Formal Shoes Perfect For Any After Party!

Do you have formal shoes on your shopping list this season? There are so many fabulous styles in our collection that choosing one can seem like a difficult task. Let Wildfire steer you towards the best new designs and hottest formal shoes of 2020.

Try mules and other short block heels!

If you desperately want to wear heels but worry about whether you will be able to wear them for the entire event, then our low-heeled formal shoes are the perfect option. Like all your favourite sky-high stilettos, short heels slim down your legs and ankles. However, while you will enjoy the flattering fit, you won’t get subjected to slowly-building strain and fatigue that comes from balancing a tiny (and lofty) platform. Mule-style formal shoes feature wide heels, so you can count on support and stability every moment that they are on your feet. Also, these fabulous heels are trendy and elegant! Some of our most popular formal shoes from this range come with translucent straps or even crocodile texture, so there’s something for everyone! 

Who says you can’t party in flat formal shoes?

Out of all our most elegant styles, flats and sandals are, by far, the easiest to take on the dancefloor. If you find walking and moving around in heels is tricky for you, then spending the night partying in stilettos is going to be a struggle. Lucky for you, Wildfire’s fantastic flat formal shoes are more than up to the challenge. Since there is no platform or incline to speak of on our sandals, you do not need to worry about muscle fatigue or strain building up over time. Still, if you are on the short side and worry about looking little in photographs, then save your flat formal shoes for later in the night, once most of the official photography is over. 

Are you off to a concert or music festival?

In that case, we think the formal shoes that will suit you the best are our heeled boots! At Wildfire, our selection of boots includes ankle-high, calf-high, and thigh-high designs. What does that mean for you? Well, when you want to find formal shoes that can add an edge to your event outfits, you’re spoiled for choice! Since these boots come with block heels, you know that you’ll have no trouble taking them out for hours and hours of fun. This season, we think that faux suede formal shoes are the best way to go. As such, you can find plenty of Wildfire designs in this material, including sock booties, ruched styles, and over-the-knee formal shoes. Grab a pair of these, and your next outfit will look bold, confident, and ready for party time!  

Stay stylish with self-tie formal shoes! 

Self-ties formal shoes are a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe. While you can adjust lace-up and buckled footwear, self-tie fastenings provide the ultimate freedom. You can lace these formal shoes as high or low as your outfit demands, and that ensures that you always enjoy the best comfort. What’s not to love? Did you know that Wildfire has self-tie stilettos and block heels too? It’s true! Our stiletto versions come in bold and vibrant shades, so they’re the perfect choice for ladies who want their formal shoes to make a statement. Our block heels, on the other hand, are strappy faux suede designs. Self-tie block heels are naturally elegant, but you could also dress them down with cuffed jeans and a cute shirt if you wanted to wear them out casually.  

So, how do you feel?

Are you ready to take some of these formal shoes home with you?