Formal Shoes That Are Perfect for Every Special Occasion

Do you have a long list of events to go to? If yes, you must be frantically searching for formal shoes for these occasions. The top priority should always be your comfort, as it will determine how you will fare at your event. 


Your footwear will accompany you for hours as you go about your event, and since there are several of them, you need versatility. 


You’ll get your money’s worth if you can wear your footwear to more than one occasion because you won’t need separate footwear for each event. 


However, since some circumstances require certain types, our Wildfire team proposes to enumerate the occasions you’re likely to attend and suggest the most suitable dress shoes. 


Then, we’d suggest where else you can use the same style to prove its versatility. 


But first things first, let’s define what dress shoes are and clarify some misconceptions. Then, let’s dive right into it!


What Are Formal Shoes?


Formal shoes are any footwear you wear on special occasions. While most events are lenient with the dress code, knowing which styles are appropriate for the occasion is essential. 


For instance, business meetings, dressy occasions, and fancy restaurants have a dress code—spoken or unspoken—that you must follow. 


Some ladies have the misconception that only high heels are formal. It’s not the case all the time. Some occasions require you to look presentable without having to wear heels. 


Can you imagine wearing stilettos to a work conference that requires you to mingle, network, and converse for an entire day?


But if you prefer to wear heeled footwear, go ahead. Whether you love extra height or choose to go flat, you will have everything from Wildfire’s collection.


Loafers for Work Conferences


Work conventions require you to spend a long time on your feet. Therefore, it would help if you had on a comfy pair. 


They should also let you attend several breakout groups, meet other professionals, and network to establish valuable contacts.


Loafers are the kind of footwear that looks professional and are comfy for hours.


These dress shoes are simple and minimalist in design, but small features or details usually set them apart. Their preppy design gives the wearer a masculine and feminine feel simultaneously. 


Most of the available loafers at Wildfire have characteristic chain detailing across the top. Meanwhile, those without chains have a stylish two-strap design instead. 


Since these are flat, expect more comfort as you stand for eight hours, sometimes longer. You can select the chunky styles to take you to a higher level or add height. 


Some of these come with a patent leather outer material, which can help you shine in a sea of people from the same industry as you.


After using your Wildfire loafers for your work conference, take them for a spin on your next night out with friends. Again, go for a preppy style with a white long-sleeved button-down, pleated skirt, and a black knit sweater vest. 


Add knee-high socks to this outfit, and you’ve achieved a different vibe for these dress shoes.


Heeled Boots for Fancy Restaurants


Fancy dinner dates or family gatherings usually happen in restaurants that require you to look more presentable than usual. So, naturally, these places need formal footwear, far from casual sneakers or rubber thongs. 


And since you will likely need trans-seasonal footwear that you can use all year, Wildfire’s heeled boots are the best choice!


Boots elevate any outfit you choose to pair with them. Most of Wildfire’s boots come with block heels, which are broad and thick. These distribute your weight evenly, so you get height and style without strain. 


With this footwear, you can wear a midi or short dress and breeze through the restaurant’s entrance.


Wildfire’s heeled boot collection comes in ankle or long, offering warmth and coverage ideal for dinner dates during the winter. 


However, you can still wear these during the warmer months since most fancy restaurants have air-conditioning, which will keep you cool and comfy.


These are available in seven trendy colours: black, brown, green, natural, tan, vanilla, and white. So why not spice up your dinner outfit with green boots with soft microsuede material? 


These are mid-height with a sock boot style for a flattering look. The side zipper will lock you right in. Wear them with a short black dress to the fancy restaurant, expecting many heads to turn.


These are trans-seasonal, so you can wear them wherever you like—even to a wedding! So if you’re going to a bachelorette party for your friends, you can wear this and impress your friends.


You say you love brands like Hush Puppies, but the Wildfire brand will tick all the desirable boxes, including the price!


Platform Heels for Dressy Events


While most events are lenient and more accepting of formal shoes, more prestigious ones require heeled styles. Some examples of these occasions include extravagant weddings, milestone birthdays, and prestigious awarding ceremonies. 


Your hair will likely be coiffed at the nape or up in a twisted bun, with sparkling jewellery for accessories.


Choosing platform heels for these special occasions will provide the elegance and comfort you need to get through hours of socialising. 


With block heels at the back and platform soles in front, this style will keep your feet level, saving them from pain and strain.


Wildfire’s silver dress shoes will make you sparkle throughout the event. Shimmer as you mingle and dance the night away in these diamante-studded platform heels, secured on your feet by a thin, adjustable ankle strap and a thick strap over your toes.


Versatility is evident, as you can wear these to theme parties and gatherings. Furthermore, platform heels are comfortable, so you can ensure the best time wherever you wear them.


Enjoy Special Events With Wildfire Helping You Put Your Best Foot Forward!


Wear comfy, stylish, and versatile formal shoes from the Wildfire brand to have the best time attending special occasions this season. Head to the nearest retailer or online shop to grab one!