Formal Shoes for Your Upcoming Special Event!

Everyone needs a handy pair of formal shoes in their shoe closet for special events. While some invitations are for occasions months away, some come as a surprise within a few days. Having said that, how ready are you for impromptu events?


Every detail of your outfit, including your shoes, matters when you attend a special event. Most people, especially those you meet for the first time, judge you based on what you're wearing. 


To leave a lasting positive impression, you must be at the top of your game, wearing the best shoes appropriate for the event.


More importantly, wearing professional footwear can make you feel more self-confident and assured. You stand straighter, and your chin is a bit higher because you know you look incredible, and your shoes play a massive role.


How many events are in store for you?


Whether you have one or plenty, you need versatile shoes you can wear to all of them. 


But because some events require a specific kind, please allow our team at Wildfire to recommend the types suitable for possible events you'll get invited to. If you're ready, let's start!


Differentiating Formal Men's Shoes from Casual


Dress shoes refers to footwear you typically wear on special occasions. While many events may not have strict dress codes, some imply their necessity. 


For instance, business meetings, job interviews, work conferences, fancy restaurants, dressy occasions, and black-tie affairs would expect you to come in looking a certain way and wearing formal shoes. 


On the one hand, casual footwear is more suitable for relaxed events, such as a concert, sports games, or watching movies. A more significant difference between the two kinds is the structure. 


Formal shoes have sleeker shapes because they must be presentable but not overbearing. Whereas casual ones, like sneakers and sandals, are bulkier and have less structure.


Contrary to popular belief, shoes do not always have to be high heels. On many occasions, flats or footwear with a lower heel are more appropriate.


As mentioned, work functions require you to look professional and presentable for yourself and the company you represent. 


Wearing high heels at an event where you will be networking and conversing for an entire day would not be practical. 


However, no one will stop you if you prefer to wear heeled shoes and feel more comfortable. The collection at Wildfire offers various options, whether you like extra height or go flat.


Work Functions


Job interviews, business meetings, work conferences, and training require you to be professional and comfortable. You'll likely stand, walk around, participate in activities, and be on your feet most of the time. 


Whether you're coming as yourself or representing your company, you must look the part, especially since you'll be networking with people from the same industry.


As such, you need shoes like Wildfire's loafers to keep you looking confident and polished. This style is famous for its minimalist, preppy vibe, characterised by eye-catching small features or details. 


When you check out Wildfire's collection, one thing stands out among these shoes: chain detailing across the top. 


As part of Wildfire's flats collection, loafers guarantee stability and comfort during whole-day events. They are so good, you can even party with your newfound connections afterwards.


Dressy Event


Do you have dinner plans at one of the top restaurants in your city?


Some restaurants would express the dress code they expect from guests, while others would imply it. To be safe, we recommend wearing Wildfire's closed-toe heels. 


These will automatically boost your look and make you feel like you're worth 5-star treatment.


Closed-toe heels possess distinct characteristics, which make them suitable for dressier events. These provide subtle elegance that doesn't require excessive trimmings and details. 


Restaurants and other venues can get extremely cold sometimes, and wearing closed toes will ensure you stay warm and cosy.


Most of Wildfire's collection are pointy toes. Slingbacks are excellent closed-toe shoes to consider. This style has a remarkable structure and a sexy silhouette with its open back and slender straps. 


While these look chicer and more elegant, they can be uncomfortable because they lack room for your toes. If this is the case, you must break in the footwear a few days or weeks before the fancy dinner.


Several ways of breaking in tight shoes exist—wearing thick socks while walking around the house, using a shoe stretcher, or heating them. Choose the one that's easiest for you to do.


Black-Tie Affair


A black-tie affair consists of social events and functions that require guests to look more upscale and dressed up than usual. Award ceremonies, galas, and fundraisers are some of the events that fall under this prestigious category. 


As a guest, you will mingle and network with the cream of the crop, which will involve leaving positive impressions. Do you have the proper dress shoes for such an event?


While stilettos were the traditional option, women welcomed the arrival of block heels, which are equally stunning but more practical and comfy. These formal shoes have wider bases, which evenly distribute your weight. 


They add stability, making them more cosy for extended periods, likely having you standing or dancing for hours.


More importantly, the versatility of these formal shoes gives you options in various heights and styles that complement your style. Got a wedding to attend? Browse our range and find what you need!


Wildfire's collection of block heels is perfect for a black-tie occasion because they can elevate your gowns and accessories without being excessive. Stay confident, comfy, and protected while dazzling the entire night with these formal shoes.


Put Your Best Foot Forward or Make It an Affair to Remember with Wildfire!


Purchasing Wildfire formal shoes will prepare you and keep you cosy and stylish at all your upcoming events. Impress your friends with your favourites! Search for your favourite colours—it's easy. Classic and contemporary colours are available!


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