Flats That Still Look Good!

Who’s on the hunt for a cute new pair of flats? Make Wildfire your first (and only) stop this season! Most people know us the best for our stunning block heels and stilettos, but we have dozens of pretty sandals and flats available too. Not only are they fantastic shoes for formal wear, but they also make excellent everyday footwear and cute corporate styles. Would you like our help getting started? Leave the difficult stuff to us! Wildfire keeps up with the latest and greatest trends so that we can deliver them straight to you using our flats. We have a whole lot of styles to get through, so, let’s begin!


Why do some people choose flats over heels?

Block heels and stilettos are the conventional choices for formalwear. Not only are they time-tested and typical wedding shoes, but they are also the first pick for most ladies who need sophisticated footwear for work or a special occasion. However, before you grab another pair of heels, take some time and consider getting flats instead. Why should you pick sandals and slides? Well, they offer the longest-lasting comfort and support. If a night of dancing in stilettos always leaves you with blisters and achy feet the next day, then you should seriously consider swapping them out for flats. Despite their lack of heels, our slides and sandals look as elegant and classy as our platforms, so you are still going to front up in a fashionable pair. Plus, knowing that you can stay comfy for hours and hours in flats is sure to put a spring in your step! 


Wildfire has sensational styles for you that will look fantastic all year long!

Don’t get tricked into thinking that flats are for summer and spring only! While the minimal and airy design of our slides makes them perfect for warm weather, they are excellent shoes at any point in the year. Long pants and skirts can keep your feet from getting cold during winter and autumn, so you’re free to wear our flats whenever you want!  


Pointy-toed flats are the way to go for work! 

Do you need new slides for an office setting? Chances are you need to be more careful and selective about the type of shoes you wear on-the-job because your office has a set dress code. Many workplaces have rules against uncovered toes, which is why our pointy-toed shoes are sure to please! We have a mix of ballet flats, loafers, and slide-on mules with tapered tips, so you have your choice of the lot. Some of our favourites this season are slides with braided texture. These woven-look shoes are stylish but subtle, and they are a little more interesting than conventional black flats. With so many too choose from in our collection, we’re sure that you’ll fall in love with a pair from Wildfire!  



Our patterned flats are a popular pick! 

Have you seen any of our stylish patterned sandals or slides? These colourful and eye-catching flats are a must-have for ladies this year. Pretty patterns like these can instantly lift the look of your outfit, and add a fun element into the mix. You can try one of our lovely leopard print designs, or a chic and sensual snakeskin style, or some of our flats with a different pattern. Styling these slides is incredibly easy, so don’t get intimidated by these bold new designs. Find an accessory or clothes in a matching pattern and pair them up with your flats— this will give your outfit a more deliberate and confident air!