Heels For Every Occasion

Searching For the perfect heels?

At Wildfire, we have heels for every occasion! With a plethora of excellent heels to choose from, it might be hard to narrow down your choices. So, we thought it best to divide them into their typical settings and events. Read on to find shoes which spark your interest. We'll guide you to the ideal heels for your next shopping trip!

Restaurants, seated venues, and little get-togethers

If you want to get wear out of your biggest and thinnest heels, then this is how to do it! Venues with seating are utopias for stiletto-wearers, whether you’re experienced and happy to go all-night in sky-high heels, or not. There’s no risk of tired feet or cramping calf muscles when you can give yourself a timeout and go sit down. Besides; our high-glamour heels will pair beautifully with your fanciest formal attire.

We recommend cocktail heels with one thin strap around the ankle and a band across the toes. For added sophistication, get your next set with a line of rhinestones or a sparkling finish. Our towering stilettos will have you looking and feeling your best at the top-tier events.

Office and corporate settings

Finding the right balance between fashion and function can be difficult when you buy heels for the workplace. It’s crucial that you get this balance right too, or else you might cause yourself unnecessary stress while you’re on the clock. Thankfully, Wildfire has two outstanding options ready-to-go that are respected classics for working women.

The first choice to think about are pumps. These patent and faux suede styles are an ideal match for ladies who have to wear heels at their place of employment on a daily basis. Our selection of subtle and standout colour options can complement different outfits, so you can wear these same shoes over and over again without them feeling tired. The classy feel of our pump heels also makes them effortless to elevate and dress up pants, dresses, and everything else.

Our sling-backs and kitten heels are the other alternative. Shoes in this style have the same elegant air as our pumps but are more convenient for ladies who prefer lower points and less of an incline. If you spend most of your day moving around or in transit, then the long-lasting comfort will be a major benefit.

Weddings, outdoor settings, and extended events

Block heels are the way to go if you need something that you can balance on with ease and maintain hours of steady comfort and support. Other than the point, many of our block-based styles are identical to our stilettos, so you know these are elegant and glamorous options too. We have heels with minimal bands, others with crisscrossing self-tie straps, and all in a variety of textures and shades.

The greatest advantage of block heels is that they allow their wearer to walk across craggy paths, spongy lawns, and other terrain types that would make stilettos suffer. Not only that, but the broad base reduces pain-causing pressure for you as well. When you want heels that can accentuate your legs, help dance the night away (or let you stand taller in photographs) then these are a natural choice.

Finally, we have our casual heels

The appeal of these sweet styles is that they bring fun and fashionable feel to your favourite t-shirt and jeans combination and to other casual outfits. Any of our espadrille wedges, trendy semi-translucent mules, and structured sandals could fit the bill.

Which heels will you be taking home?

Find the pair of your dreams at Wildfire today, and get ready to unleash your wild side!