Formal Shoes for Every Special Event Are at Wildfire!

While some ladies get excited whenever they are invited to a function, whether business or party, some get stressed because of the dress code—thinking of what to wear and if it's appropriate can take a toll on you.


Thankfully, Wildfire has all the options for formal shoes that you can wear.


Looking good on these special occasions is a must, but you should never compromise comfort just because a style looks better on you. 


A fashion tip to remember is that you should wear your clothes (and dress shoes) and not let the clothes wear you. Your confidence will shine through; a massive chunk of that comes from being comfortable in your clothes.


It would help to have a pair (or more) of Wildfire dress shoes. Learn the different options and which special event they will look best in. 


Our team at Wildfire will help you discover the best dress shoes to add to your shoe closet. If you're ready to start, let's do it!


Forget men's shoes for now, and let's focus on formal shoes for women.


Discover Wildfire Formal Shoes


The simplest way to define formal shoes is any footwear you wear at special events. Because fashion has evolved and become more accepting, it's tricky to gauge the strictness of dress codes, primarily if invitees express them implicitly. 


Choosing dress shoes that convey professionalism and look presentable is best. However, let's squash the notion that dress shoes must always have heels. Some special events require you to look nice without needing heels.


Imagine if you must attend a work conference or function where they expect you to mingle, network, and join group dynamics, and you're wearing stilettos. Your feet would last up to two hours at the most. 


It's best to reserve your pointy dress shoes for black-tie events where you'll likely be seated. For other special occasions, the Wildfire brand offers a wide range of dress shoes suitable for different styles and preferences, including heeled and flat options. We also have dress shoes in black, brown, nude, and other colours.


Matching Various Shoe Options to Different Events


Treat this as a simple guide to help you choose the favourites you can wear to a special event. The Wildfire team gathered the usual events you attend this season and identified which style works best for them.


1. Fine Dining


Is an important celebration coming up? If you received an invite to a 25th, 30th, 40th, and all the other milestone birthdays, you need a pair of dress shoes to get you through the occasion. 


Upscale restaurants and function rooms require footwear options that match the venue's elevated level of service and atmosphere.


Since everyone's seated, adding height to your footwear is okay. How about choosing slingback heels?


Wildfire slingback heels are an appropriate type of formal shoe for fine dining. Its notable feature is a strap that wraps around the back of the heel, providing support and a secure fit. Lottie is an excellent option, especially if you choose the pink one. 


The absence of a closed back ensures that this footwear keeps your feet fresh the entire time. You can pair slingback heels with an A-line midi dress or a stylish blouse with tailored trousers.


2. Work Functions


Whether going for a job interview or a work conference, you must put your best foot forward. These special events require a sense of professionalism that people will remember and pass judgement on. 


Your dress shoes will demonstrate your attention to detail and hold the key to helping you make a strong impression. Work events will gather potential colleagues and people in the same industry who can contribute to your company's growth. 


Think of footwear as your ticket to expanding your network.


Which style can marry fashion and function so you can look great while being on your feet for extended hours?


Wildfire loafers are the formal shoes you need for work functions. Its understated appeal adds elegance to your professional look without stealing the limelight from the event's purpose. 


You will impress your potential supervisor when you wear a Panther to your interview. It's a chunky loafer included in the Wildfire flats collection.


Panther is as sleek as the animal of the same name. These dress shoes are convenient for functions that require you to be comfy on your feet for extended periods. 


The online-exclusive loafer features a thick, gripped sole with a rounded-toe design for stability and comfort. 


These formal shoes' patent leather material and two-strap design will make you stand out. Pair these loafers with a pantsuit or a dress and blazer combo. Leaving a solid impression is effortless with Wildfire formal shoes.


3. Black Tie 


Did you recently get a ticket to the opera, an award ceremony, or a fundraising gala?


If yes, these functions require the strictest dress codes. You must wear dress shoes with high heels to match a black gown. 


While wearing footwear taller than 7.5cm can be nerve-wracking, options from the Wildfire block heel collection will keep you pain-free.


Special events typically last for hours. You're lucky if you can sit for most of it, but some would have you on your feet for long hours. 


With block heels as your footwear, you can stay stable and comfortable because this option distributes your weight evenly. 


The possibility of losing your balance and toppling forward is nil. Say hello to a stress-free party experience filled with style and glamour.


Astonish from the Wildfire block heels collection is an excellent choice. These online-exclusive dress shoes have a gorgeous silky material, a signature top strap, and an oversized bow detail. 


The buckled ankle strap provides security and adjustability to keep you comfortable throughout. A simple piece of diamond jewellery is enough to make you sparkle. Avoid excessive accessories.


Elevate Your Special Events with Wildfire!


Always remember how critical lasting impressions are. Ditch your Hush Puppies and other brands—leave a solid and positive impression with the help of Wildfire formal women's shoes.


And with our commitment to offering high-quality shoes at a lower price, you don't have to break the bank to look good.


Got a wedding to attend? Be sure to check for a matching clutch to make you look event-ready. 


Head to the nearest store or shop online and take advantage of the flexible payment systems, which allow you to purchase now and pay in instalments later.