Heels Don't Have to Hurt Your Feet! Check Our Tips for Finding the Perfect Fit!

Shopping for heels that fit perfectly takes time because you want a perfect pair. Comfort is a top priority, and it involves keeping your feet pain-free. You'll likely wear them in settings that require you to be on your feet for extended hours, so you must know the essential features to look for to make that possible.

The search can be daunting, so let our team at Wildfire extend some help your way. We don't want you to go through the countless horror stories and experiences we've heard and witnessed. Finding comfortable and stylish heels that fit perfectly is easy with our help. These tips can help you find the best options possible. If you're ready, let's dive right into it!


Tip 1—Select the Best Toe Box Shape


Because of the incline and the pull of gravity, your feet will slide toward the front area of your heels, so it's essential to find the best toe box shape for you. You'll usually be on your feet at work, a wedding, or other formal functions. As such, you will need heels with enough room for your toes. Shoes that squeeze your toes can be uncomfortable and can cause blisters. 

If opting for closed-toe heels, it's preferable to choose square or round-toes, which are the best options. However, if you want to try pointed ones, it's best to tape your toes, particularly the third and fourth ones, counting from the big toe, to alleviate the pressure. Open-toe shoes do not pose much of a problem because there's enough room for your toes to spread. Wildfire's closed-toe heels collection has a lovely pair of slingbacks perfect for formal and casual wear.


Tip 2—Go for the Best Height


There's no one height fits all where heels are concerned. Some ladies prefer high heels for that instant confidence boost, while others are more comfortable closer to the ground for balance and stability.

Always prioritise what's most comfortable because wearing uncomfortable heels will make you walk awkwardly. It should be smooth and effortless. Wearing heeled shoes is about confidence, so if you feel that low heels boost your self-esteem more, go for it! Wildfire's massive range of heel heights ensures everyone can find the perfect fit!


Tip 3—Choose the Right Width 


Everyone has unique preferences, so always choose the best one. Some people with excellent balance choose thin, narrow heels because they can, despite the shoes' tendency to put all the pressure on a small area of your feet. Others are happy with the thicker ones because they provide more stability and weight distribution. When choosing between thin stilettos and block heels, always prioritise your comfort. Please remember that broad bases are more practical, stable on various surfaces, and better for overall health. 


Tip 4—Add Cushioning


Heels that can absorb impact and relieve pressure make for a perfect fit. Cushioning is essential to ensure comfort; it can do all that and ease foot fatigue. Check this feature by running your hands around the footbeds, usually around areas where you need the most support—toe box, heel, and arch.

But since not all heels come with cushioning, you can purchase removable ones from Wildfire. The brand has gel cushions, foam innersoles, heel stoppers, and heel grips to make your experience more comfortable. 


Tip 5—Check for Fastenings or Closures


A perfect fit means your heels stay in place instead of moving around. It also means having control over the fit of your shoes. With fastenings or closures, you can adjust your heels and secure them. You will find multiple options with buckled ankle straps from the Wildfire collection. This fastening uses a frame and hinged pin to lock your heels. However, the heeled boots use a zipper fastening to secure you within seconds. 

Adjustability is essential because your mood might change within hours, and you prefer a looser fit. Staying on your feet can cause them to swell, so you will want to adjust your straps.


Tip 6—Choose Quality Materials


Excellent materials impact the wearability of your heels. Will they mould to your foot shape for a snug fit? Or will they be problematic and irritate when your feet constantly rub against them? Moreover, materials also determine the durability of your heels. You need shoes that will last long, especially if they've become your new favourites. 

They must be capable of withstanding wear and tear and the natural elements. You will use your shoes more than once, sometimes at special events, and you don't want them to break while dancing and having fun. Vegan and leather shoes last long and deserve a spot in your closet. 


Tip 7—Practice and Break-In


Whether your heels are tall, short, thin, or wide, they still have height and alter your balance somehow. Walking comfortably and confidently in them requires practice and breaking in. This way, you will impress everyone you encounter when you arrive. Wear your brand-new shoes for 30 minutes daily, days before the event. Try to lengthen the duration each day until you can wear them for hours effortlessly. You'll be surprised at your improvement, being able to wear heels like a second skin.

Wear thick socks while practising, expanding the tight areas. A hairdryer can help hasten the process. Point it to the areas that rub your feet; the heat will loosen them.


Tip 8—Shop at Wildfire


No other brand does it like Wildfire. Its collection of heels remains top-tier in style and comfort. The varied options cater to the consumers' multiple needs and preferences. More importantly, shopping for Wildfire's affordable heels will keep you within budget. You can plan your purchases because the brand's flexible payment systems enable you to buy now and pay in instalments later. What more can you ask?

At each formal attire or job interview, you can choose from our wide variety of women's heels—including stiletto heels, block heels, square-toe heels, court heels, platform heels, open-toe heels, heel mules, kitten heels, mid heels, low heels, and platform shoes—to ensure that you always put your best foot forward.


Follow Our Tips to Find the Perfect Fit for Heels! 


Head to the nearest Wildfire retail store or shop online to grab your next favourite pair of heels with the perfect fit!