Formal Shoes that Will Add Flair to Any Outfit!

Are you tired of looking the same way on all your special occasions?


If yes, it's time that you elevate your look and arrive in a fabulous outfit with some help from Wildfire's formal shoes. With a variety of styles and heights that you can choose from, you'll likely find THE one for you. 


Gone are the days when people expect you to wear footwear with staggering heights just because they require you to wear formal footwear.  As far as colours are concerned, apart from brown and black


Formal or dress shoes have taken various forms over the years. Please do not limit yourself to heels, as they are not the only available kinds out there.


Let's call the Wildfire team for help. They can discuss the different kinds of formal footwear available, which will add flair to any outfit. 


The incredible thing is that it won't even cost you bank-breaking prices. In addition, you don't have to buy expensive footwear to look fancy; you only need a pair of Wildfire formal footwear to elevate your status.


Let's get started if you're ready to find the best footwear, from loafers to brogues, to take you to places and special events! 


Style 1—Loafers 


Loafers are the best dress shoes for business attire. As mentioned, you do not need additional centimetres for your footwear to be considered appropriate. 


Loafers are a subcategory that falls under flats. But since they conceal the toes, you can wear them to most workplaces and functions.


We recommend these shoes when attending networking events and conventions. 


These events require you to look presentable as you represent your company or business. But since these events need you to be on your feet all day, loafers are suitable.


Wildfire's collection of the style formerly known as men's shoes is abundant. Most styles have a distinct chain detailing across the top, making you stand out in a room full of people from your industry. 


And if you want to add bearable height, choose the chunky-soled loafers. Wear these shoes with your pantsuit or skirt suit, and we guarantee you'll be chatting with many people that day. 


Style 2—Heeled Sandals 


Heeled sandals are the best formal shoes for summer or spring events, which are warmer and would require more breathability. 


However, if you are attending outdoor events, we recommend wearing heeled sandals with block heels and ankle straps. Why?


These shoes with block heels will not get stuck on outdoor grounds like soil or sand. In addition, they are the most comfortable heels because they evenly distribute your weight. 


You don't have to choose block heels higher than 7cm, as they also come within the more comfortable 2.5-5cm range. 


Ankle straps are excellent shoes because they keep your footwear anchored to you. As a result, there's no risk of a Cinderella moment with a group of people having fun and enjoying the event.


You must check out an exciting silver pair of block-heeled shoes with ankle straps. The metallic colour will automatically add flair to whatever you're wearing, and that's just the start of all the good stuff. 


These shoes have three straps securing your sexy feet—around the ankles, across the bridge of your foot, and over your toes. Wear these heeled sandals and be ready to dance all night long. 


Style 3—Mules 


Another kind of flats makes it to the list of dress shoes. Mules may fall under the loafer category since they look the same, except for the style's distinct open-back design. This footwear is ideal for family gatherings and holiday reunions. 


Family gatherings during holidays like Christmas and New Year usually last hours since this is the only time relatives get together and catch up. 


While everyone expects you to dress for the occasion, you still need to choose comfortable and stylish footwear for longer durations. 


It would help if you had women's shoes you could remove when you want to get comfortable and sit Indian style.


Wildfire's mules are gorgeous. Like the loafers, it has chain detailing across the top, which can impress your peers and be a conversation starter on casual night outs or even at a wedding. But, of course, they'd likely focus on fashionable footwear for the occasion. 


If you wear pants or trousers to the event, ensure they taper or end around your ankles. Leaving some skin between your clothes and footwear will give your footwear the highlight and attention they deserve. 


Style 4—Boots 


Fall and winter add difficulty, as you must factor in cold and freezing weather when choosing your formal shoes. 


But you don't have to search high and low for a style that can provide you with the coverage and heat you need to attend special functions during these seasons. 


Instead, all you must do is head to the Wildfire boots section to browse through appropriate footwear.


Several kinds of boots exist because Wildfire wants to address women's needs and wants. For example, since we squashed the notion that heels are essential for formal footwear. 


Heeled boots are also available—mainly using comfortable block heels—if you need more height. You can wear them under your long dresses and gowns; no one will notice.


If warmth is your priority, you can choose long boots instead of ankle boots. Long boots provide more coverage, ending on your mid-leg until below your knees. 


Either way, both come in styles, materials, and designs that can make everyone jealous of your footwear.


Coming to a special occasion in boots screams confidence and non-conformism! People might follow suit and wear their boots as formal footwear at their next event. 


Put Your Best Foot Forward And Own Your Fashion! 


In giving you different kinds of formal shoes, we point out that fashion rules constantly change. Therefore, what people deem appropriate for events evolves, and what's essential is your confidence when wearing them. 


Head to the nearest Wildfire retailer or online store to grab the style that adds flair to whatever you wear! While some events explicitly say what you should wear, others are more lenient. 


Maintain your confidence throughout, and everything you wear will be the talk of the town.


What are you still holding out for? Put your best foot forward instead and shop for your favourites with our line of Wildfire women's dress shoes.


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