Heel Styles That Are New and HOT!

Keeping up with the latest Wildfire trends doesn’t have to be a struggle! Unlike other retailers, we won’t make things difficult or force you to comb through a collection of heels to see if you can spot something new. Instead, we always spotlight the latest designs and trends so that our customers can stay ahead of the game. Do you want to see our hottest heels the minute they arrive?

Firstly, we have our New Arrivals category online. If you haven’t been shopping online with Wildfire in a while, then this should be your first stop to look for heels! Whenever we bring in a new pair of shoes or bring in a new version (different colour, pattern, decor etc.), this is where they go.

A quick scroll in the New Arrivals category will show you which heels are fresh on the shelves at Wildfire. Plus, you can get a good look at any sandals, slides, or other shoes that we’ve brought in recently too!

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Wildfire’s cake stand heels are bringing a retro look back in with style!


Stilettos are a go-to for formal events, weddings, and similar occasions, but that’s not always a good thing. Sure, there’s plenty of wear from your single set of event heels, and they’ll look beautiful with whatever outfit you want to match up. We won’t blame you for getting bored with this sort of shoe or looking around for a more stylish and exciting option. On that front, Wildfire would be happy to help you out with some fun new heels! 

This season, we’ve taken a trip back in time and brought back beauty! Cakestand styles are a vintage look straight from the 90s, and we’re so glad to see they’re back in fashion. The curves on the heels are subtle, beautiful, and will instantly add a fun look to your outfit. 

Do you want to hear a bit more about our most popular designs? We’ve combined our cakestand heels with some of the coolest trends of the season, including toe-thong straps, see-through straps, and crocodile-texture material. 

Alone, any one of these trendy features would make your shoes stand out, but they’re more eye-grabbing on cake stand heels! If you want platforms that can turn heads whenever you take them out, then you can try any of our fashionable cakestand styles!  


We love block heels with a slim profile!  


One of the main gripes about block heels is that they can look too bulky underneath some outfits. When you’re deciding between stilettos and a set of thick platforms, the latter always wins when it comes to long-lasting comfort and balance. However, In case you’re dressing for a formal occasion and have sheer, silky, tight-fitting, or floaty fabric on your outfit, then slender heels will be the better match. 

In 2021, Wildfire has a solution which offers the best of both designs, and that’s our collection of slim-sided platforms! As the name suggests, these are block heels with a slender side profile. Instead of reducing the entire platform down into a thick stiletto point, these maintain a broad base that you can only see clearly from the back. 

You’ll enjoy the same enduring comfort! You’ll also find it easy to walk outside and on uneven surfaces, while also preventing your shoes from looking bulky underneath your prettiest dresses and cocktail outfits. 

Here at Wildfire, we think that these slender block heels are a gorgeous pick, and we’ve brought in a whole bunch for you to try out this year. Some favourites with customers right now are short styles with square-cut toes, a slide-in fit, and a pretty braided top strap. You could easily wear these with a casual outfit during the day and a formal ensemble in the evening. You’ll find these heels in a handful of different colours too, which means finding a pair to match your aesthetic is guaranteed! 


Discover the most beautiful wedges!


If you’ve been paying attention to the top trends of 2021, then you’ll know that flatforms, wedges, and thick-soled shoes are becoming fast favourites. Wildfire has a few great designs that you might love in 2021. 

One great thing about wearing wedges is that you can get a height boost without sacrificing support. Unlike other tall styles, which have heels and inclines that put a strain on your ankles, our broad platforms can elevate you without adding a steeper incline. Instead, the extra centimetres go straight on to the base of your shoes, so walking and dancing (and moving in general) are still easy to do while you’re wearing wedges. 

Want to hear about some of our favourite new heels from this season’s collection? We’ve upped our wedge game here at Wildfire, which is why you’ll see gorgeous features and fun additions on our hottest looks. There are round metallic buckles, lovely stacked soles, and contrasting material on these add a bit of drama into the mix. Our wedges mainly have wraparound ankle straps, but some of our popular pairs come with horizontal bands.

If you want heels that can make you stand out from the crowd in 2021, then you’ll want to add a set of these to your cart! 


Need new shoes? Wildfire is the place to shop! 


We hope you’ve enjoyed this little snapshot look at our new favourite styles for 2021. Do you like the sound of cake stand heels with a cute textured material and retro vibe? What about bold wedges to wear out to parties? Can you see yourself posing for wedding photos in slender-looking block heels? 

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