Formal Shoes That Look Good on Your Feet and Your Wallet!

Here at Wildfire, we appreciate how expensive it can be to keep up with the latest trends. Every season, a new texture, decoration, strap style, or similar feature pops up. Suddenly you need new formal shoes that incorporate it to make sure your outfit is on point. But, why should staying fashionable take a bite out of your bank account? Wildfire’s formal shoes are trendy, low-priced, and the perfect pick for ladies on a budget. Who’s ready to see what we’ve got on offer in 2021?


We’re always looking for ways to make formal shoes more affordable! 


For a start, you won’t find anything in our range with a price tag that hits triple-digits, so your next shopping trip with us won’t overwhelm your weekly budget. You could add two or three of our best formal shoes to your order and still not reach one hundred dollars.

The Wildfire team also loves putting on sales and promotions throughout the year, so a chance to save big on our styles is always right around the corner. If those reasons aren’t enough to entice you towards our formal shoes, remember that we let customers pay for orders with their Afterpay or Zip account.

Are you familiar with either of these delayed payment providers? Essentially, purchasing formal shoes with your Afterpay or Zip account means that you can place your order and receive it as normal. Instead of paying for your items all at once, you can split the cost into easy-to-manage repayments.

In case you desperately need formal shoes for an event and can’t wait until your next payday, then Zip and Afterpay will come to the rescue. That’s just another way that Wildfire makes buying formal shoes more accessible for everyone! 


Stilettos and other skinny heels will bring the sophistication to your ensemble!


Why should you pick formal shoes with slim heels? When you’re choosing footwear to match with lightweight or form-fitting clothing, stilettos are an easy bet. Thick-soled platforms (such as wedges, block heels) can look awkward, bulky, or heavy underneath certain elegant attire, making pumps the obvious alternative. Don’t get intimidated by our tall-heeled formal shoes when you first start looking online! 

Wildfire has kitten-high stilettos and other short or mid-high designs, so you can always choose ones that suit your confidence level. This season, one of our favourite new formal shoes is a blast from the past: cake-stand heels! These slim stilettos are a popular 90s-inspired look with a slight curve on the base, and they come in a few fun variations. 

Try our stylish thong strap styles, peep-toe pairs, or strappy formal shoes. We know you’ll have fun picking clothes to wear with these gorgeous styles. Are you tired of wearing the same slender pumps and kitten heels? Let cake-stand formal shoes bring the retro vibe into your outfit this season, and give your ensemble a bit more energy. 


Block heels and platforms are comfy, trendy, and a must-have for every woman! 


Many events in your social calendar will demand block-heeled formal shoes. These are the platforms of choice for outdoor events, nights on the town, long parties, weddings, and much more! If you’re looking for elegant formal shoes that offer the longest-lasting comfort, then block heels are the best choice. As with our stilettos, Wildfire has an impressive selection of styles available for you in 2021. 

For ladies who would love a little height boost and a bold platform, our tall styles and eye-catching wedges should be on the shopping list this season. That being said, we can’t deny that some of the best-loved formal shoes on the shelves right now are mules and other short block heels. We love designs with a slide-in style, especially while the weather is sunny and warm. 

You might also enjoy block heels with a subtle and slender side profile, or a pair with fun décor (like braided tops straps, toe bands, or see-through material). With so many fantastic formal shoes available at Wildfire, you’re sure to find your ideal match. 


Don’t forget about flats and sandals!


Your first instinct when you’re shopping for formal shoes might be to head straight over to the heels, but try to resist! There’s no reason you can’t get a great pair of sandals or flats for your next party. Do you know that spending a whole day or night on platforms will be a challenge for you? Why put yourself through that kind of stress? 

Grab flat formal shoes, and you can keep partying as long as you like! These styles are as gorgeous and glamorous as any of our heels and bring features like diamantes, metallic décor, animal print, and different materials. 

Do you want to know which ones we recommend as formal shoes? Linen material is a new favourite at Wildfire, and we think it’s fantastic on slides. Grab a pair with a bow on top (or an oversized buckle) in a natural shade, and pairing it with your next party outfit will be effortless. 


You can wear Wildfire formal shoes again, again, and again! 


As long as you style your pair with new clothes or accessories, you’ll have no trouble giving them a new lease on life. We’re sure that you’ll be able to enjoy your new formal shoes over and over at different events. Since our heels and glamorous sandals complement all sorts of outfits, you should have no trouble incorporating formal shoes into your existing wardrobe. We design our footwear with flexibility in mind, which means dressing them up or down isn’t difficult. 

Glamourous sandals, slides, and other flats can give your everyday outfits a more sophisticated and fashionable feel. Low heels and platform formal shoes also look great with denim skirts and playsuits, especially for that semi-formal aesthetic.

Finally, stilettos and high heels always match beautifully with event outfits, party clothes, cocktail dresses, and the like. 

Of course, with low prices like ours, you won’t need to feel guilty about putting your formal shoes back in the box for a little while and waiting for the next big event. No pair from Wildfire is a one-hit-wonder, but you don’t need to feel bad about not taking them out every day either.

 In this instance, getting value for your money means buying affordable formal shoes that you can use when and how you want to throughout the year. That’s no struggle with our stylish pairs! 


Come and see the Wildfire collection today!


We’re sure you’ll love the look of something in our range. Did you enjoy hearing about our formal shoes? Visit our online store today to see if your ideal match is available!