Feel Comfortable All Day Long In Flats!

Wildfire may be known for a collection of the season’s hottest heels, but there’s plenty to admire about our flats too! Our self-tie sandals are a gorgeous design with more styling options than you would believe, so read on for all the details:

Flats are an excellent option for special events

If you have a formal occasion (such as a wedding) coming up, then these flats should make their way onto your shopping list. Heels may be the classic shoes for bridal wear, but they are not an infallible option. Stilettos can be a struggle on slippery floors, in thick carpet, or any outdoor terrain where they can snag on something. Flats, on the other hand, have no concerns about where they walk. Block heels may have a supportive design and ease potential muscle strain, but the broad platform can also appear awkward or heavy under lightweight fabrics. As such, it should be no surprise that more ladies are jumping ship and going with sandals instead. Forget about sneaking an extra pair of wedding shoes into your bag— wear your flats with pride and enjoy the festivities in style and excellent comfort!

Since we're on the subject: flats are the best date for parties too!

Have you ever had to go home barefooted with your heels in hand? While we all adore the look of raised styles and the flattering effect that they have on your legs, flats are more practical on a night out with the girls. You can forget about sitting out on the sidelines because of muscles cramps or a rolled ankle when you take flats out to party. You have all the freedom in the world in terms of styling, because everything from little black dresses to patterned playsuits will make an ideal pairing with your latest set. Dance from dusk until dawn in our flats this weekend!

Do you need something refreshing for your work wardrobe?

Add some of our flats into your collection today! If your office has no qualms about toes showing, then our summery sandals can bring the best holiday vibes from nine-to-five. We recommend culottes and high-cut work pants with these flats, but dresses and skirts are excellent too. When you need something that can add a fun element into the mix and invigorate your everyday corporate clothes, these are the shoes to choose. Ladies who have to journey on foot or on public transport in the mornings will also appreciate the steady comfort and ease of brought by Wildfire flats.

Of course, we still have plenty of sophisticated styles with a little height lift included. At Wildfire, our lovely sling-back heels are wonderful in an office setting. With an assortment of contemporary finishes such as lilac, leopard spots, and vibrant red, anyone could find their perfect match from this selection!

Who could say no to casual flats?

We’ve mentioned several places where you can dress your sandals up, but what about occasions where you might want them dressed down? Our strappy flats are a natural match with jeans and t-shirts on days where you can’t be bothered with anything else. In line with current trends, we also don’t mind seeing flats like these with oversized dresses or cute denim skirts either. As long as you leave the crisscrossing ties exposed where their leg-slimming illusion can be seen, you’re in the clear!

Bring out your wild side with flats today!

Treat yourself to luxurious comfort and a beautiful style with Wildfire sandals. Whether you need a pair for formal events, casual days, or both, our flats will satisfy your fashion cravings.