Flats You'll Never Want to Take Off!

The feeling of slipping on a pair of flats is similar to going barefoot, with the added benefit of protecting your feet from sharp objects while still looking chic. 


For this reason, it's unsurprising that many women always have a spare pair of flat shoes on hand, including in their vehicles.


And once you've tried on some of the Wildfire flats available, you'll never want to take them off! These shoes are comfy, trendy, versatile, and affordable. These flats provide everything you need to get through your day and more! 


Imagine opening your closet with a smile every morning because you know that you'll get to wear your favourite shoes again. These flat shoes accompany you on your commute to work, brunch, meetings, errands, dinner, and even after-dinner drinks. 


If you could live and sleep in this Wildfire shoe collection, you would, or at the very least, try to.


Our team at Wildfire is on hand to give a rundown of the different styles available to elevate your daily wear. (Ballet flats are outside the scope of this post; otherwise, you'd be here all day!) So are you ready to discover the best addition to your wardrobe rotation?  




Loafers top the charts when it comes to flats you can wear to work. These shoes add understated elegance to your office attire. 


But let's not limit these flats to the work environment since they are also the go-to choice for special occasions. Why stress yourself with heels when you can remain comfortable and look equally stylish with these loafers?


These Wildfire flats all come in black, the easiest colour to match. So expect these loafers to match pantsuits, office skirts, and dresses. 


While this style falls under the flats category, some with chunky soles will give you additional centimetres. With their shiny finish and chain detailing, these shoes will start boardroom and meeting conversations. 


Don't think for one second that you can't wear these on casual occasions, because you can. These flats go well with jeans, denim shorts, and skirts. If you wear them with jeans or pants, ensure they end around the ankle, leaving a few centimetres of skin in between. 


More importantly, loafers are so versatile that you can wear them all season. If you're creating a capsule wardrobe for sustainable fashion, ensure you add these Wildfire flats! You will always want to wear these shoes all year. 




Mules fall under the "loafers" category, as they look the same. The only difference is that mules have an open back. These flats are the easiest to wear since you only slide your feet inside, and out you go.


The Wildfire mules come in two colours that can match all your clothes: natural (nude) and black flats. This range of flats includes styles with gold chain detailing along the top of the shoe. 


However, we don't recommend it for the colder months, as the backs of your feet will freeze in the cold. Instead, wear these flats during the warmer seasons and have a grand time as you do your errands, meet up with friends, travel, and do everything you have planned.   




Slippers are the best flats for winter, ideal for lounging at home. If polar bears could shop, they'd likely get these slippers to wear during their hibernation. 


You'd love how these Wildfire flats will add vibrancy to your grey winter season with six colours available: black, green, natural, pink, purple, and white.


There are two styles of slippers available. Let's discuss the first kind of these flats with crossover straps. These slippers will treat your feet to the best comfort and warmth with their soft, fluffy material and cushioned soles. 


And while they are best for winter, the open back and toes also make these flats ideal for other seasons.


The second kind of slipper has a thick strap across the foot. Like the first one, these shoes offer a comfortable, relaxing base. 


However, these slippers use soft, terry towel material, which looks as good as it feels. Walk around your house, by the beach, and during vacation trips to tropical destinations in style with these Wildfire flats. 


Styling won't be a problem; wear them with any outfit or dress you wear to the beach or casual gatherings, like shorts, dresses, and denim skirts.


Advantages of Wearing Flats


1. Provide stability


Since they mimic how it feels to be barefoot, flats provide the wearer with more stability. You don't have to worry about slipping or losing your balance when you're hurrying to finish something because you know that your feet are in their natural state.


2. Best travel companion


Since flats match most of your clothes, they are the best vacation shoes. In addition, these shoes do not take up space or weight in your luggage, leaving you with more room for your clothes or the souvenirs you'll take home.


Other people prefer to wear flats during flights because they are slip-on, making it easy to remove them during airport security checks.


3. Good for your health


Finding the right shoes can prevent foot, knee, and back pain. With flats, you get the proper support from the ground, which positively impacts your spine and posture. In short, avoid heels like stilettos, which alter your balance and increase pressure on the balls of your feet.


If you've been a constant wearer of heels, you'll know you need to rest your feet after a full day to remove the inflammation. 


One of the first things you must do to soothe the swelling from using heels is to walk barefoot or wear flats. Aside from saving you from unnecessary pain, these shoes do not put pressure on your feet, so there's no swelling. 


Join the Flat Shoes Trend and Discover What You're Missing!


If you can access stylish and comfy flats, why won't you take advantage? 


Head to the nearest Wildfire store or shop online for shoes you will never want to remove! By buying these shoes, you've sorted your wardrobe rotation and found a style you'll want to keep showcasing.


Every woman's closet needs a reliable pair of flat shoes. Find the right pair of women's flats from our wide selection of ballet flats, flat sandals, loafers, mules, and brogues for any event. 


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You may find many other brands' flat shoe collections when you shop online, but you will pay a hefty amount. At Wildfire, you won't have to break the bank to find a cute pair of flats that will go with your dressy ensemble.


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