Heel Styles That Have Made a Comeback!

Revitalize your look this season with Wildfire’s vintage heels! You won’t believe how many gorgeous retro styles have made a comeback this year. Let’s look at the hottest revived heels right now! 


Love the vintage look? You’ll adore our sling-back heels!


These vintage-made-new styles have been a trendy pick for the past few seasons, and we don’t see them stopping anytime soon. Sling-back heels have been a go-to for ladies who work in offices and similar formal settings. The kitten-high stilettos add sophistication to your look without compromising your comfort, so spending a busy day in sling-back shoes is perfectly manageable. Unlike taller stilettos, which can give you the wobbles, these low heels can walk across lawns, sandy pathways, shaggy carpets, and other tricky terrains without causing you too much stress or strain. And, let’s be real— the pointed toes, sling-back ankle strap, and sweet profile are a stunning combination! 


Cake-stand heels are ready to play in 2020!


Look who is back from the 90s! Cake-stand heels have made a massive comeback this year. If you don’t have a pair, then you’re missing out on one of the season’s best designs. Do you want to know which of our new cake-stand heels are flying off of the shelves in 2020? One of our top styles has a slide-on fit, square-cut toes, a thick top strap, and a cute peep-toe design. You can find this stellar style in a few different colours, including white, natural, and black. Of course, if you want something truly inspiring, then keep your eyes out for cake-stand heels with a see-through top strap instead! 


Flatform sandals are back from the 90s too! 


Alright, we’ll admit that these don’t quite count as heels. However, they are platform shoes and a hot pick for 2020, so we’re going to walk you through these cute styles anyway! Our platform shoes fuse the laidback design of sandals with the height-boosting look of heels. We have designs with trendy braided rope detailing ringing the base, as well as ones with stacked or striped soles. Many of these cute sandals and slides have similar features or straps as our heels. So, if you like the look of these shoes and would love a formal version, then you should be able to find some in the Wildfire collection! 


Thong-style high heels are another cute pick! 


Customers are loving these stilettos in 2020, and they’re a hot choice for your summer wardrobe! The toe thong straps on our heels is another sneaky steal from the 90s, and we’re so glad to see them back on our short platforms! Since they’re such an open and breezy style, thong-look heels are such a great option during warm weather. When the summer weather hits for real, you’ll be glad to have such cool-feeling shoes to wear to parties, weddings, and all of your other events. This season, we think white is the way to go with thong heels since they’re a super complementary shade and easy to match with any ensemble. 


Snap up some crocodile-themed shoes for your collection! 


Just as the shape and style of shoes can get revived, the decorations and textures on them can pop up again too! Take heels with crocodile-textured material as an example. Last year, the synthetic scales of choice were snakeskin, and now the trend has switched to another reptilian look. You’ll find many of the previous shoes in this article come in this scaly leather-look texture, including our cake-stand styles. However, we’ve also got some low mules, classic summer sandals, and sweet slides sporting this material. 

Have a look at Wildfire styles today! 

Which of these vintage designs will you be taking home in 2020?