Have a Special Event Coming Up? Wildfire Has the Ideal Formal Shoes!

Have you seen your calendar lately? Did you notice different special events lined up?


When you send out your RSVP and get a positive response, you must do many things quickly, like clear your schedule and find time to look for clothes and formal shoes. What do you prioritise?


As people in your exact position, the first thing to check is the kind of event and the dress code. From there, you can plan what dress to wear and what formal shoes to get. You won’t have a problem finding the perfect footwear because there’s only one place you can get the best: at Wildfire!


Now that we have settled on where you can get the best, we need to discuss which formal shoes you can put your best foot forward in! Again, the Wildfire team will help you figure this out by recommending the best style for a particular occasion.


With Wildfire’s broad collection of dress shoes, we want to give you an idea of which one would give you the most cosy experience as you mingle and enjoy yourself. So, without further ado, let’s get you sorted!


Block Heels for Engagement Parties and Most Weddings


Events, including engagement parties and most weddings, usually call for cocktail attire, depending on the season. Knee-length dresses or dressy separates with dress shoes are the typical outfits. We suggest wearing block heels if invited to any of these events.


These shoes have a thick, broad heel that evenly distributes your weight. So trust us when we tell you you need footwear with heels like this to last for hours.


Block heels, whether low or high, relieve the pressure from your feet and legs, allowing you to get through hours of dancing, mingling, and partying. These events are either indoors or outdoors. Any venue won’t be a problem with these shoes, even outdoors, because the broad heel would never get stuck on soil, sand, or pavement cracks.


People have come to the beach wearing stilettos but lose some of their glam when they start digging in the sand. You will see fourteen different colours when you choose these dress shoes from Wildfire.


Nowadays, people are more open to brighter and more vibrant colours when going to special events, making their footwear the focal point instead of their dresses. So if you decide to go that route, we will applaud you and suggest you get pink shoes.


Viva Magenta is the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2023, and wearing it to an occasion indicates that you want to have a good time! And you deserve your joy with the help of Wildfire's formal shoes!


Low Heels for Holiday Party or Family Dinner Party


The good thing about holiday or family dinner parties is that they are not strict with the dress code. You can often wear what you like unless they specify a theme. Either way, you can opt for low heels as your dress shoes, which still give you enough elevation to look good and are comfortable enough to make you feel good. 


Low heels are perfect because your feet are not on a steep incline. As a result, you can participate in most party games, and we know how competitive they can get without worrying that your dress shoes will hurt.


Never think that wearing low heels is inappropriate. Society is more lenient with what style is acceptable for dress shoes.


Comfort is a top priority now when it comes to dress shoes. What good will it do to look good when your feet are killing you with painful footwear? Besides, all the footwear at Wildfire is stylish, and it’s a bonus that they are cosy! For instance, kitten heels, a popular type of low heels, are making waves on the fashion runway.


Flats for Bridal or Baby Showers


Who says dress shoes need to have heels?


If you observe brides during their wedding, they usually change into gorgeously embellished flats because they want to enjoy their big day fully. Similarly, you can nowwear flats as formal shoes, especially those available at Wildfire, because they are versatile. All you need to do is accessorise if you still feel underdressed. It’s all in how you carry yourself and your confidence.


Bridal and baby showers usually have games you need to join, and we don’t think wearing stilettos as your dress shoes is as safe. So instead, these events have a more relaxed vibe, where guests wear dresses, printed skirts, and soft capris, all of which are excellent with a pair of flats.


Showers are usually bright and festive, so choose formal flats from Wildfire in colours that are not black or white. If your outfit is already festive, choose flats in natural brown or tan.


High Heels for Charity Gala or Black-Tie


 We hate to disappoint you, ladies, but there comes a time you must wear high heels to events. An invitation to a charity gala or anything with a black-tie dress code will require you to choose dress shoes that you do not typically choose.


Ladies are expected to wear long gowns or dresses, shimmery fabrics, elegant jewellery, and a fabulous hairstyle to these events. But please do not be intimidated because, lucky for you, high heels at Wildfire come in block heels and stilettos. And if you’re not ready to wear stilettos as your dress shoes, you can choose the other one.


We must remind you that high heels alter your balance and centre of gravity, so only attend the event after a few hours of practice. Some tips you can follow when wearing these dress shoes include:


  • Walking on all kinds of flooring around the house, which include wood, linoleum, carpet, and staircases.

  • Increase the length of your formal shoes during practice. For example, add thirty minutes each day leading up to the event, so you can get used to wearing high heels for long periods of time.

  • Take smaller steps when wearing high heels. For example, ensure one foot is entirely on the floor before taking another step.


Follow these tips, and we guarantee you’ll wear your formal shoes and impress the crowd like a supermodel. The best advice we can give you regarding wearing high heels is to be confident!


Wildfire Has All the Women's and Men's Shoes You Need!


The next step is up to you. Which styles will you shop for? Head to Wildfire’s site and online shop, or the nearest retailer in Australia! The Wildfire brand can cover all you need to attend special events.


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