Formal Shoes Perfect for Those New to High Heels

Several concerns arise when you get an invitation to a special occasion, and the top two are the outfit and formal shoes. We understand the desire to wear something stylish, but we should never sacrifice comfort.


Is this your first time wearing high heels? We'll be straight. It's disorienting and painful. But even if you don't wear formal shoes, you can get taller without discomfort.


Our team at Wildfire will give you a rundown of all the things you need when buying formal footwear to find the perfect pair at the right price. 


Read on to learn more!


 How Do You Pick the Right Footwear?


 Wildfire carries a collection of formal shoes for women and men that may overwhelm you.


So how do you narrow down the choices? What are the points you must consider?


Before we share the different styles of formal shoes for those new to high heels, here are some tricks of the trade when choosing a pair.


  1. Select your attire first.


Your choice of attire will determine the appropriate style of your formal shoes. Check for the dress code and start hunting for what you will wear for the special event. Do you prefer a long, elaborate gown or a short cocktail dress?


  1. Measure your footwear size accurately.


When purchasing formal shoes, it is crucial to know your exact size. You risk developing blisters if you wear footwear too big or too small, especially if it's your first time wearing high heels.


Shoes for formal occasions cover a range of styles, from high heels to flats. Yes, flats have become acceptable for special events like a wedding.


Whichever you end up with, please remember that comfort relies heavily on getting the correct size. Wildfire shoes will always keep you protected.


Get acquainted with your Wildfire size via our handy size guide.


  1. Explore different colours


Wildfire has several colours for its collection of formal shoes. The safest choices for special events are black and silver, as they can match anything you decide to wear. We've also seen shades of brown, with tan and nude being close to skin colour if you're wearing footwear on bare skin.


You can explore vibrant pairings and try colour blocking, which is hot right now. Finally, you can make your dress shoes accent your overall look. Let it pop and be the focal point!


Which Shoes Help You Put Your Best Foot Forward?


Style 1—Block Heels


The most reliable and comfortable dress shoes are those with block heels. These heels are perfect for special events that last for hours because their thick width distributes your weight evenly and relieves pressure on your feet.


Is your calendar full of special events that require you to mingle and walk around for hours? Then, these dress shoes are your saving grace. 


They provide you with the height you need, minus the pain and discomfort of other high heels.

  • Practice makes perfect. Upon purchasing, wear your dress shoes and walk around the house. Try them on several types of flooring, such as carpet, wood, slippery floors, and staircases. 
  • Do not put your whole feet down at once when walking. Instead, put the heel down first before the toes in a back-to-front motion. Because high heels alter your balance, there is a different way of walking in this footwear.
  • Break in. Stretch and mould your dress shoes to shape your feet with the help of thick socks. Wear thick socks while you practise around the house. Doing so will make walking in them more comfortable and reduce the risk of blisters. 


If you are worried about going to a special occasion in heels, opt for the shorter block heels. These styles can quickly become your favourites.


You can't attend an event when you're in pain.


Style 2—Low Heels 


As we mentioned, your comfort is a top priority. So why force yourself to wear dress shoes that are too uncomfortable for you?


There are other ways to get the height you want without the pain and discomfort of these heels. 


Low heels are the easiest and most stylish shoes to wear because they are both comfortable and stylish. These dress shoes are heaven-sent for ladies who are not used to high heels. 


Why are low heels good for you? With a height of 2.5–5 cm, this footwear does not have steep inclines, protecting your feet from aching muscles.


Low heels are good for your health, unlike footwear higher than 7 cm, which forces you to exert more effort to keep yourself from toppling forward.


High heels alter your balance and move your weight forward, so you must adjust how you walk. 


Do you want to have the best memories at your special event? Then, choose Wildfire's low heels.


These dress shoes come in nine unique colours and the following sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11.


Check the handy size guide if you need clarification on your Wildfire size. We recommend going for the bigger size if you are in between sizes.


You might want to look at the kitten-heel style from Wildfire. It is one of the most popular and unique low heels. 


Typically, between 3 and 5 cm tall, kitten heels are the best dress shoes if it's your first time dealing with heels. They are low-impact and go well with most outfits. 


Enjoy Yourself in Wildfire Formal Women's (or Men's) Shoes! 


The best way to have fun and impress the crowd during a special event is to ensure comfort! 


We've given you a rundown of the best formal women's footwear, and Wildfire is the place to get them! 


Stop dilly-dallying! (For men's footwear, there are always choices like loafers similar to brands like Hush Puppies and Florsheim.)


Still need help? Head to Wildfire's shops in Australia. Then, shop online by visiting our site, where you can find additional information.


Your search is over! Our dressy footwear variety will be as unforgettable as the special occasion!