Formal Shoes that will Add a Bit of Spice to Your Wardrobe

Do you ever open your closet and complain that the outfits you see are starting to bore you?


You should liven things up with a pair of Wildfire formal shoes. This single step can make a whole lot of difference. 


Formal shoes have specific characteristics that can improve your current look. You can play with colours, experiment with various heights, and step out of your comfort zone to try different styles. Do you want a more in-depth explanation? 


Read on as our Wildfire team does its best to enlighten you on how formal shoes can add a bit of spice to your wardrobe!


Play With Colours


Look at your closet and tell us what colours you see. You’re here searching for ways to add spice to your wardrobe because your clothes are likely similar, dull, and in the standard colours you’ve been wearing for years. It's time to change everything up by adding colourful formal shoes.


Colourful footwear will add brightness, which has long been gone. Treat your formal shoes as an accent and statement piece that will make your outfit more interesting. 


We bet people will approach you the first time you wear them in public. For instance, your colleagues at work usually see you in black pumps, but once you go to work in a pair of pink platform formal footwear, you’ll be the talk of the workplace.


The incredible thing about Wildfire footwear is its versatility, matching your entire wardrobe. As such, you won’t have to overhaul your closet; you just need to figure out which colour of formal footwear will bring out your fun and playful side.


If most of your outfits are in the muted neutral spectrum, you’re lucky because black, white, beige, and grey can match any bright-coloured formal footwear you choose.


We recommend choosing a pair of orange footwear from all the colours available at Wildfire. Orange is the colour of energy, fun, and warmth. Wearing formal footwear in this colour can impress and add life to an all-black ensemble. Also, consider prints and textures if they are not your usual style!


Experiment with Various Heights of Shoes for Formal Occasions


Change is the best way to liven up things, so take this opportunity to try things you ordinarily wouldn't. For instance, if you have always preferred formal flat shoes, go for something with more height, and vice versa.


High heels are no longer considered the only acceptable formal footwear. Flats and heels are equally allowed. Wildfire flats are suitable for a special occasion, such as a wedding. So let’s dive deeper into the pros of choice.


Wearing flats on a formal occasion is safer because your feet will be in a more comfortable and natural posture. In addition, this formal footwear lets you dance, drink, and move for hours without tripping or getting caught in the cracks.


Aside from elevating your wardrobe, it also improves your health. But wearing heels all the time can be hard on your body, especially your legs, feet, and lower back. 


However, your formal footwear should make you feel good inside and out. So, if you’ve been wearing heels most of the time, rest your feet and choose flats from Wildfire.


On the other hand, spicing things up means occasionally going outside your comfort zone. The fantastic thing about Wildfire’s collection is that you can go low or high. Add heeled formal footwear to the mix to spice up your flat-filled closet.


Again, we reiterate the significance of comfort, so if you’ve been wearing flats most of the time, start with low-heeled formal footwear.


You might like the self-tie strappylow heels at Wildfire because you can adjust the straps to what’s most comfortable. In addition, strappy formal footwear makes your feet look sexier, so take your dresses out of the closet and showcase them.


Another low-heeled shoe that can spice up your wardrobe has a thick, clear strap over the toe area and a gold chain strap around the ankle. Who says you must be tall to look good?


But if you want to appear taller with your formal footwear, our team suggests you choose block heels because the thick, broad heel distributes your weight. So, even when your feet are tilted up, the heel supports the whole back of your feet. 


Please practise walking in your high-heeled formal footwear for a few days before the event. What good is a gorgeous pair of footwear when you can’t walk confidently in them?


Try Different Ways of Wearing Them


You’re bored with your wardrobe because it's become predictable and repetitive. The addition of something new, a different style of formal footwear, will turn things around for the better.


We’ve discussed colour and height, so let’s get into the styles. Wildfire’s vast collection of formal footwear will leave you wanting to get your hands on more than one pair. For example, you might consider these chunky loafers with silver chain detailing. 


It's time to get your slip skirt and oversized sweater out of the closet and wear them, as they look savvy chic with your formal footwear. Then, complete the ensemble withone of Wildfire’s gorgeous clutches with a triangular closure.


Heeled boots are also a thing of beauty. These brown dress shoes have side zippers that make them easy to put on and take off. You'll enjoy wearing this style to special events and getting second looks whenever you do. 


Put Your Best Foot Forward—It’s All About Change!


Experimenting with formal footwear is the best way to add spice to your wardrobe. If you’ve found the perfect one, head to the Wildfire online store or the nearest retailer! Find the best look for the best price!


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