From Day To Night… Here’s Why Block Heels Are The Ultimate Addition To Any Wardrobe

Revamp Your Shoe Collection With Our Stylish Range Of Block Heels!

If you need a style that can switch seamlessly from day to night, then block heels will be your best friend this summer. At Wildfire, you can find dozens of gorgeous looks waiting for you in our lineup. So, why all the fuss?Why do we think block heels are the ultimate addition to any wardrobe?

1) They are incredibly comfortable

Block heels are an outstanding pick for comfort! These thicker-based shoes provide a broad surface for you to balance on, which makes them much more comfortable to stand on and walk in than stilettos. Wildfire block heels are sturdy and reliable; a must-have in any wardrobe!

2) Block heels are the perfect party shoes

What could be better for dancing the night away? Block heels are stable and supportive, which means you can be sure-footed the next time you go out with the girls! If you're ready to unleash your wild side, then the last thing you need is to be slipping and tripping on sticky bar floors or broken glass. With block heels, it's a non-issue. You get that gorgeous, leg-lengthening look that makes your bodycon dresses and playsuits pop, but without as much wobbling.

This year, we'll be recommending espadrilles to see you through the holiday festivities. These wedges are the block heels that no one can say no to this season! With shapely platform bases and a mostly-open design, espadrilles balance themselves, so they don't appear too heavy under lightweight or flowing clothing materials. That's an essential design aspect as we head into short-cut clothes and airy dresses of the summertime.

3) You can take them to work!

Block heels are the perfect style to wear into the workplace! We have lower kinds for your comfort and convenience, but our tall block heels will work nicely too. That way, all of our customers can find the perfect height for themselves, instead of being shoehorned into a design that they're less than comfortable wearing.

Many careers and settings call for these types of shoes. Professional, elegant, and confidence-boosting, block heels can help you look the part and feel more self-assured. Whether you are parked behind a desk for the majority of the day, or always up on your feet, block heels will be a great choice all year long.

4) They can make a natural, everyday casual look stand out!

If you want to take your weekend wear to the next level, then block heels are the perfect way to do it! There isn't much of an art to pulling off this trendy look— grab some of your favourite basics, like a denim skirt and cropped t-shirt, and then throw on your block heels instead of your slides as you head out for the day.

So, which are the best styles for the job?

At Wildfire, we love pointy-toed block heels with pants and skirts alike. As a low style, these would be a great go-to to start with when trying this trend. The shoe point has a lovely slimming effect on your feet, while the smooth incline of the platform does the same for your ankles. Our pointy-toed block heels come in rich faux suede for luxurious styling, and fasten with a functional square buckle feature. All you'd need to do to finish the trend off would be to make sure you match the colours with either your clothes or some killer accessories!

What will your next pair be?

For looks you cannot get enough of, it's time that you shopped at Wildfire! Browse online for all our block heels, and have fun picking the perfect one.