the flattering height boost of heels? If so, our platform flats are going to be your new best friends! The chunky sole on these sandals and slide can offer you a few extra centimetres of height without ever compromising your comfort. We think these flats are the ideal shoes for picturesque holiday places, especially if you plan on posing for photos! After all, if you’re going with a group of friends, these sneaky flats should keep you from being the shortest in all your shots! 


Try something animal-themed!


You’ll adore Wildfire’s wild flats and sandals! Do you like the idea of a colourful pattern that can brighten up your holiday clothes? Our snakeskin or leopard print flats would be the perfect choice for you! Would you prefer something subtle, but still pretty? Wildfire’s trendy crocodile-textured slides could be better flats to pack in your suitcase! Still, no matter which pattern or print takes your fancy, you’ll have a fun and fresh pair to wear on holiday! 


Find your dream shoes today! 


We have so many fantastic styles for you to take on holidays in 2020, there’s no time for us to go through them all! If you’re even a bit interested in our sandals, slide, or flats, then stop and shop at Wildfire! We’ve got the best new styles at the most affordable prices!