Heels Are the Perfect Way to Level Up Your Outfit

Is your wardrobe in dire need of some levelling up?


Sadly, there are days you stare at your closet, looking for inspiration to improve your outfits. Finally, you came to the right place, as the team from Wildfire has the answer you're looking for: heels.


Wildfire heels are the perfect way to level up your outfit! However, finding the right pair to do the job can take time and effort. Typical questions include whether they will look good on you or if you can carry them well.


But finding your favourite pair is possible with our team's help. Wildfire's vast collection of heels will add pizazz to your wardrobe. Our range includes kitten heels, heel mules, court heels, platform heels, open-toe heels, square-toe heels, etc. So please read on to learn more!


Choose the Right Colours for Your Heels


When choosing which colour to add to your closet, we suggest following your heart's dictates! However, there needs to be a definite rule when selecting which heels to get. Fashion is a form of expression, and the colour you pick should represent you.


An important rule to remember is to ensure that the colour of the heels you choose will match and not clash with your clothes.


For instance, if you're wearing a dress with a bright and bold pattern, it's best to wear a pair of black heels. Then, consider wearing tan or natural shoes if you want something sparkly for a special occasion.


Evaluate your outfit. If you feel it's plain, use your heels as a pop of colour. If you're wearing, let's say, a simple black dress, we suggest wearing one of Wildfire's pink or orange shoes.


Another trick up our sleeves is highlighting one colour in your multi-coloured outfit and pairing it with the same-coloured heels. So, for example, if you're wearing a blouse with geometric patterns in purple and blue, you can choose either and find shoes in that shade.


Wildfire has fourteen colours available, a collection that will fit perfectly in your wardrobe. Choose from black, blue, brown, clear, gold, green, natural, orange, pink, purple, silver, tan, vanilla, and white.


Select the Right Style


Looking through the many gorgeous Wildfire heels makes you feel like you've fallen down a rabbit hole you'll never want to escape. But, of course, your top priority when choosing the style is your comfort because you will likely have these shoes on for hours.


Is this the first time you will be wearing heels?


Consider your willingness to practise walking in your shoes before the event. The assortment of heels available at Wildfire can satisfy all kinds of looks you want to achieve. In short, the different styles can uniquely level up your outfits with their style and charm. Let us walk you through the different types.


Style 1—Low Heels


The style we usually recommend for first-timers is the low heel, born at the junction of comfort and style, with a 2.5–5 cm height. These shoes are a godsend for those who need a bit of elevation but are averse to pain and discomfort.


You will love these heels as they provide a slight elevation without a steep incline, which your back, legs, and feet will thank you for someday! Don't you love how this style will make you look good and save you from muscle strain and back aches?


Style 2—Block Heels


If this is your first time considering wearing heels, you might be anxious about wearing the higher ones because of the pain they can bring. However, there is one style that you will love and that will make you forget about your worries.


Block heels can be low or high, but there is something more significant about them. Their broad, thick heel distributes your weight evenly, relieving the pressure on your feet and ankles.


This style must be a staple in your closet because it's ideal for a formal event. However, they're also an excellent choice for a special occasion outdoors. Not only will they level up the look of your outfit, but block heels will also protect you from getting stuck on soil, grass, sand, or pavement cracks, which usually happen to people wearing stilettos.


Style 3—High Heels and Mid Heels


The slight fear concerning high heels is understandable, especially if the height is greater than 7cm. But, you're probably asking why people go through the pain and discomfort, then?


The top reasons people endure wearing them are confidence and empowerment. But then again, block heels fall under high heels, so not all of them are painful.


Wildfire offers gorgeous high heels that elevate any outfit you wear with them. Even shorts and a T-shirt would look great with high heels.


However, set aside time to prepare because these shoes alter your balance and move your centre of gravity. As you practise walking on various floors at home, such as carpet, wood, and linoleum, break in your shoes and put on thick socks while doing so, extending the time you wear them daily.


Style 4—Stiletto


Have you heard of "No Pain, No Gain?"


This quote is apt for wearing stilettos, the sexiest, albeit most painful, heels. As we've mentioned, high heels are no joke, and stilettos are more difficult because they are thinner and place your feet at an awkward angle. One way to make wearing them more bearable is to practise.


The shape of these heels goes well with clothes that naturally lengthen your legs, like pencil skirts and slim jeans. In addition, the stiletto gives the impression that your legs are longer, making them look more attractive.


Aside from practise, you can utilise stoppers, grips, and innersoles at Wildfire because these can help make wearing stiletto heels more bearable, and you need all the help you can get.


Always Look Like the Best Version of Yourself!


We shared all we know about how heels can level up your getup. Which one struck you the most?


If you want to put your best foot forward comfortably and confidently, jump in on the trend and get a pair of women's heels now!


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