Heels For Everyone!

Everyone can find the heels of their dreams at Wildfire! 


Our inclusive range of sizes can cater to every woman! 


We know that shopping for heels can be tough if you have extra small or big feet. Luckily, Wildfire can cater to ladies of all shapes and sizes. Our range includes size 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 19 and 11, which means we can offer fabulous heels to ladies at both ends of the spectrum. 

Did you know that we also offer half sizes? It’s true! Women who can rarely find heels that fit them perfectly might find their best fit from half-size pairs. For instance, if a size 6 is a tad too tight and a 7 is a bit loose, then our 6.5 shoes should be just right! With such a great selection of sizes available at Wildfire, you’re sure to find the ones for you.  


We have different heights, so your comfort is guaranteed! 


Since our heels come in a variety of different heights, you can always wear a pair that makes you feel confident. If you’re looking for a big height boost, then our sky-high stilettos will be an instant hit. Ladies who love mid-high styles with enduring comfort will appreciate our mules. And, for women who adore a slim silhouette and easy balance, we have our vintage-made-new kitten heels.

So, picking a pair that you’ll feel confident to wear will be easy-breezy! Whether you rarely wear heels or wear them all the time, Wildfire will have something suited to your level. 


Wildfire has stilettos, block-based platforms, and so much more! 


Here at Wildfire, you’ll see that we have a mix of stilettos and thick platforms. Skinny stilettos are a go-to for ladies who want to accentuate their leg shape. Block heels and wedges have a bold feel. In terms of the designs, we have many pairs that are identical other than the platforms. If the heels are 95% the same, then how do you decide between them? Well, consider how much help you need balancing! Block heels and wedges with big bases are the easiest for novices to wear, especially if they plan on going outdoors.

On the other hand, stilettos are a bit trickier to walk around in, since they end on such a narrow point. Do you find skinny heels easy to get around in, or are they your worst nightmare? Think carefully, and then take your pick! 


Our open-air styles are classically beautiful! 


We know that you’ll love these cocktail styles. With their open-air feel and stylish straps, these minimalist heels look great with formal attire. Once you’ve found a pair of these that you like, you can wear them again and again to different events. Wildfire’s timeless heels should be your first choice for weddings, work functions, parties, and dinner dates. Plus, since they have that easy and airy fit, you don’t have to worry about hot and sweaty feet in summer or spring. 


You can’t go wrong with enclosed heels! 


Boots and booties are our trendiest enclosed styles! Booties are cute and come in fashionable textures, but boot heels provide excellent coverage and protection for your feet (even if they’re only ankle-high). As it stands, Wildfire has ankle-high, knee-high, and thigh-high boots. When it comes to keeping your legs warm and dry during winter and autumn, these are the ideal heels! We have glossy leather-look styles for ladies who love the classics, but our soft faux suede boots are sure to win you over too. 


Have we convinced you yet?


Wildfire has a huge range of heels, and your dream pair is only a few clicks away – visit our online store now!