Flats To See You Through Those Long Work Days


When you’re exhausted during a long working day, the last thing that you want is uncomfortable shoes.

When you’re exhausted during a long working day, the last thing that you want is uncomfortable shoes. Being brain-tired is one thing, but adding sore feet into the mix is guaranteed to turn your mood from mopey to miserable. That’s where our flats come in to save the day! Instead of letting heels pain you during your nine-to-five, choose some of our sensational styles. Wildfire has brought in a fresh new range of flats for you this year, so there’s something for everyone! Kick back and relax while we walk you through some options now:

Try our sling-back flats!


Ladies who love styles with a vintage-made-new vibe will adore our sling-back shoes. These pointy-toed flats are an easy option for formal and casual workplaces alike. If you’re familiar with some of our other office styles, then you’ll realise that these flats are similar to our much-loved kitten heels. So, if you’ve been hoping for the same sophistication and timeless elegance as those shoes, but without the short stiletto heel, then you’re in luck. You can’t deny that the smooth material, pointed toes, and wraparound heel strap have created some extra-special flats!

Keep your style simplistic with mules 


Mule-style flats will be a hit with ladies who need shoes that can keep up with their busy schedules. If you despise doing a hop-jump-and-dance to get your shoes on in the morning, then you need a pair of these. Our flats slide straight onto your feet without a fuss. Plus, they’re lightweight and will feel cool and airy during boiling workdays in summer and spring. Our favourite version of these flats come with a shapely pointed toe (to make your feet look skinner) and braided texture. While they are some of our more conventional designs, these certainly aren’t lacking in style!

What about a contemporary platform?


Who says you can’t wear flats and get a subtle height boost too? At Wildfire, our platform flats bring you the best of both worlds. Instead of slanting your feet onto an incline (which eventually causes aches and muscle strain), these platforms keep everything perfectly level and pack those extra centimetres onto the bottom. We know you’ll love the peep-toes, soft faux suede material, and braided rope texture on the base too. Grab a pair of our platform mules, and you treat yourself to some of the cutest flats we have available! Not only that, but your workwear will have a fun bohemian feel whenever you wear our mules.

Sandals will never lead you astray! 


As long as you’re allowed to have your toes uncovered at work, that is! Sandals are our most numerous flats and also some of our best! We have fresh picks with crossover bands, peep-toe looks with oversized feature buckles, and even more. You have no trouble combining our flats with your current work wardrobe since they look amazing with pants, dresses, skirts, shorts, jumpsuits, and everything else you can imagine. And, since there’s no heel to speak of, you know you have hours of comfy wear ahead.

Fuse modern and classic looks with our loafers!


We’ve combined a timeless look with a leading fashion trend in 2019, and the result is our loafer range. These flats are comfortable and complement everything. Still, we couldn’t resist adding a twist and offering some with leopard print. When you pick our spotty loafers this season, you’re also getting some of our most fashion-forward flats for your collection. Try yours with block-coloured clothing and a matching leopard print accessories!


Have we piqued your interest? 


Flawless flats are waiting online now, so get ready to awaken your wild side!