Freshen Up Your Work Wardrobe With These Heels From Wildfire

Looking good is one of the best ways to feel motivated each day. You wake up excited to dress up and head to work because you like what you wear, from clothes to heels. And while some overlook the necessity of ensuring you look and feel your best each day, it plays a massive role in your performance. You stand taller and sit straighter, feeling more confident to tackle what the day has in store. And this all starts with your heels.

So, if the time comes that you're feeling less excited and would rather snooze your alarm a couple more times, delaying movement, it's the perfect time to freshen your work wardrobe with Wildfire heels. The brand understands what can excite you and the impact of excellent shoes, and it curates the best collection for busy and go-getter ladies. 

Before we share the options that deserve a spot in your work wardrobe, let's highlight some tips that can make shopping for your next work heels easy. After that, you can browse through what Wildfire has to offer. Let's start!


Choose Your Heels the Right Way


A typical workday lasts 8–10 hours. You spend most of these hours on your feet–rushing between meetings, client presentations, writing reports, and squeezing in lunch at the nearby café. Although we've emphasised how your look motivates you to get up and move, how you feel contributes to the length of time you can work on your feet. And this is why you must look for work heels that seamlessly combine style and comfort. Here are some essential reminders:

  • Look for heels that fit right, where no part rubs your feet in any way. Shopping for shoes must be done in the afternoon, when your feet are at their maximum size. 
  • Keep your toes comfortable and free from tight shoes. Depending on the workplace, some are lenient and allow open-toe designs. Choose roomy toe boxes if your workplace is more conservative and prefers closed heels, preferably in a round or square shape.
  • For a more comfortable experience, use additional gel cushions and grips, which you can also get from Wildfire. Wearing heels means the balls of your feet bear more weight than usual and would need help relieving some of the strain. While some styles have built-in cushioning, others need these foot care accessories. 
  • Consider the height of your heels. Are you more comfortable with elevation, or would you rather be closer to the ground? Wildfire has low or high heels to address varying preferences. You don't even have to stress about your height because there are options with broad bases that distribute your weight evenly. 
  • Find heels made of durable materials. Your shoes must not break at the first sign of duress. Can you imagine the stress of having your heels break right before you enter the boardroom or when you're about to meet an important client? Several materials are available, but most of the options at Wildfire use synthetic or vegan materials. Vegan-friendly heels are durable and can withstand wear and tear and the natural elements. Choosing them gives you cruelty-free shoes that leave a minimal carbon footprint. 
  • Shop at Wildfire, where you can get quality heels for an affordable price. The brand's collection can rival luxury designer brands at a fraction of their cost. When shopping for work shoes, choose the brand that can give you more bang for your buck!


The Wildfire Collection 


Discover work heels unlike any other at Wildfire. As mentioned, the collection combines style and comfort, ensuring you look and feel excellent at work.


Various Colours 


The heels at Wildfire are available in eleven stunning colours, perfect for your work wardrobe. Choose black, blue, clear, gold, green, natural, pink, silver, tan, vanilla, or white. 

Most workplaces explicitly or implicitly say they prefer black, especially conservative ones, as this shade is professional and formal. Moreover, black shoes are sleek, classy, and versatile, ideal for various work clothes. Please consider Crimson from Wildfire's collection. 

These online-exclusive black shoes feature chic kitten heels, which are low and cosy, and a slingback style with a buckled strap for adjustability. Although Crimson has a closed pointy toe design, ample time to break them in will make them more comfortable for work. Several ways to break in shoes include wearing thick socks while walking around the house, using a shoe stretcher, or heating them.

For lenient workplaces, choose from the ten remaining colours. Vibrant heels can be the accent or highlight of your outfit. Pink shoes will contrast excellently against a monochromatic black or white outfit. Check out Emilee and its textured straps for something unique to wear at work!


Various Styles


When we said that Wildfire has a range of heels catering to various needs and preferences, we weren't joking. The collection has eight subcollections offering distinctive appeals. The heel collection includes high, bridal & evening, block, stiletto, mule, closed-toe, low, and platform. You can immediately narrow the choices based on which category fits your needs.

Ladies who work at conservative workplaces will choose from the closed-toe collection. Pumps have outlasted other work heels because of their classic, timeless design. With a low-cut front that exposes the top of the foot and a closed-toe and slip-on design, these shoes are ideal for ladies who lack the time to fuss with fastenings. 

Pumps have an understated elegance that leaves everyone with a positive, lasting impression. Everyone you meet or work with will notice how sophisticated and professional you look, with pumps completing your look. Influence is the best pump choice from the Wildfire collection.

For lenient workplaces, open-toed options are acceptable. You can choose from staggering platforms with thick heels and platform soles to ensure your feet are level and pain-free. Not only do these shoes boost your height, but they also increase your self-confidence. Platform heels elongate your legs and make them look slimmer. Bonsai or Mansion are platforms you must add to your work wardrobe pronto!


Freshen Up Your Work Wardrobe with Wildfire!


Wear your favourite pair every day as a reward to yourself and put your best foot forward for the world to see. Head to the nearest retailer or shop online to grab excellent work heels! 

You can find the perfect pair of women's heels to complement your wardrobe from our wide selection of low-heels, mid-heels, and high heels. Our collection includes several types of heels, including kitten heels, block heels, platform heels, square-toe heels, court heels, open-toe heels, stiletto heels, heel mules, platform shoes and many more. To begin your search, take advantage of our clear filters and quick-view features.