Formal Shoes That Are Perfect for Summer Formal Events

Are your invitations for summer special events piling up? If yes, you must be excited and confused about what kind of formal shoes to wear for each of them. Your fairy godparents at Wildfire have heard your dilemma and will help you resolve it. 


We'll recommend the ideal pair of these shoes for the usual kinds of summer events so that you know what to look for.


Not only that, but we'll also give you styling ideas. Don't worry, girl, because we've got your back (and feet). Before we start, here's a brief background on formal shoes. This footwear is more polished and ideal for dressier events. They are far from your everyday sneakers!


Now, let's go through the various special functions that typically happen in the summer. Hopefully, you'll find what you need and address all your worries about these shoes. If you're ready, let's dive right into it!


1. Summer Weddings


Your social calendar will buzz with weddings, as summer is a favourite time. It has longer daylight hours, higher chances of pleasant weather, and is ideal for outdoor weddings. The venue is the first thing to consider when choosing which ones to wear to a summer wedding. 


Brides and grooms will likely take advantage of the season and choose garden or beach weddings because the colours of everything in bloom will be breathtaking. As such, the best ones to wear are Wildfire block heels. 


This option can go higher than 7.5 or be closer to the ground at a range of 2.5–5.5. Block heels are excellent for summer weddings outdoors because the thick, broad heel provides stability and will not get stuck in the soil or sand. 


More importantly, this option distributes your weight so you can stay on your feet for extended periods without becoming uncomfortable. You can stand, drink, dance, and be merry in these dress shoes for hours.


Styling 101


Lightweight and breathable fabrics will save you from the sweltering heat. Choose dresses or long skirts with vibrant colours and pair them with open-toed ones. 


To reiterate, you'll be outdoors in the middle of a summer day, so the weather is warm. Keep your feet sweat-free with block-heeled sandals. Regina in a transparent colour is an excellent option!


2. Graduation Ceremonies


Graduation ceremonies happen during summer, after school ends and before everyone heads for vacation. While the graduates are typically in a graduation cap and gown, guests should look presentable. 


Everyone should have an excellent pair of formal shoes. We want the graduates to look neat while walking across the stage to get their diplomas. 


Since graduations are not the place to wear loud or flashy dress shoes, it's best to stick to classic and clean-cut options. 


We recommend using a simple and elegant pair of flats. Yes, flats can be an option for dress shoes. Let's squash the misconception that only heels are appropriate for special events.


The Wildfire collection of flats has excellent loafers. The loafer's minimalist look makes matching these dress shoes with any graduation outfit easy. 


Whether you're the one graduating or a guest, you will feel confident and comfortable during the whole ceremony. Besides, the classic look of these dress shoes will make you presentable without stealing the limelight from you.


Styling 101


Follow the dress code specified on the invitation. However, if there's none, it's always better to be overdressed than underdressed. 


Wear your dress shoes with a lovely dress or a skirt and blouse. Avoid wearing jeans! Mustang or Panther from the Wildfire loafer collection are excellent graduation options!


3. Outdoor Theatre and Opera


Summer is the perfect season for outdoor theatre and opera performances. Guests to this summer event wear formal shoes and dress nicely, enjoying the arts while looking elegant in the warm evening air. 


Because it's outdoors, we won't suggest stilettos because the thin, narrow heel will get stuck in the soft ground. Low heels are ideal for this occasion.


Most Wildfire low heels are open-toed, heeled sandals appropriate for this summer occasion. Low heels stand at 2.5–5.5 cm, a comfy elevation for extended hours on your feet. 


While you'll be sitting in an opera for most of the time, the moments you're walking to your seat, getting refreshments during intermission, or going to the restroom might be uncomfortable if you're wearing high-dress shoes, especially since the venue is outdoors.


Styling 101


Slacks or trousers with a nice blouse would do the trick. Or, if you're hesitant, you can pair your low-heeled dress shoes with a dress. A dress is always a safe bet. For footwear, you can consider wearing Tamara in black or natural (brown shade). 


The buckled ankle strap will secure these formal shoes so that you won't accidentally leave them behind while everyone is piling out of the venue after the show.


4. Gala Fundraisers


Gala fundraisers are dressy, so be sure to bring out the best formal shoes you have. Whether explicit or implicit, the dress code for this event will have you wearing something fancy. The ideal dress shoes for this summer event are a pair of high heels.


High heels boost height and add elegance and sophistication to your look, befitting the grand event. While thinking about spending hours on your feet in high heels can be intimidating, options like the block heels mentioned earlier exist. 


But if you're adventurous and would dare to wear stilettos, our tip is to invest in gel cushions and heel grips for more comfort.


Styling 101


Generally, gala fundraisers require floor-length gowns, but you can also base it on the dress code because some will accept cocktail dresses. 


Check out the Wildfire bridal & evening heels for excellent dress shoes. For us, Impress and Vantage are styles that deserve a second glimpse!


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