Heels Can Add an Extra Something to Your Outfit... Here's How!

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror after trying different outfits and felt something is missing?


You're not alone. We've all been in your shoes, i.e., heels. The typical scenario would look like this: You have a meet-up but can't find the perfect combinations. All your tops, bottoms, and dresses are all over the floor, and you're frustrated.


Suddenly, you zero in on cute Wildfire heels in your closet, something you haven't worn in a while. You tried them on, and things came together perfectly. That's what Wildfire heels can do to you; they add something extra to your outfit.


If you want to dress up and make the experience a breeze, add these shoes to your wardrobe rotation. These shoes have a way of elevating the most casual outfit. Heels make achieving the look you've been eyeing for so long easier.


More importantly, heels can improve your mood when a little low. Do you want to know simple tricks that will help you maximise the use of these shoes?


Let our team at Wildfire help you by providing steps or tips on how heels can add something extra to your outfit. Then, read how you can own the look you've only seen in magazines!


Step 1—Choose the Right Shoe block heels—take your pick: mid-heels, high heels, open-toe heels, etc.


The heels you choose can make or break your look. They come in various styles, and your choice depends on several factors, including colour, heel height and type, and design.


The range of styles is impressive. So, which one will you choose? Platform shoes, mid heels, high heels, open-toe heels, square-toe heels, platform heels, stiletto heels, court heels, kitten heels? Or have heel mules or wedges in women's heels taken your fancy?


Whatever you choose, you'll find the perfect shoe in our collection for your favourite pair of denim jeans or that formal attire for a special occasion. (With warmer months coming up, wedges, stilletos or pumps are all an excellent choice!)




Let's start with colour. Wildfire heels come in fourteen distinct shades that will have you poring over them for hours. These are black, blue, brown, clear, gold, green, natural, orange, pink, purple, silver, tan, vanilla, and white.


Go for the colours that pop if your heels should serve as the highlight of your look. Wearing purple, orange, or pink with cropped pants and a white top will draw everyone's attention to your shoes. Stick to black, natural, tan, and white heels for a more classic look.


Height and Type


How confident and comfortable are you with added height?


Choose the height that you believe you can wear the longest. The heels look good, but some are far from comfortable.


These shoes can elongate your legs and make you look toned, but you need to practise looking confident while wearing them. The height of low heels ranges from 5 – 6.35 cm, while mid ranges from 6.36 – 7cm. High heels tower at more than 7cm.


But don't let our warnings scare you, as there are heel types suitable for people afraid of pain and discomfort. For example, block heels are a godsend because their thick, broad heel distributes your weight evenly, relieving stress on your legs, feet, and back.


This type comes in low, mid, and high, so we guarantee you can remain cosy all day, no matter how high you prefer. We recommend going for the platform route as these heels have a block heel at the back and an elevated platform in front, so you get more height yet remain comfortable.




The different designs and styles of Wildfire heels will add something extra to your ensemble. Let's start with the strappy ones.


Strappy heels provide a slimming effect that makes your ankle and calves look slimmer. Instead, you can opt for shoes with ankle straps to secure them better or stick with top straps with intricate designs.


You can choose pumps if you don't feel like exposing your toes. The sleek design of these work heels can make your colleagues doubletake and make your teammates pay attention. Wearing this style commands power and girl-boss vibes!


Step 2—Pick the Outfit


Now that you have selected the heels you can live and wear on most occasions, the next step is finding the outfit that matches perfectly. What's the event or theme?


A pair of ripped mom jeans with a nice top and accessories like chunky earrings or big necklaces will do the trick if it's a casual meet-up. Change into a dress or miniskirt for everyday evening events to further emphasise your elongated legs.


We suggest wearing your heels with a cocktail dress or a business pantsuit for dressier events. Then, complete that look with one of Wildfire's gorgeous clutches.


A formal event requires wearing a long gown with heels and accessorising with diamond jewellery. Decide whether to put your hair up or down or change the parting from the side to the middle. Finish the look with your beautiful smile!


Step 3—Be Confident


The best way for heels to add something extra to your getup is when you own the look and feel confident. People can tell if you're carrying the clothes or if they're carrying you, so make sure it's the other way around.


Prepare for it by helping yourself gain confidence. Practice is essential because striding confidently in heels takes time. Increase the time you wear them during your event. A few days of prancing around in your home will build muscle memory and make walking effortless.


How about recording yourself when you walk? This way, you can observe how you put your feet down, analyse your gait, adjust, and improve your walking in heels until the big moment arrives.  


Use the heel stoppers, grips, and cushions that Wildfire has to offer to make walking in heels more comfortable. These small things can help you put your best foot forward!


Please Go Out and Show Them How It's Done!


Our simple steps and tips can help you maximise your heels and see how they can add something extra to your look. Confidence is the most critical ingredient in ensuring you look your best! Head to Wildfire's online store or the nearest retailer to start shopping!