Formal Shoes Perfect for Every Special Occasion

Discussions on formal shoes and whether heels are the only acceptable styles have been going on for a while. While it was ideal back then, people prioritise comfort more now and are open to wearing flats.


And if you're here to look for ideas on what kind of shoes you can wear for a special occasion, our team at Wildfire will gladly help. To make it easier, we'd enumerate special events you'd typically attend and recommend the kind of footwear ideal for them.


We'll suggest shoes from the different styles available at Wildfire, so you can easily find them. You do not have to sacrifice comfort or style because the collection checks all the boxes. 


Never forgo comfort over style. What good will beautiful shoes do when you're straining from the pain?


You can pull together any outfit that brands like Hush Puppies and Skechers will feature in magazines, but one thing is for sure: Wildfire will always beat them in style and low price points.


Aside from health issues, you won't enjoy yourself, and it will show. So if you're ready to find shoes for every special occasion, let's start!


Slingbacks for Work and Job Interviews


Slingbacks are ideal for work and job interviews because they mean serious business. They are like pumps but offer more style because a strap or sling covers the back of your foot instead of being fully closed.


Wearing these will boost your confidence, so you can nail the interview and get the job offer! Women feel more in control of the situation when they know they look good, and these slingbacks are up to the task.


These can make your legs appear longer and thinner. Wear any of these outfits to guarantee success: a knee-skimming skirt, capri pants or culottes, or a straight-legged pair of trousers.


Choose from any of the slingbacks available at Wildfire. It's available in blue, green, pink, and black. However, we recommend choosing black for your job interview, as it exudes more power.


Flats for Networking Events


Networking events are the best example of choosing flats over heels as formal shoes.Flats are stylish, presentable, comfy, and supportive—traits you need to get through a long day of networking with people in your industry.


These formal shoes make you look polished and put-together while remaining comfortable in a situation that requires you to stand, mingle, and walk around. You can consider either ballet flats or loafers as your go-to footwear for networking events.


Ballet flats are ideal for networking events because they're lightweight and flexible. You can wear them with skirt suits or corporate dresses layered with a blazer.


Similarly, loafers can do the trick. You can wear a classic networking outfit with these shoes, cropped pants, and a button-down shirt. However, you can go for dresses too. These formal shoes are simple and have a preppy but stylish look, making them good for a networking event.


Please consider the Wildfire loafers with chunky soles because they give you added height to stare people in the eye. Maintaining eye contact is essential when meeting people in your industry.


Heeled Mules for Baby and Wedding Showers


Enjoy a fun-filled baby or wedding shower with fellow ladies important to the celebrant in vibrant, heeled mules. In addition, you can participate in all the games to celebrate this milestone with other guests.


Even if these have heels, they are thick and broad to avoid discomfort. In addition, the block heels distribute your weight evenly, allowing you to join the activities without strain.


More importantly, outdoor locations won't be an issue because thick heels won't sink into the soil.


Wear heeled mules with a lovely dress or a skirt-and-blouse combination. A nice pair of jeans with a blouse and chunky accessories can do the trick if the occasion calls for a more casual vibe.


Are you tired of black or brown footwear? We recommend going for the vibrant colours available at Wildfire. Choose pink or green formal shoes to wear for baby and wedding showers.


Low heels for Holiday Parties and Family Gatherings


Reunions and family gatherings in Australia happen during special occasions like birthdays, Christmas, and New Year's. So wear low-heeled shoes to impress and remain comfy while catching up with people you haven't seen for some time during this season. 


Unless the dress code calls for a black tie, you don't need to strain yourself with footwear higher than 7 cm.


Besides, parties like this last for hours, and your feet need shoes that won't cause unnecessary pain. Some outfits you can wear to these events include a white chiffon sleeveless top with matching wide-leg pants. 


Also, consider pairing your shoes with a navy-blue silk button-up slim-fit blouse with a grey slightly flared midi skirt.


We found the perfect low heels at Wildfire. They're white with a clear, thick strap over the toe area. The gold-chain strap around the ankle will make the best impression and be the start of the get-together!


Boots for Winter Events


Have you ever thought about wearing boots to special events, especially when the weather gets cold in the winter?


Boots can be shoes too, and they have graced several occasions, from weddings to funerals. You can choose various boots with block or stiletto heels for added height. These shoes will keep your feet warm, dry, and protected from natural elements that can ruin special events.


What kind of coverage do you need?


Wildfire's collection of boots includes ankle, long, and knee-high styles. If you need more warmth, go for knee-high formal shoes. No one will even know you’re wearing them if you have a long dress, as it will cover them.


If you're more daring, we suggest cowboy boots, especially for music festivals or outdoor events. These dress shoes have a convenient zip on the inner side, a small heel, and a pointed toe!


Find the Women's and Men's Shoes You Need at Wildfire So You Can Put Your Best Foot Forward!


You will always have ideas and styles for formal men's shoes because the Wildfire brand has everything you need at the best price you'd be willing to pay. 


Always remember that you can put your best foot forward when prioritising comfort over style. Head to the nearest Wildfire store or the online shop on our site!