Formal Shoes Perfect for Date Night

Going on dates is fun and exciting, so everything, including your formal shoes, must be perfect. We don’t want anything to ruin the moment.


Are you excited for your date? Do you know where you’re going?


Knowing what you’re doing on your date will help you decide which formal shoes to wear. While there are styles that are ideal for any date, there are others that won’t serve you well. For instance, would you wear heels to a bowling date?


The collection of formal shoes is broad. It’s best to know what kind of date you’re going on so you can choose the style that will make you feel comfortable the whole night. 


And since we want you to have the best experience, our team at Wildfire will help you identify different kinds of dress shoes for possible date night activities.


If you’re as excited as we are, let’s do it! The Wildfire team will also recommend a style for each kind and what clothes will look great. This way, we can ensure you’ll have the best formal shoes, outfit, and experience for your date night.


1. Loafers for Paint and Sip Night


Have you tried going on a paint-and-sip date night? It’s an experience-based date where you sip your favourite drink (or wine) while painting your favourite picture.


Impress your date with the art you’re making and your dress shoes. Since you’ll be sitting in front of an easel for a couple of hours, drinking and chatting with your date, it’s best to choose a pair that allows you to relax and focus.


We suggest wearing any of Wildfire’s loafers because the weather is very chill, and you might have to remove them at some point for more comfort. Since these dress shoes are slip-on, removing and wearing them is a breeze. 


Wildfire has two kinds of loafers available: open-top and open-back. You can choose either, as both are appropriate.


The open top is the usual loafer style, with characteristic chain detailing across the top of your feet. In addition, these shoes have a shiny finish for more glam and provide added height via their chunky soles—perfect for your paint-and-sip date night!


On the one hand, the open-back loafers are your usual mules, where the front part covers your toes while the backless area exposes your heels and ankles. But on the other hand, these formal shoes also have distinctive chain detailing.


You can wear both shoes with a maxi dress that ends around your ankle. Complete the look with a pair of chandelier earrings for this special occasion.


2. Low Heels for a Visit to an Art Gallery


If you’re tired of the usual movie and dinner date, why not visit an art gallery? Since it will require a lot of standing and walking, we recommend low heels. 


It will give you height without the strain and discomfort that usually come with wearing high heels.


You won’t run out of topics to discuss because each painting or photograph is an opportunity for dialogue. And by wearing low heels, you won’t have trouble keeping up with your date while walking around the gallery for hours.


Wildfire has two kinds of low heels: open-toes and closed-toes. On this date, we suggest showing off your sexy toes by opting for an open-toed pair. 


Wildfire’s low heels in natural colour are excellent choices because the colour elongates your legs and makes you look taller and slimmer in your jeans. Match your denim jeans and natural-coloured dress shoes with a black halter top. 


Show your date how fun and exciting you are and prove you have excellent fashion taste.


3. Block Heels for Dancing Lessons


Whether you’re a dancer or not, dancing lessons for date night can be fun. Wear block heels as you twirl and boogie on the dance floor. You can be goofy and learn something new together, which is one of the best ways to bond. 


And with Wildfire’s block heels, you won’t have to worry about ruining your night.


Block heels have thick, broad heels that provide more stability, keeping you steady as you learn new steps together. 


More importantly, you won’t feel pressure on the balls of your feet, legs, or lower back because these shoes distribute your weight evenly. So even if you spend hours dancing, it won’t make you uncomfortable.


Since you will be doing several large movements around the dance floor, wearing a pair with ankle straps is best. Wildfire’s collection of ankle-strapped block heels is a sight to behold, but one style stands out for dancing lessons.


These limited edition silver dress shoes have diamante embellishments all over, which can make you sparkle when they catch the dance floor’s lights. 


The ankle strap secures the block heels to your feet, so you won’t accidentally leave your footwear behind while doing the salsa.


You will enjoy styling these for dancing lessons. For example, wear a twirl or a midi skirt with a hint of volume so that it will provide the desired effect when you spin. 


Since these block heels have a platform sole in front, your feet will be comfy and level the whole time.


4. Boots for a Game of Mini-Golf


Since winter is here and the temperature has gone down, you need a pair to keep you warm as you enjoy your outdoor mini-golf date. 


Boots are ideal because they have gripped soles for traction on different surfaces, provide warmth and coverage essential for outdoor winter activities, and are stylish to make you look good on your date.


While Wildfire has various styles available, we suggest you choose vanilla-coloured combat boots because they have a thick, chunky sole and durable outer material, ideal for your outdoor date of mini-golf. 


While these shoes have a lace-up design, a functional side zipper will secure you in the footwear within seconds.


Keep your outfit simple but elegant. While they may remind you of Hush Puppies or other brands of men's shoes, you can wear these boots with skinny jeans and a turtleneck sweater, and you’re all set to tee off!


Put Your Best Foot Forward with Wildfire!


Ensure a smooth and fun date experience with the Wildfire brand of formal shoes. Head to the nearest retailer or shop online to grab one! Take advantage of our low price points!