Guide to Finding the Perfect Wedding Shoes for the Bride

The Big Day is a momentous event. The wheels are in motion after the proposal or when people agree to marry. The wedding party, location, date, and venue are all set. However, there's still the question of the wedding shoes for the bride!


Each item on that list relates to the others. For instance, your wedding shoes must match your dress, be in line with the venue, whether outdoor or indoor, and be with you days before your big day so you can practise. What are your priorities?


It's tempting to pick popular brands like Badgley Mischka and Alexandra heels, but wait until you see or compare them with the Wildfire brand.


With all these things on your critical list, it can be overwhelming. But remember that you are not alone because, aside from your bridal party, the team at Wildfire is here to help you sort out one of the most critical tasks: finding the perfect wedding shoes!


We will provide you with a guide that will break down the task into small, doable steps to make it easier for you to follow. So chin up, smile, and prepare for one of the best days of your life with the perfect Wildfire beautiful shoes to make it extra memorable!


Tip 1—Decide on Your Style: Will It Be High Heels or Flat Wedding Shoes for the Bride?


To pull off a cohesive look on your wedding day, your shoes must follow a certain theme. Is it going to have more of a traditional feel, for instance? On the other hand, if the Chloe heel compliments your modern bride's ceremony, we have Wildfire styles that would be perfect (and much more reasonably priced)!


Your dress and the perfect pair of wedding shoes must match your desired look. They should complement each other in style, colour, and details. You must decide which of the two will be the focal point of your look. For instance, designers can create short dresses for you and your bridesmaids. But it would mean the guests would see the bridal shoe. A classic, full-length gown would hide it.


Tip 2—Experiment with Colour


The clamour for coloured wedding shoes has evolved and become more experimental. Unlike years ago, when most brides wore traditional white footwear or in lighter shades like vanilla and natural, more vibrant colours entered the scene. Some even choose it as their "something blue," and it's acceptable and welcomed!


Please remember that it's YOUR big day, so everything should be about you and your partner. Both colours are available at Wildfire's bridal heels if you prefer to go beyond the box and wear pink or green wedding shoes. By the way, you should!


However, if you choose to go vibrant with your footwear, your accessories must be less attention-grabbing. You would want to look put together and at your best on your big day!


Tip 3—Align with the Venue


Visualise how you will enter the venue on your big day to get an idea of what you want to achieve. Of course, the goal is to look graceful and avoid slipping at all costs, so your wedding shoes must work with the location. Will it be outdoors or indoors?


You check the weather before going out and wear appropriate footwear. Of course, you want your wedding shoes to be perfect for the place. The heel type will depend on the venue and the programme of activities.


Venue 1Outdoor


As we've mentioned, outdoor venues are typically on the lawn, in a garden, or at the beach, so the possible surfaces you must walk, dance, and party on are grass, soil, and sand. In addition, walkways to these venues usually have pavement cracks that can catch your shoes when walking. 


We suggest going for block heels because the thick, broad heel will not dig into different surfaces like stilettos. Block heels are the go-to style for most special occasions.


You can also opt for flat wedding shoes for the bride. Moreover, wearing wedding shoes with thick, broad heels will keep you stable. In addition, the shoes will spread your weight evenly, so you won't feel pain or discomfort during your event.


This range of wedding shoes will have you partying, dancing, mingling, and walking without a glitch on your big day! Your feet will love you for it!


Venue 2Indoor


Typical indoor venues include a church, a hotel, or inside the house. Since there are no natural factors to worry about and most surfaces are solid, you can choose any heel for your wedding shoes. Wildfire has a collection of lows, blocks, highs, wedge heels, and stilettos. 


We recommend finding out what type of floor the indoor venue has so you can practise walking on it beforehand.


Tip 4—Choose the Ideal Heel Height for the Bridal Shoes


And so the debate between high and low wedding shoes ensues. To help you decide, we'll provide some pros for each so you can weigh your priorities.


High-heeled wedding shoes are ideal if your partner is tall and you want to lessen the height difference. It will look great in photos and videos. And you don't have to worry about comfort and stability because you can choose block-heeled wedding shoes.


However, if this is the first time you'll wear high heels, even if they have thick heels, we suggest allotting time per day leading up to the event to practise walking in them. Over time, it becomes just muscle memory and second nature.


Low-heeled wedding shoes are more stable because you're closer to the ground, giving you more freedom to walk around and enjoy your big day. Low-heeled bridal shoes are elegant but more comfortable. If you need help deciding, pick the one you're most familiar with.


Tip 5—Prioritise Comfort


The only thing you should consider as a top priority when deciding on a pair of wedding shoes is comfort. What good can a stylish but uncomfortable pair of stiletto heel do if you don't last your entire big day in them?


Please remember that the ceremony, reception, and after-party will last hours. The goal is to have you enjoy it and make it one of your best days. Choosing uncomfortable wedding shoes would be best if you didn't ruin them.


Walk Down the Aisle with Ease and Grace!


We wish you all the best on your special day! May all our tips help you navigate the fun and crazy journey of shopping for wedding shoes! Head to the Wildfire online store or nearest retailer for the footwear to see you through your big day.