Formal Occasions That Can Be Worn Again and Again!

The formal shoes at Wildfire are so versatile that you can keep wearing them repeatedly, even on casual occasions. If you ask us which style you can wear repeatedly, we will need help to pick one. However, we understand how wise shoppers are now looking to find more uses for their footwear to get their money's worth.


Let's begin with our most comfortable heels around, the block heels.


Style 1—Block Heels


Footwear with block-based soles is the best option for dependable and comfy heels! The footwear's platforms give you the most stability on uneven terrain and evenly distribute your body weight across your legs. In addition, these pairs work best outdoors because you don't risk getting stuck in soil, sand, or pavement cracks.


Typically, the higher and steeper your heels are, the more stress your legs and ankles experience. However, you won't have as much strain on your feet when wearing block heels, and you'll always have a stable surface to walk, move, or dance on! Do you want to know which styles we adore and which you will repeatedly use? 


The best choice is low-block heels! But a pair with a braided top band may win your heart. Ladies are in strappy styles this season, especially with a little strap over the big toe. Classic slide-informal footwear with two conventional horizontal straps is excellent. 


Use this footwear on casual weekend hangouts with the girls or dates with your partners. You can stand, dance, and walk for hours, but these Wildfire block heels won't fail you!


Style 2—Heeled Boots 


Are you going anywhere special this winter? If yes, the best footwear is a pair of heeled boots. They are the comfiest and most trendy style to protect your feet from inclement weather, especially when it's rainy and chilly. In addition, Wildfire's short ankle boots can cover and protect your feet more than regular pumps or block heels. 


After the special occasion, you can wear them with a short dress, skirt, or playsuit when it's chilly. When you need more warmth, consider getting our knee-high or thigh-high boots because these cover more skin. They might not be your conventional footwear, but the fashion trends say otherwise. 


Besides, if they can keep your legs warm, and make you feel your best during your special occasion, go for it! There's no need to worry about potential pain because all the platform boots at Wildfire have block heels. We explained how block heels spread weight and reduce pressure on your feet. 


Wearing these will encourage you to dance all day (and at night if your energy is still up for it). Remember that boots aren't just a practical option—they also come in a gorgeous variety! In addition, wearing them will provide a silhouette of long, lean legs. 


Visit our shop or edit shop and choose these brands at Wildfire, your favourite shoes that protect your feet from harmful elements.


Style 3—Flat Formal Shoes 


Who says that heels are the only footwear acceptable as formal shoes? Nowadays, comfort plays a big part in considering what to wear. And if we're talking about comfort, the first thing that will come to mind is the Wildfire brand.


Our embellished flats are perfect and something you can use repeatedly. Going for this pair will remove all the extra strain or pressure on your feet and leg muscles. In addition, they'll bring a summertime vibe to any outfit and are best worn during beach and garden weddings when the weather is extra warm and sunny.


Breathability and the capacity to walk and maintain balance are essential footwear characteristics. This footwear will only topple you forward if you step on grass or sand. Moreover, they are easy to put on and remove if you feel like walking barefoot on the sand.


Are Sunday brunches your thing? If yes, these are perfect for that. Wear your midi dresses or high-waisted shorts with long-sleeved boatneck shirts as you cruise around town.


Our Wildfire collection of flat formal shoes will leave you wanting more. And you don't need to worry about finding the correct size because of our handy guide. The chart is easy to use and will help you quickly find the proper pair.


A Word About Formal Men's Shoes


Find men's dress shoes that will lend some refinement when you've got an event or that great work. Men's shoes kick off the new season with the ultimate kicks. From sneakers and loafers to brogues and derby shoes, we have your best foot forward on every occasion.


So what are you shopping for? Got a wedding to attend on the weekend? From black tie to cocktail, our curated range of dress shoe styles will hit the mark at any event. Try matching evening men's shoes with a suit, and find a fashionable dress and pair it with your heeled shoe for a wedding event. 


How to Care for Shoes So You Can Wear Them Again and Again


1. Remove Moisture!


Keep your dress shoes dry because moisture can lead to the growth of bacteria, which weakens the material faster. So instead, use desiccants like silica gels or pouches to keep them dry and microbial-free. If you don't have silica, you can fill your formal shoes with newspapers and replace them after about a week to keep the moisture out of your beloved soles.


2. Say Goodbye to Dust!


Dust buildup can cause footwear to lose its original colours and appear worn out. Polish and clean your footwear frequently to keep them looking new.


A closet for your footwear is the ideal location for storage. You can also use bags if you don't have closets.


3. Hide from Sunlight!


Shoes may dry, rot, stiffen, or crumble under intense heat or bright sunlight. However, protected from the sun and changes in the climate, your footwear will last longer until you finally decide to use them again.


4. Keep Your Soles Immaculate!


Soles are the cornerstones of your footwear, so it's only fitting that you maintain them. Here are some tips to keep your soles immaculate:


  1. Tap them together outside the house so loose dust will fall off.
  2. Remove the grime from the soles with a brush.
  3. Clean hard-to-reach dirt in the grooves of the soles with a dry paintbrush.


Examine for Yourself and Be Ready to Put Your Best Foot Forward!


So, what are you waiting for? Ditch your old pair of Hush Puppies. Instead, put your best foot forward with our brand of men's formal dress shoes and boots from Wildfire. Find your favourites!


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