Formal Shoes That Won't Break The Budget

Is your school formal coming up, girl? We know how expensive they can get, especially when it comes to mens formal shoes! So to save you from breaking the bank, we have gathered a range of different formal shoes that will have you looking fabulous at an affordable price for the brave soul.


No matter the type of dress, we have the perfect style of ladies and mens formal shoes for you, and they definitely won't break the budget! So take a scroll through our top picks below and find yourself the ultimate pair of formal dress shoe.   


Style 1 – Kitten Heels


Kitten heels are the perfect formal shoes online for when you don't need any extra height, but you know you will be spending the whole night on the dance floor. It's the cutest combo between stilettos and flats which you can be comfortable and stylish all through the night.


Formal shoes are hard collection of mens and women's shoes to search for because you have to work around your dress or suit pants and suit jackets. The length, the colour and the cut are all necessary features that need to get considered before jumping when you buy womens formal shoes.


If you find yourself to be indecisive, kitten heels will save the day. Find this style of formal shoes in a range of colours and patterns; no matter if it's a basic black or polka dot pattern, there is a style for everyone. Our favourite combo is pairing these formal shoes with a foot length mermaid-cut dress which allows the footwear to be in the spotlight.


Style 2 – Self-tie Heels


Babe, if you haven't invested in a pair of self-tie heeled shoes, you are missing out! This style of formal shoes is just about every girl's dream as they offer an elegance that is hard to achieve through other wide fit pumps. Inspired by the graceful ballerina, self-tie heels give the illusion of sweet and innocent qualities.


These attributes are admirable on formal heeled sandals because they bring a unique touch to the look. Dresses that best suit this style of formal womens shoe sizes are those of a lace material or those where there are multiple layers throughout the outfit.


One of the outfits that have captured our eyes is the two-piece set with a layered skirt. The layering of the skirt piece offers the perfect window to flaunt your stunning self-tie heels all night long. These shoes are like wedding shoes and will ensure that you have all eyes on you, girl!


Style 3 – Wedge Heels


Wedge heels are the type of formal shoes that every girl wishes of wearing. The style of the heel offers a perfect combination of height and comfort without breaking the bank (or your back!). Wedge heels, like casual shoes offer a high, elevated base but, instead of a slim heel, they provide a chunky sole.


It's the perfect weekend casual footwear for summer as these school formal shoes offer breathability and comfort, which is exactly what you need on a warm day. In addition, wedge heels have the same level of comfort as your favourite slippers or sports shoes (or just about!) so, you won't even notice that you're wearing formal shoes during the night.


There are plenty of designs on offer as well, so you won't have to worry about your formal shoes not matching your dress. Wedge heels are also great for our super cute, short girls. This style of formal shoes gives the maximum amount of height without making you badly walk around due to sore feet.


You could run a 100m sprint in wedge heels, babe! These heels are one of our top choices for a reason, so if you need some comfy and affordable school formal shoes, this style will be your new go-to.


Style 4 – Stilettos


If you're looking for formal shoes to be the statement piece of your look, then stilettos are the way to go. This style is a timeless classic. It has constantly made its way in and out of the fashion hemisphere for many years now.


It is a type of heel that regularly evolves and changes with the times, making it the perfect dress shoe and every other occasion after that. Stilettos look stunning with simple and chic dresses, usually those of black, navy and white.


Pairing this design of formal shoes with a simple dress or dress pants allows for more creativity to be expressed in your black leather pumps. Whether it's a fluorescent heel, sparkly heel or even a bedazzled heel, you know those stilettos will be the statement piece. You'll be looking like a goddess all night long in those shiny formal shoes. Slay queen!


Style 5 – Block Heels


We cannot rave about these heels enough! The effortless block heels are the style of formal shoes every girl must have in her life. Block heels are a super-hot trend of shoes online right now; with, BabeIf so many designs and colours are available, it's no doubt because they are so popular.


Block heels will look gorgeous with literally any designer brands outfit, whether your formal shoes are visible or not. These formal shoes are super easy to wear, with a slip-on feature and simple strap design. This look is the perfect feature for your big night. Unlike lace up shoe you can slip in and out of your heels all night long (this will be necessary after breaking it down on the d-floor!).


Block heels are also a super comfortable style of heel. This feature is a must-have when it comes to formal shoes as you will be walking around all day, accepting awards, meeting new people and dancing after dinner.


Make the most of your special night without feeling uncomfortable or sore in your feet by wearing flattering block heels. If you're a girl that beams with height, then the block heels will also be your new best friend.


These formal shoes are made with a low heel, so you won't have to sacrifice wearing any cute heels for the sake of not being too tall – don't worry, girl, we've got you! Plus, these block heels are super affordable as well (like our mens dress shoes), so you will have plenty of savings banked up for another pair of cute brown leather or heels when you need them most!


Must-have Heels!


Our top picks of formal shoes should be the perfect inspirational guide you were looking for. Making an informed decision on which formal shoes to buy, at an affordable price, of course, will be the best choice you make! Don’t forget your shoe size by referring to our size guide.      


Formal shoes can be worn for many occasions after, so make the most of your gorgeous new pumps and dance the night away, sis!