Formal Shoes You Can Also Wear in the Office

Savvy shoppers are more practical with the items they purchase. We all want versatility in our wardrobes to wear them on multiple occasions and get our money's worth.


For instance, when you buy formal shoes, you'd expect to wear them after the event where you used them. It would be a waste of money if you only use them once and store them in the closet after.


The good news is you don't have to look far to find a pair of formal shoes you can also wear in the office. Get yours at Wildfire!


Please allow our Wildfire team to give you a crash course on formal shoes and which ones are suitable for work.


Read on to learn more!


Find the Perfect Footwear


How do you choose which formal shoes to wear? The most common characteristics people look for are comfort, style, versatility, and affordability.


But aside from all these, there are certain tricks up our sleeves to make shopping for formal shoes easier.


Read on to learn more.


1. Get your accurate size


Your comfort while wearing formal shoes depends on the correct fit of your footwear. You risk developing blisters or problems if you wear either too big or small footwear.


Formal shoes cover a range of styles, from high heels to flats. Gone are the days you could only wear high heels to work, but you must still check with dress code requirements.


Did you know that afternoons or evenings are the best times to shop for footwear because your feet are at their largest size after all your activities during the day?


Get acquainted with your Wildfire size via our handy size guide.


2. The dilemma between wearing high heels or flats


Comfort should always come first when it comes to formal shoes. Since this footwear covers flats to high heels, you can find the style you're comfortable wearing the most.


Workplaces have different dress code demands, so choose the formal shoes that follow them. The heel height and type will be up to what you can endure for a whole day at work.


Please remember that you're wearing your formal shoes for eight hours at the least and jumping from one meeting to the next. It would help if you stuck with the style that you can comfortably and, more importantly, confidently wear.


What good is style when people around you can see your discomfort?


3. Explore different colours


Typical colours people choose for formal shoes are black, natural, and tan because they are the easiest to match. Likewise, conservative workplaces prefer you use black.


It's a good colour because you never have to worry about clashing. However, some offices are more modern and open for colour-blocking formal shoes.


You're all good if it doesn't seem overly casual for work. Others are more daring and would make their footwear the accent piece and pop of colour.


Check out the different colours at Wildfire!


4. Check the Material


What kind of footwear materials do you typically get? Wildfire's formal shoes come in various materials, including synthetic or vegan-friendly.


Consider this alternative to leather as it can benefit the environment and all its inhabitants. How is that possible?


For one, the production of vegan-friendly formal shoes does not use animal products. It also leaves a very minimal carbon footprint.


Don't you love it when a pair of footwear brings you and the world you live in a lot of good?


Which Formal Shoes Should You Choose?


Let's now proceed to the more exciting part, the styles!


Wildfire has a lot of formal shoes that can transcend the workplace.


Read on to learn more!


Style 1 - Block Heels


Block heels are the most comfortable formal shoes you can wear to the office.


The broad, thick heel distributes your weight evenly, relieving pressure on your feet.


Isn't it tempting to get these formal shoes?


You get the height you want to exude power at work without the pain that typically comes from wearing high heels.


Moreover, it offers stability, which you need as you run from one meeting to the next.


And the best news about this kind of formal shoe?


There's an option for low-block heels.


An elevation of about 2.5–5 cm is perfect for work.


Low-block-heeled footwear provides support and cushion for the foot while reducing stress on your body.


You don't need additional stress!


Style 2 - Heeled Boots


As much as we'd like to tell you to wear your strappy formal shoes to work during the winter, we want to keep you warm and stable.

So, opt for heeled boots instead!


These formal shoes are chic and comfortable, and they will keep your legs and feet warm and dry when it's chilly or rainy outside.


Wildfire's heeled ankle boots provide more skin coverage than other styles available.


These versatile shoes are appropriate for both special occasions and the workplace.


Styling options include dresses, skirts, and blazers!


When you need more warmth, think about getting Wildfire's knee-high or thigh-high boots because they cover more skin.


Despite not being your average formal shoes, recent fashion trends suggest otherwise.


Platform boots from Wildfire have block heels, so pain is a non-issue.


Style 3 - Flat Formal Shoes


Limiting formal shoes to the heeled variety is an outdated belief.


Several flats are gracing special events because people prioritise comfort now.


After your big event, you can wear Wildfire's flat formal shoes with embellishments to work.


Flats will relieve your feet and leg muscles of additional stress or pressure you don't need at the office.


This footwear will help you maintain your balance and give you the breathability you need during a hot day at work.


Wear the Best Footwear to Work!


You spend almost 40 hours at work in a week, and since that's where you are most of the time, you deserve a pair of formal shoes that will make the experience comfortable!


Don't wait any longer!


Head to Wildfire's online shop or the stockist nearest you!


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