Heels Can Take a Beating, Here's 5 Heel Maintenance Tips!

We know that for every girl who loves to wear a pair of high heels, there is also a lot of maintenance involved. Wearing these pumps is not always an easy task, and we can give you the ins and outs of this issue. Unfortunately, our favourite pair of block heels can take a beating at the best of times.


 Whether you are out with friends or at dinner with your partner, there is something that is bound to happen to your pair of pumps. To help you overcome this problem, the team here at Wildfire have gathered five helpful maintenance tips that are sure to keep your heels intact!


So, girl, if you want to find out how to keep your high heels looking flawless, then keep on reading!


Tip 1 – Keep them clean


One of our most helpful maintenance tips for your favourite pair of heels is to keep them clean. Nothing is worse than watching your new pair of all-white heels slowly turn to a shade of brown after wearing them for the day. That is why we recommend keeping your pumps clean. 


The best way to do this is by avoiding areas that will dirty your shoes. Imagine strutting your stuff in the white pair of BOTANY whilst you are out with the girls. If people spill their drinks or food on the ground, you can rest assured that your set of block heels will succumb to their pitfall. 


We know that no one likes getting their shoes dirty, especially when food and drinks are involved. That is why we recommend steering clear of situations that could lead to dirty heels.

It is a challenge, but girl, we know you have got this in the bag! So that you can still put your best foot forward when taking pictures for your outfit of the day or OOTD on any special occasion.

Tip 2 – Correct storage methods


Another hot tip that you can follow when maintaining your heels is to store them correctly. Most girls are unaware of this, but how our shoes are stored can impact their longevity. Whether a pair of low heels or high heels, your shoes need to be stored correctly. 


We recommend storing your pair of heels in a cool and dry place. The impact of sunlight and artificial light can alter the colour of your heels and ruin their outer material. There is nothing better than the feeling you get from looking after your favourite set of heels


You will love placing your pumps in a cool, dry, and protected area in your house. Whether it is the shoe rack in the garage or your bedroom wardrobe, your heels will stay clean and protected all day long. 


Tip 3 – Avoid wet weather


One thing that every girl should know by now when trying to protect her pair of stiletto heels is to keep them away from wet weather. Nothing is worse than wearing your favourite pair of pumps in the stormy winter weather. You will find that this type of weather can wear down your high heels a lot quicker. 


The outer material can not always handle the harsh weather conditions, and the intense rainfall can make your open-toe heels deteriorate much quicker. As a result, it can sometimes feel unavoidable when you go out during the winter season. One way we recommend keeping your heels out of the wet weather is to bring an extra pair of shoes with you


Heels like square toe heels, mid heels, court heels, platform heels, platform shoes, kitten heels, heel mules, etc., are best to wear during warmer months to maintain their durability and can last a long time.


If you want these shoes mentioned above, check out our website, Wildfire, and find your new pair of heels. You can use the clear filters on the left side of the page to find your correct shoe size, category, colour, etc.


Whether it is a set of flats or thongs, you can find some that will sit in your purse and be the perfect backup kicks for you. Our range of classic black pumps will make it through a winter night out, but you can never be too careful. So keep your heels out of the rain this new season with our helpful maintenance tips, sis! 


Tip 4 – Walk lighter and wear them in 


Did you know that a walking lighter can help prevent your platform heels from being damaged? If you are shaking your head no, then now you do! To keep your heels intact, we recommend that you try to walk lightly whilst wearing them. 


Minimising your number of heavy steps will ensure that your pair of pumps can last longer and get more wear out of them. This is because heavy steps can wear down the base of the shoes much quicker than normal.

By walking lighter in your heels, your heels can maintain a long lifespan, and you can wear them more than once! We also recommend wearing your high heels in a modest way in either casual or formal attire if you attend any occasion.


You can do this by walking around the house in your pair of pumps for a long period. This process will help you get your perfect fit in your next pair of women's heels. 


Tip 5 – Accessories


To keep your women's heels looking and feeling good from morning until night, we recommend getting your hands on some accessories. These will help ensure your pairs of heels are intact and fashionable all day and night.


So get your hands on some half-gel innersoles for your favourite pair of pumps. So ditch your old Jane Debster pairs and switch them with these shoes.

These will ensure that your feet stay comfortable and your innersoles do not wear down quicker than expected. Another set of accessories for your shoes that will be super beneficial is some heel stoppers. These sit on the base of a stiletto-like heel and help with your balance and comfort levels. 


If you can avoid any falls and injuries as much as possible, then your heel height will thank you for it, girl! In addition, you will find that shoe accessories are perfect for your pair of heels and your other shoes.

Maintaining the quality and style of your shoes is a beneficial task and is super quick and easy. You will never regret investing in a range of shoe accessories for your next pair of pumps


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