Formal Shoes That Will Complete Your Outfit!


Complete your outfit with a pair of formal shoes!

Wildfire’s collection will satisfy anyone’s tastes this season. Not only do we have formal shoes with some of the most modern trends and features, but we also offer customers our well-loved and timeless favourites. So, if you want a wardrobe that will keep you feeling and looking great in 2019, then you’d better start browsing our shelves. Today, we’d like to give you a hand! Down below, you’ll discover some of the best formal shoes in our collection, and styles we think should have a place at your next special occasion. 


Try slides at your next event!


Summer is the season for outdoor events, weddings, and parties. As much as we all love heels, flats are the superior formal shoes if you have to stand, walk, or dance around outside. Anyone who’s slipped their stiletto through a wide deck gap, or rolled an ankle in their block heels, can tell you that much! Besides, our flat formal shoes are beautiful, classy, and can hold their ground at your next event.


Slides are perfect for ladies who love maxi-dresses, long skirts, and other ground-brushing designs. Since our slides have open backs, you don’t have to worry about covering up the design. Instead, you can enjoy seeing your formal shoes peeking out from under a cute printed dress or extra-long skirt.


Flatform sandals would be a fitting pick too!


If you don’t want to wear slides, but don’t feel confident about heels, then our flatforms sandals would make better formal shoes. With their stacked soles and squishy feel, these sandals are comfortable and fashionable. You’ve got your pick of flatforms to wear as formal shoes too since there are dozens of different versions. One of our best-loved styles has a thick faux suede band and braided rope detailing on the base. Another favourite flatform from Wildfire has a wraparound ankle band and a single strap across the toes. Whichever design you choose, these make formal shoes perfectly balance fun and practicality.


Would you prefer a classic kitten heel instead? 


Sling-back heels will always belong in sophisticated settings. This season, Wildfire has these vintage-made-new formal shoes in all sorts of shades and even animal print. They make a natural match with event attire, and you can wear them again with different outfits. You’d be hard-pressed to find formal shoes that are as flexible to style as kitten heels.


Then again, if you love the look of these but don’t feel enthused by the slender heels, then Wildfire also offers these in a flat version. They would make formal shoes just as gorgeous as our kitten heels, but without the extra pressure.


Wildfire has block heels and stilettos for you too! 


Since the only difference between most of these formal shoes are the type of heel they have on the end, we’re lumping them in together. If you’re having trouble deciding, then remember that block heels give you better balance, but stilettos look better under dresses and skirts.


These styles will flatter your figure, make your legs appear more defined, and add much-needed elegance to any ensemble. The right set of formal shoes can dress up any outfit, so these should have a place in your wardrobe.


One notable style from these collections comes with self-tie straps. These can make your formal shoes even more eye-catching, and you can change them to suit your legs and ankles perfectly. Another lovely design would be our classic cocktail heels, with their slender straps and minimal material.


Find out which formal shoes would be your dream pair


All you need to do is shop at Wildfire! Awaken your wild side in 2019 with formal shoes!