Heels Don't Have To Be Uncomfortable… Check Out These New Styles!

Say goodbye to uncomfortable heels! Wildfire's hot collection has something for everyone's wardrobe, and that includes the comfiest platforms of 2021! If you're sick of coming home from a busy workday with blisters, done with sitting on the sidelines at parties because of sore feet, and over feeling awkward in heels, then we're here to help. Today, we'll tell you all about the cosiest and most supportive platforms in our collection


For uninterrupted comfort, block heels are our go-to women's shoes!


We know that some women find it simple enough to spend a busy day and long night in tall heels. However, most people find more than a few hours on platforms will start to bring tension into their muscles and feet. Block heels offer the most sustainable comfort for their wearers because they alleviate that pressure through their design. Wearing stilettos and skinny pump heels force you to balance your body weight onto a single point. Block-based styles spread it more evenly and reduce that potential strain.   


The shorter your heels are, the less pressure you'll place on your ankles and feet too, so keep that in mind as well! We don't want to bore you with the technical explanations for too long— why don't we tell you about some of our best-loved block heels instead? This season, Wildfire's customers adore low styles with braided top straps and square-cut toes, strappy designs with mid-high platforms, and trendy mule heels. You can never go wrong with patent leather or faux black leather, white leather, or nude leather finishes on formal shoes. 


Still, Wildfire has a gorgeous colour range for you to see in 2021. Some of our most popular shades of heels at the moment are pale pink, sage, and pastel blue. Don't be afraid to experiment with a more colourful pair this year because they're guaranteed to make your entire look pop! We're positive that you'll spot something from our online store that steals your heart away! 


You'll stay comfy in Wildfire's beautiful boots! 


Discomfort from your heels isn't always to do with how steep the incline is or how skinny the stiletto heels are on your pair of ankle boots or lace up boots. During autumn and winter, one of the main sources of discomfort from your shoes will be the weather! 


If your pair of black square toe heels don't provide adequate protection from the elements, then your feet are going to be in a world of pain. Not only will icy weather torment any uncovered toes and exposed skin, but open-air designs are also risky during rainy weather. You won't enjoy the feeling of wearing heels that let your feet get wet or muddy, and they pose a danger to the longevity of your shoes! Luckily, there are so many fantastic shoe styles like the trendy peep toe heels at Wildfire that will safeguard your feet from wintery weather conditions. 


This season, we recommend black patent boots or black heels for the job! These styles are all block heels, so you know you can rely on steady balance and support. Since we have average toe heels, mid heel, and elevated platforms, you also have your pick on the heights. We recommend boots with shorter heels for everyday wear, but for formal events and parties, feel free to wear wedding shoes or bridal shoes —  dress shoes that are just a wee bit taller!


Now, which of our heeled boots that look like designer brands will suit your aesthetic the best? 


Our ankle boots are a popular pick because they're super versatile. You can get away wearing these heels during any season since they won't look awkward with summertime outfits. Knee high boots and thigh high boots are the most eye-catching, even mid heel sandals or low heel ones —just not flat shoes! If you're looking for white heels dress shoes that can keep your legs warm and create a bold style statement, short of having peep toes, these tall boots are the way to go! 


Shop for winter boots at Wildfire, and you'll see we have an impressive assortment of designs. Now, what about the different finishes that you can get on our women's heels? Smooth leather-look material is always a favourite, and soft faux suede is a popular pick too. We also have trendy textures on our booted heels, like this year's ultra-popular crocodile and lizard prints! So, which of these women's shoes makes your heart flutter or tempts you to use the gift voucher you received for Christmas? Still, hanging on to it? 


Say goodbye to conventional flared heels and grab platform heel or wedges instead! 


We couldn't talk about comfy platform heel without giving woven mules an honourable mention! Our platform heel is a hybrid of everyone's favourite summer sandals and trendy espadrille wedges. But, unlike our wedge heels, these platforms have completely flat soles. 

Without the incline to arch your feet up, a pair of our platform heel boost your height without adding any pressure to your feet or ankles. Because you have the full sole to stand on (instead of a small point from your heels), walking on uneven surfaces and terrain is never an issue. Is it any wonder that flat platform sandals are becoming the go-to for backyard parties, outdoor music festivals, picnic dates, rural weddings, and similar occasions? 


Of course, if you do want cosy womens heels online  that can flatter your figure, then a set of our platform heel or wedges would be a worthy addition to your wardrobe too. Like our flatforms, wedges prioritise ease of wear and long-lasting comfort while still managing to look super stylish. Plus, that little bit of incline from the heels helps tone your legs muscles, giving you slimmer and longer-looking legs. Do these sandals and wedges sound like shoes that would make you happy to forgo typical heels in 2021?


Well, let us talk you through a few of our favourite platforms and wedges, and see if anything grabs your interest! For ladies who love shoes with a fast and easy fit, we have slide-on styles. These backless sandals come with thick top straps, classic peep-toes, and a breezy feel. 


Are you usually a fan of heels with trendy textures? Some platform heels and wedges come with braided rope texture looped around the base for those fun bohemian vibes! We also have cute designs with wraparound ankle straps and stylish rounded buckles too! Do any of these pairs appeal to your aesthetic? 


Discover your dream pair today!


Wildfire's cosiest heel shoes online and in-store (even extended sizes ) are waiting for you right now. Also, be sure to grab our foot and shoe care accessories to keep your style looking fresh!


You'll find all the shoes we've talked about in this article (our size guide for the right shoe size, and so much more) in our collection!