Formal Shoes Perfect for Your Next Festive Event

We must admit that footwear is usually one of the first things people notice about a person at an event. So, it's no wonder women are in a frenzy when there's an invitation to a festive occasion and they must wear formal shoes.


Depending on your preference, several questions come up, such as design, heel height, colour, material, and price. We understand where you're coming from, as choosing the correct Wildfire footwear for your next festive occasion of the season can be tedious.


You came to the right place, as the Wildfire team is here to rescue you from your predicament. Aside from the characteristics mentioned above, footwear must be versatile and comfortable because you will wear it for hours and then wear it again! And it doesn't end there. Add the low price and style to that list.


Let our team explain the different things you need to check. Then, read on to learn more about them so you can put your best foot forward with a pair of shoes you can enjoy on your next festivity!


  1. Get the Correct Fit


When finding your ideal footwear, you need to know your size and get the correct fit because your comfort depends on it. For example, did you know that your feet swell the most at the end of the day, making the afternoons and evenings the best times to shop for dress shoes?


Determine your correct wildfire size with our easy-to-use handy guide. If you wear too big or too tiny shoes, you risk getting blisters or other issues, ruining your mood. On the other hand, getting the right ones will motivate you to keep using them, even after the festivity.


  1. High heels or flats


The age-old question of whether formal shoes need heels always crops up. Our take on this issue is to prioritise comfort. So if the dress code requires a bit of heel, you can go for low heels, which are 2.5–5 cm.


It will help if you prioritise comfort when it comes to dress shoes, especially ones you'll wear repeatedly. Then, you can choose the shoe you feel most comfortable wearing—heels or flats. Both are acceptable types of footwear.


The heel height and type depend on what will support you best at your special occasion. What shoes are you most comfortable using for long periods of time?


More importantly, which style can you wear confidently?


  1. Wear the style that speaks to you.


While you can find various shoes in magazines and lifestyle videos, always consider if they are the ones for you. For example, models can wear high heels for hours, but can you?


Consider what footwear you can and cannot wear for long periods of time. Then, look at the different styles at Wildfire to determine which you can wear comfortably and confidently to your next festivity.


Style 1 - Flats


Gone are the days when formal shoes needed heels. You can opt for flats, too, especially if comfort is high on your priority list.


And because these dress shoes are known for being comfortable, you see them more and more at parties. Versatility allows you to wear this footwear to more than one occasion—brunch with friends, work, after-work dinners, weekend parties—name it, and they're ideal!


Footwear with flat heels will keep you at ease and supported, reducing stress or strain on your legs, feet, and back.


Style 2 - Block Heels


Let's keep our doors open in high heels because there are styles that provide comfort despite the height. Block heels are the most comfortable footwear with a high heel because the broad, thick heel evenly distributes your weight, alleviating discomfort on your feet. With these, you are taller without pain.


We guarantee the finest experience if you select the low-block version, which isn't relatively as high. You'll enjoy wearing these to all of your festive occasions because they provide the stability and support your feet require as you walk, stand, and dance!


Style 3 - Heeled Boots


Did it ever occur to you to try heeled boots as formal shoes?


This footwear is perfect, especially in the winter when you want as much warmth and protection as possible. But, of course, you'll continue wearing the stylish and cosy block-heeled boots from Wildfire for all your festive occasions.


Wear these in inclement weather to keep your feet from getting wet! Styling options for Wildfire's heeled ankle boots (comparable to Hush Puppies) include dresses, skirts, and blazers!


No one would know! Current fashion trends hint otherwise, even if they are not your typical formal shoes. When you need more warmth, consider getting Wildfire's knee-high or thigh-high boots because they cover more skin and can camouflage under long dresses.


  1. Explore colours


Do you prefer vibrant or neutral colours for your shoes?


At Wildfire, we consider fashion to be a form of self-expression. Some colours might suit you, but others won't like them. And it's OK. Wear footwear that makes you happy!


Please choose the colour that appeals to you, but ensure it's acceptable at the event. Some affairs are particular about their dress code requirements.


The most common shoe colours are black, brown, natural, and tan because they go with everything. Others, on the other hand, are more daring in their choices, making their footwear the focal point and a pop of colour.


  1. Choose your footwear material.


The kind of material you choose can affect your comfort. For instance, breathable footwear brands will make you want to wear them to more than one of your festive events because they keep your feet fresh, especially on warm summer days.


Additionally, the Wildfire brand of shoes come in various materials, including synthetic and vegan-friendly ones. Producing vegan-friendly footwear does not use animal products and leaves a minimal carbon footprint. Think about this alternative to leather because it can help the environment and all the people who live there.


Have a Blast at Your Festive Event!


The best way to impress while you enjoy your festive day is by being yourself and wearing what makes you comfortable! There is no need to look far, as the Wildfire Australia collection includes shoes that will make these days memorable, such as a wedding or grand anniversary. We also have men's shoes and kids' shoes knowing festive events are generally family occasions.


Head to Wildfire's site online or shop at the store nearest you and enjoy our service! Apply what you learned in this article, and we're sure you'll have a great experience! Also, add one of our clutches to your basket before checking out for that glamorous look!