Going On Holiday? You Need Espadrilles!

The Best Heel For A Holiday 

Are you looking for espadrilles that will be perfect on your next holiday? We’ve got the pair to bring out your wild side!

1) Long-lasting wear

The thick and sturdy base of these wedged espadrilles is supportive and comfortable. Where some heels need a slope to suit your feet on to fit a taller point and give you a more significant lift in height, espadrilles keep the angle low by adding a platform to the base instead. With a less extreme slope for your feet to balance on, you minimise the pressure and strain placed on your legs.

And, with fewer chances of cramps and foot pain to slow you down, our espadrilles can keep you on your feet for longer.

2) Easier to move around in

Having heels that can traverse in the outdoors are always a bonus, no matter what it is that you plan on doing during your holiday. If you’re taking espadrilles out to your exotic destination, then the chances are high that you want photos featuring them.

The more scenic, the better, which means sunsets on the beach, lunches on a luscious lawn, or a view from way up in the mountains are likely. But, again, you do need shoes that will let you get where you’re going as efficiently and painlessly as possible.

Espadrilles can deal with grass and other vegetation underfoot, loose rocks and uneven paths, and even sand that isn’t too deep or shifty. If you’re escaping to relax in the outdoors, then espadrilles are just the heels for the job!

3) Espadrilles have height benefits

That extra lift in height also has its advantages, depending on the weather and what clothes you want to wear while you’re away. Keeping your feet and legs elevated off of the ground will stop long coats, skirts, dresses, or pant legs from getting dirty. If you’re determined to wear your maxi dresses in the tropics and to keep the hem dry and clean, the espadrilles will help! If you anticipate rain during your trip, these great wedges will protect you from puddles too!

4) Complementing your wardrobe

One issue people can have with shoes is finding the right clothes to pair with them. An easy way to ensure that your new espadrilles will transition smoothly into your wardrobe is to pick colours that will work.

At Wildfire, our espadrilles come in natural, black, and tan finishes. They have topped the list of the easiest-to-pair-colours for decades. Accessorising any variation of these wedges with clutches, scarves, jewellery, or other things will not be difficult. Clothes in block colours, noisy prints, or different eye-catching designs will also be an excellent fit with our espadrilles, so your carefully considered holiday wear is sure to look gorgeous too.

5) They make your legs look long and skinny

You expect this from every kind of heel, of course, but espadrilles have all sorts of tricks to make your legs look lithe and lovely. Mainly, there’s the natural base— since the platform is almost skin-toned, espadrilles can trick your eyes into thinking that part of the wedge is your foot. It’s a sneaky illusion that can subtly make you seem taller. This design feature, coupled with the actual platform and posture-changing heel, will shape your legs to appear more toned and slender.

If you want heels to help you look your best on your next holiday, then espadrilles are the way to go!

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Kick back and relax this season with the ultimate holiday shoes. Wildfire espadrilles will have you looking and feeling fine in no time.