Formal Shoes That Are Easy To Walk In


Do you have trouble walking in high heels or stick-thin stilettos?

Stop stressing on your next night out when you wear formal shoes from Wildfire! Our range of low heels, block-based designs, and additional support features will keep you in comfort for ages. Whatever your experience with heels, Wildfire has formal shoes to suit! Our styles can traverse across different terrain, settings, and timespans. If you want a quick look at some of Wildfire’s best formal shoes and our hot tips for wearing them, then keep reading!


Kitten heels


If you love the skinny points on stilettos but don’t trust them to keep you steady, then kitten heels could be your ideal match! These low formal shoes have all the grace of their taller counterparts but bring a more straightforward and versatile walking experience. The thin heels are simple to balance since they’re so short, which means you are less likely to wobble or roll an ankle while wearing these formal shoes. Without the added pressure of a steep incline, you also reduce the risk of muscle strain or pain. These also make amazing formal shoes because of their elegant and timeless style. Our sling-back kitten heels come with pointed toes for shape, a sleek profile, and their trademark wraparound strap.




When it comes to mid-high styles, mules are a great option for formal shoes. These short but stylish block heels have an open back and two thick top bands. The straps give your feet the support they need for a long day or night out, while the free-floating design provides a quick fit on and off of your feet. With these formal shoes, you also have your pick of a regular or translucent top band. Heels with a see-through strap are oh-so-trendy in 2019, so we think they’re a natural choice for formal shoes. Plus, the thick base will make wearing them on a lawn, deck, or out in the backyard almost effortless.


Block heels


Who says tall heels can’t make comfy formal shoes? If you want to give yourself a decent height boost or love the way high styles make your legs look, then we have the perfect easy-to-wear styles: block heels!


At Wildfire, these broad-based formal shoes come in a dozen variations. We have ones with tubular toe bands, pin-punched material, self-lace ankle ties, and cool wraparound straps. Beyond that, each of the main styles has a handful of colour or pattern choices, so you’re guaranteed to find formal shoes in a design that you love. To get the hottest looks of 2019 into your collection, we recommend block heels with a leopard print or snakeskin finish.


Espadrille wedges


These may not be your first thought for formal shoes, but espadrille wedges can make a fantastic pair! Like block heels, the support from the thick base elevates pressure that the angle puts on your feet. The large platform also provides plenty of surface area for you to balance on as you move. You can use wedges like these to add a fun and summery feel to your standard event attire. For your next set of formal espadrille shoes, try a design with faux suede straps. These long self-tie straps can go high up your calves or stay around the ankle, and either way makes your legs look longer and skinnier. As such, formal shoes of this sort look best with skirts, dresses, and outfits that show them off.


Find your best styles today!


Unleash your wild side this season with our formal shoes! With so many designs on offer and affordable prices all-round, there’s no way you won’t find something great from our assortment. For the perfect set of formal shoes, come shop for your options online.