Formal Shoes We’re Loving This Season!

Every lady needs a staple pair of formal shoes in her closet because you never know when a new invitation will pop up, and you must dress up. Have you checked your closet lately? Do you already have a reliable pair of footwear that you consistently use?

If not, you should get one immediately. The warm season is here, so you can expect a long list of events where you need excellent formal shoes. What features do you look for in footwear that are ideal for extended periods?

The top feature to ensure is comfort. Whether it’s a business meeting, an industry conference, a dressy party, or a black-tie auction, you need formal footwear to support you. Apart from comfort, you need stylish ones. Aesthetics and design are essential because impressions matter. Choose from various styles that will elevate your look and boost your confidence.

Several styles popped up this season, all deserving of a spot in your closet. However, narrowing them down can be time-consuming. Let us save you the hassle of hopping from one store to another because your search for the formal footwear you’ll love this season ends at Wildfire! The brand’s collection will dazzle you with its sparkling options, impress you with its class, and surprise you with its comfort. Let’s start getting to know your options!


Block Heels for Outdoor Events


Beach or garden weddings are a thing now that the sun is out. Block heels are perfect for such events because they offer stability and support, making walking easier on soft, uneven terrain. The broad base of these footwear spreads your weight evenly, relieving the pressure from your feet, legs, and lower back. This way, you can have the best time mingling and dancing with other guests.

The block heel collection at Wildfire boasts designs that cover classics to contemporaries. Ladies have various preferences, and having a broad range of formal footwear ensures everyone finds one for themselves. Consider getting Blake, with its textured block heels perfect for outdoor events. These shoes have a slip-on fit and a breezy feel, allowing your feet to breathe. The two horizontal top straps in raffia material add character to the look. Wear this footwear with a pastel midi dress for a seamless look that allows the dress and the block heels to shine together.


Loafers for Work Events


Work events can take hours, with you doing your best to network and ensure everything goes well. Whether it’s a job interview, conference, training, or board meeting, you need formal shoes that will impress the people you meet and keep you cosy long enough to finish the event with flying colours.

Loafers are an excellent choice for work events. Formal footwear does not have to come with heels now. People prefer loafers because they are classic, minimalist, comfortable, and professional. The Wildfire collection only has dressy black options that comply with strict dress code requirements. Panther is an online-exclusive pair that will be your favourite shoes this season. These chunky loafers offer a comfortable elevation and an incomparable elegance. The patent leather material is all you need to leave a lasting impression on everyone.


Strappy High Heels for Dressy Occasions


Is a gala function on the horizon for you? If yes, you’d want to invest in formal shoes that tie your glamorous look together. You do not always get an invitation to attend events like these, so it’s best to go all out with strappy high heels. Deviate from your usual colour choices and wear metallic formal shoes for a change—a lovely gold one with straps that create a sexy silhouette.

The Wildfire collection has some fantastic gold options. One that stands out from the excellent bunch is Aries. These gold square-toed formal shoes would perfectly complement a long black dress with their combined elegance from a stiletto heel, a thin, buckled ankle strap, and a trendy curved top strap. Turn heads when you enter the venue in style!


Low Heels for Family Gatherings


Christmas and other summer events are the perfect time to see family. The year has been busy, and now that there’s time to gather around, it would be nice to wear formal shoes that are comfortable and stylish and can complement a cocktail dress perfectly. It’s been a while since you saw everyone, and you’d love to look your best when you do. An excellent pair of low heels will do the trick. This footwear comes in cute designs and adds a comfortable, modest height.

The most famous kind in the Wildfire collection is the kitten heel. These formal shoes come with short, thin, tapered heels, which look like mini stilettos. Crimson will be your favourite this season, with its unique flair. These feature a trendy pointed toe and a buckled slingback strap that you can adjust for a perfect fit. Studs and a buckle on top of Crimson add a visual interest that will merit a second look (or even a third) from your family.


How to Care for Your Footwear


While all these options are potential favourites for this season, it doesn’t mean you’ll stop using them in the next. These formal shoes are too good to give up, so here are some ways to ensure they stay longer, lasting three to four more seasons.

  • Clean them after use. When you get home, take a few minutes to wipe off visible dirt on your footwear. Letting them fester longer will weaken the materials.
  • Warmer seasons can make our feet sweat, leaving moisture in your footwear. It’s best to dry them naturally before storing them. Avoid drying them in direct heat sources like the sun or radiator heaters.
  • Store your shoes in a dedicated storage space to keep them from floating dust and dirt. A shoe closet or bag will do.


Put Your Best Foot Forward and Boost This Season’s Look With Wildfire Formal Shoes!


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