Flats Perfect for Work and the Weekend!

Have you ever looked at your closet and realised you have so many things? The closet is full of items you haven't even used in months. So, you decide it's time to do some clearing and minimising. You look them over and decide to keep versatile items you can and will maximise use. Your eyes rest on your flats, knowing they are the first to stay. Your flats have taken you everywhere you wanted, proving their usefulness.

So now you're looking for another pair that also fits the purpose. As a practical woman, you've been wearing flats for work and the weekend and will continue unless the event specifies that you wear heels. And adding another pair of flats is perfectly acceptable because you must alternate, right? Your shoes will need rest at some point, so you need an extra pair to rotate with. Where can you find an excellent pair of flat shoes perfect for work and the weekend?

At Wildfire, of course! 

Choosing any pair from Wildfire's collection of flats, whether loafers or slippers, will ensure you'll always look and feel great. The beauty of shopping from the brand is its affordability. Where else can you find premium-quality shoes at price ranges within your budget? Discover the various options you can add to your capsule wardrobe. Let's start!




Wildfire has two kinds of flats. The first is perfect for work and going out after and on weekends, while the other one is perfect for when you prefer to spend nights and weekends in. Some weeks are so tiring that you'd rather chill at home and lounge. And since Wildfire flats come in affordable price ranges, you can get one of each, and you're all set. Let's get through them.




There's something about loafers that gets ladies excited. Adding these shoes to your closet is a stylish move because their versatility means you can rock them at work and during your off-duty activities. How can these minimalist flats fit in with the rest of your wardrobe? Loafers are transeasonal flats that bring elegance and sophistication to any outfit, whether a spring dress, summer shorts, autumn tights, or winter coats. The most sought-after flats right now are the chunky loafers, which you can style with visible or no-show socks. These thick-soled beauties add height without the usual pain and discomfort associated with heeled shoes. Mules are a close second—loafers with an open back, proving that Wildfire has a pair of flats to suit everyone's taste.




If you've been having the worst work week and can't wait to spend the weekend lounging at home, you need a pair of Wildfire slippers, pronto! Ladies often overlook these flats in terms of comfort and practicality. They often walk around their homes barefoot after removing their loafers, not realising the need for foot protection at home. Using slippers at home offers several advantages over bare feet. Here are some:

  • Slipper flats are comfortable because they use soft, plush materials for a cushioned walking experience. Nothing compares to the feeling of walking on pillows, especially after a long, stressful workday!
  • Like loafers, slippers are transeasonal and fill each season, especially the cold ones, with warmth and insulation. Walking barefoot on freezing surfaces can make you more susceptible to illnesses like flu and colds, so ensure you keep safe by wearing these flats at home.
  • More importantly, slippers keep you safe at home. These flats prevent slipping and falling. Unlike bare feet or socks, slippers provide traction that keeps you safe. They also protect your feet from unexpected objects, such as toys left on the floor. If you've ever stepped on one, you'd know how painful those tiny things can be.




Some ladies also consider colour when choosing flats that they can use. The shade should complement their wardrobe so that they can experiment and create more outfits. Wildfire understands this and curates a collection of colour flats that will seamlessly blend with your closet. The loafer collection is available in black, a shade that matches well with everything. Moreover, black is a professional and formal shade that is perfect for work. Strict workplace settings allow flats, but some prefer that they come in black.

Meanwhile, coming home to colourful and vibrant slippers can be a comforting way to signal the end of the day on a bright note. Changing into colourful flats is an excellent transition, wherein you're leaving your work stress behind and stepping into a relaxing atmosphere at home. Choose among slippers in the following colours: black, brown, green, natural, pink, purple, and white.




As mentioned, Wildfire's flats come in reasonable price ranges, giving you many options regardless of your budget. The collection is versatile, comfortable, and stylish, so that you can get more bang for your buck. The shoes are also durable, so you can expect longevity that will allow you to use them for years. 

At Wildfire, the flats collection is available in five price ranges: AUD 0–20, AUD 20–30, AUD 30–40, AUD 40–50, and AUD 50+. The brand also offers flexible payment systems that allow you to purchase now and pay in instalments later. This way, you can find something you like within your budget and don't have to pay it in full at once. You won’t ever feel guilty about indulging in things that make work and weekends cosier. Let's look at some of the options within the various price ranges to get an idea of which pair of flats to get. 

Almost all the slippers are available for AUD 0–20, offering unabashed comfort at a low price. The AUD 20–30 range has the rest of the slipper collection. The loafers and other flats at Wildfire fall under the AUD 30–40, AUD 40–50, and AUD 50+ ranges, which are perfect for your work and non-work needs.


Find All You Need at Wildfire!


Boost your work and weekend experience with Wildfire women's flats—no other brand comes close. Head to the nearest Wildfire retail store or shop online now! Browse our shoe collection of flat sandals, ballet flats, and more. We also have bold statement colours and classic colours like black flats. Create an account today to enjoy exclusive benefits such as receiving updates and a 10% discount on your first order.