Formal Shoes To Bring Your Outfit Together

Add the finishing touch to any outfit with Wildfire formal shoes!


Our fabulous selection has something for everyone.


What’s the appeal of heels as formal shoes?


At Wildfire, the majority of our designs are either block heels or stilettos. While each style has its unique benefits, both are satisfactory choices for your next occasion. Like it or loathe it, heels are considered the height of fashion for women’s formal shoes. A couple from our collection can take you to work functions, dinner dates, family get-togethers, weddings, funerals, and everything in between. If you need a finishing touch to complement a sophisticated or elegant outfit, then our heeled formal shoes are unbeatable.


Then again, that’s not to say that formal shoes are kept exclusively for black-tie events.


A beautiful set of heels or something with sparkles can provide your casual look with the lift that it needs. If you’re tired of pairing your favourite jeans and t-shirts with sneakers and retro trainers, then why not try some cool kitten heels or possibly a wedge? You’ll still get to enjoy your comfiest clothes but give them a dressier feel. You don’t need to plan with this combination either— get dressed as usual and add your formal shoes onto the end!


At Wildfire, we recommend either a low stiletto or chunky block heel so you can maintain your balance and spend the day however and wherever you like.


Dress to impress with low formal shoes


If you want to give your attire a class boost while maintaining long-lasting comfort, then our kitten heels are an excellent place to start. With their short and slim platform and delicate feel, these formal shoes are a practical pick. The little point to the toes helps shape feet to seem more slender and dainty. While these are gorgeous under dresses and skirts, the team at Wildfire adore sling-backs with pants because they bring a feminine feel instantaneously. As such, these are a must-have set of formal shoes in a professional work or corporate setting.


Are you looking for formal shoes that can make your leg longer?


Wildfire has just the thing! Our block heels have a score of built-in features that can improve the shape or fit of an outfit easily. These formal shoes give you an instant height lift. If your party dress is tight through the thighs, our tall heels will give you room to move. Likewise, ladies with floor-brushing hemlines will keep their clothes clean. Beyond that, the incline formal shoes set your feet on makes for lengthier and defined legs. Take the effect a step further with self-tie block heels, whose crisscrossing straps stretch out ankles and calves. You’ll see the best results with these formal shoes when you wear skirts, dresses, jumpsuits, and other clothes that cut-off before the calf.


Don’t underestimate how a set of formal shoes can pull together an outfit.


The collection at Wildfire comes in natural, tan, and black predominantly, but we also carry finishes such as pink, red, purple, and metallic shades too! Of all the possible colours, browns and black are amongst the most complementary and flattering with bolder patterns or clothing choices. Instead of risking awkward tonal clashes, our formal shoes will be a great pair with anything from the beginning. So, whatever your aesthetic is, Wildfire has something for you!


Now, what’s stopping you?


Add formal shoes into your shopping cart today! If you have an event on the horizon or need something to elevate an everyday ensemble, then Wildfire has the ideal options. Find an iconic set of formal shoes from our shelves, and unleash your wild side today!