Flats That Will Go From Desk To Dinner!


Who says that stilettos and block heels are the only good shoes to wear to events?

Not only are flats infinitely easier for ladies to stand, walk, and party in than heeled shoes, but they’re also super stylish as well! Our designs double as both corporate footwear and gorgeous dress shoes, so there’s no shortage of ways that you can style them. We’re offering you a sneak peek at our favourite flats as we head into warmer weather. Here are a few hot tips to get your season started right. Settle in, because we’re about to show you our best flats!


You’ll love these pretty platforms


Do you want flats that can dress up a little but still feel casual? We can’t recommend our flatform sandals for you enough! These thickly-soled shoes perfectly combine the enduring comfort of flats with the height boost of heels. There’s no incline to the base, which means you can keep these on your feet for hours and hours. Platform flats feel great while you are on the job, and when you're ready to go out afterwards too. We know that you’ll have no problem wearing our chunky-soled sandals in the office during the day and then out for the evening. These platform flats are the ideal compromise on occasions when espadrilles wedges would be too much, and sandals would be too little.


Find perfection from our pointy-toed styles 


These flats have a gorgeous vintage-made-new feel that anyone could love! The pointed toes on these shoes help to slim-down your feet and make them look thinner, while the sling-back band has the same effect on your ankles. Since flats of this sort have small bases, you’ll find they feel lovely and lightweight on your feet too. Our sling-back styles have a similar shape to kitten heels and pumps, so you’ll have no trouble wearing your pair to work. Flats this cute can complement any look, so you know they’ll blend right in with your office and formal wear. We have variations finished off with animal prints too, which add a modern feel to a timeless design. So, if you’re looking for something trendy that can take you out after a day at work, then grab our pointy-toed flats!


Try shoes with a woven texture 


Our slides will take your look to a whole new level this year. Since we’re heading into warmer weather, we have to talk about our weave-pattern flats. The partially-exposed style provides excellent air circulation for your feet, and the slip-on fit is super convenient. These flats are ideal for ladies who have to keep their toes covered at work, and who appreciate a comfy style. You can wear your favourite culottes, maxi-dresses, and long summer skirts with our slides since they have no detailing around the ankle that you would hide. When you’re out to dinner on a mild night, you’ll especially enjoy the cooling feel of our woven slides!


Finally, give our lovely loafers a chance


Out of all our flats, loafers are our most favoured corporate designs. With their sleek look and square-cut toes, you can’t deny that these could bring an elegant and professional air to any outfit. You’ll see your nine-to-five through without a worry thanks to the flexible soles on our flats, and that comfort will last well into the evening. Loafers can complement any look, so you’re sure to have fun taking them from desk to dinner in 2019.


So, which of our flats will you be taking home tonight?


Unleash your wild side with a brand new pair of shoes from Wildfire. If you need flats that look as great in the office as they do out on the town, then we’ve got your dream pair this season!