Fun Ways to Wear Heels This Winter

Every girl loves to rock a pair of pumps all year round. However, the hardest part about wearing these shoes during winter is that you will most likely freeze. That is why we are here to help. The Wildfire team has gathered a range of heels that can take you through winter with style and ease. These are the go-to set of kicks that every girl needs in her life. 


Keep reading if you are ready to discover some fun and warm ways to wear heels this winter! We have something for every babe to enjoy! 


Style 1 – Strappy


Strappy heels are a must when it comes to comfort and style! This design allows you to strap on your best pair of heels and enjoy your day without thinking twice about your shoes. Whether a thin strap with criss-cross detailing or a belt-like buckle around the ankle, your feet will get strapped in and ready to go almost instantly. 

The fun thing about strappy heels is that you can trust your shoes won't be flying away when you're shutting down the d-floor! Strappy heels are a staple for every girl's closet and can be the piece that ties your next outfit together.  

Find your size guide for women's heels. It will be able to help you discover your shoe size so you can shop online with confidence, or you can visit us in-store.


Style 2 – Boots


If you are the type of person who hates wearing heels in winter, then you will love this newfound loophole. Boots are the perfect winter heels to wear during the cooler months, as it gives you plenty of coverage against the cold weather and gives you some extra bit of height. In addition, boots are super versatile, with plenty of different styles, shapes, and colours to keep you on your toes. 


Ankle boots are a must-have style of winter heels as they can take you from casual to evening looks without changing a thing. Ankle boots are perfect for a day in the office or running around to appointments (lashes are a must!). They are super cute for those early morning brunch dates too! Knee-high boots are the perfect type of winter heels when you want to feel super cute on a night out with the girls. 


These boots are fabulous, and we love them to bits! Try our thigh-high boots if you feel like taking your look to the next level. These winter heels channel all things Ariana Grande, and we are all here for it. Taking inspiration from the vocal queen herself, the thigh-high boots are the ultimate winter heels in your shoe collection.


Style 3 – Stilettos


Need a boost of confidence? Why not invest in some sexy stilettos! These are the perfect style of heels to wear with just about any type of formal outfit. These shoes are a classic style that has been around for many years now. These heels are always making their way in and out of fashion. 


It is a timeless shoe that will come and go from the trending fashion scene, but this winter will be the perfect time for the stiletto heels to make a comeback. These stiletto heels are an excellent choice for you to wear in formal or casual attire.

Pick your style of heels, whether a pair of low heels, mid heels, high heels, open toe heels, or square toe heels; we already know you will look fabulous. So just put your best foot forward to what you are doing so you'll be your very best.


Stilettos are a super stylish shoe that adds a sexy and intriguing vibe to your look. These pumps offer a boost of height, making them the go-to shoe for girls who love to have an extra few centimetres on them. So flaunt your legs this season by wearing a pair of your new favourite stilettos. These pumps will help you get everything that you want!


Style 4 – Jewelled


Add some glitz and glam to your daily get-up with some diamante-studded heels. These heels are a gorgeous style of shoe for everyone to enjoy. Who said that diamonds aren't a girl's best friend? Every female would agree that shoes are the way to our hearts! So take this as a sign to treat yourself to a new pair of diamante-studded heels. Your wardrobe will thank you later, girl. 


Neutral coloured pumps with this sparkly design are perfect because the shiny feature is the main thing everyone will have their eyes on. So let your shoes talk when you rock a pair of these pumps. You will shine as bright as a diamond all night long in these gorgeous heels. 


The best outfit to wear with these shoes is a simple block-coloured bodycon dress or a bright and vibrant maxi dress. Either way, you will find that these shoes will be the standout piece of your look. So strut your stuff, sis! 


Style 5 – Wedges


This is your sign to take that chance and get your hands on wedge heels! Now you may be thinking that a pair of wedge heels are very casual in style. But we know exactly how to dress up these pumps so they can look like your next best pair of pumps. Wedge heels are a gorgeous heel style in your warm-weather footwear rotation. 


Taking inspiration from the European countries, a set of wedge heels is all you will see on a summer's night out in Santorini, Greece. European women love to show off their wedge heels and bronze legs for any special occasion, which is why these pumps are necessary for your footwear collection. 


Flaunt your best dress and show a little skin when you wear these formal shoes during the cooler months. These pumps are gorgeous when you dress up in your full-glam look, babe! 




Wearing your favourite pair of winter heels will do your outfit wonders during the colder months. However, one thing we insist you do before wearing them is to invest in some accessories. A selection of accessories for your winter heels will ensure your pumps last as long as possible through the cold season without getting damaged too quickly. 


You can grab a set of heel stoppers for winter heels with a stiletto base. These bad boys can stop your stilettos from slipping down cracks, fresh grass, or mud. These can also help you walk in your stilettos and make it easier to make your way around the town (especially with wet surfaces). 


A set of gel cushions (aka half innersoles) for your winter heels will also be super beneficial. These add an extra layer of comfort to your winter heels – and trust us, babe, these shoe accessories are a gamechanger. With these gel cushions attached to your winter heels, you will feel like you are walking on clouds.   


Do you love what you see?


Our range of heels is sure to tick all the right boxes. You can never go wrong with a set of these heels in your life. We know you will look and feel incredible with these shoes by your side. Head to the Wildfire website today, and add your must-have heels to the shopping cart ASAP!