Heels for Men: A Trend That's Not Going Away

Here at Wildfire, we love to stay ahead of the game. This means we are always up to date with the latest fashion trends. One trend that is rapidly gaining popularity is heel shoes for men.


With more people worldwide learning and accepting the LGBTQ+ community, we have seen so many more fashion trends emerge for everyone to enjoy. No matter what gender you identify, a pair of men's heel shoes will let you express your true self.


This fashion trend is not going away anytime soon either, so it is better to embrace it than try to run from it. Heel shoes for men would once be known as a taboo topic, but now it is a part of our everyday lives.


This trend in the fashion world is what some might call history in the making, and we are all here for it. So, if you are keen to take a step into the world of heel shoes for men, then keep on reading, sis! You will fall in love with these pump heels at first sight.


Style 1 – Open-toed


One style of shoe that men are flaunting in the fashion world is a pair of open-toed pump heels. These offer a feminine elegance that is not always associated with those who do not identify as female.These heel shoes allow men to show off their girly sides and flaunt their best looks. The open-toed pumps heeled sandals are perfect for day-to-day activities, date night or a neat-casual weekend event. 


There are plenty of girls who love to rock a pair of open-toed pumps heeled sandals, and we cannot lie; they are sometimes painful if you wear them too long.


The best thing about guys wearing these pump heels is that they can relate to us on a whole other level. Your coffee date chats and date night will never be the same again, and instead, they will be ten times better, sis! The squad can chat about fashion and what style of men's open-peep toe heels is your new obsession.


Style 2 – Cowboy Boots


The classic cowboy boots are a fun and vibrant style of men's heel shoes that make their way into the fashion scene. Now, you may have heard about or seen these heeled boots over the past few years. But now it is making a comeback, and we are here for it.


The cowboy boots offer a low heel on the base of the shoes, like ankle boots, so it is a more subtle style for men to wear. These heeled boots have always been designed with simple patterns and colour pop so that they blend into your everyday wear.


We are starting to see pop up in the fashion world in fun and bright coloured cowboy boots. This style of men's heel shoes allows people to express themselves in the best way possible. Having different style options of heeled boots can create a welcoming environment for men and women to wear their best outfits and love how they look!


Style 3 – Heeled Ankle Boots


Men's go-to look for this season is a pair of heeled ankle boots. These heeled boots are perfect for the cooler months of the year, where foot care comfort and style can unite together to produce the ultimate go-to outfit.


Heeled boots offer every guy a touch of sophistication and class, which is such an attractive and professional look to show off. These heeled boots can get worn during work in the office or a special event on the weekend.


For the guys who love to flaunt their feminine side, then a pair of knee-high boots will be your new favourite. But, of course, these heeled boots make all of us girls jealous because they look flawless on every guy who wears them. In addition, these knee-high boots give us major Rihanna vibes, so channel your inner baddie with these pump heels.


Style 4 – Platform Heels


Slay all day and night with a pair of platform heels. These pump heels are a classic style of heeled sandals that men have the opportunity to wear. They can give any guy a boost of height and style, which is a dream come true for fashion-forward men.


Platform heels are a must-have in every guy's wardrobe if they love to have fun and let loose. These pump heels are super easy to walk in as well, so no guy will have to worry about sore and painful feet after a big night of dancing.


These heeled sandals are perfect to wear with a full-glam fit and can get styled with a gorgeous outfit for both winter and summer. However, platform heels are shoes that are not for the faint-hearted, so guys, choose wisely!


Style 5 – Stilettos


Guys, are you ready to look like the hottest person in the room? If you are nodding yes, then you need to invest in a pair of block-heeled stilettos. These heeled sandals are a common style of shoe for plenty of women to wear. They are perfect for special events or corporate occasions where you need to look stylish, classy, and professional.


For guys, a pair of black heels stilettos can embody a whole different vibe, and we are obsessed! Men who rock a pair of black heels stilettos are living their best lives, with a range of vibrant colour pop and designs that are readily available to choose from.


For every guy who wants to express their individuality and fashion sense, then a pair of stilettos will help them achieve exactly that. Both males and females can now share the joys of wearing a pair of block heeled stilettos and how confident they feel in these timeless classics.


One thing to remember when rocking a pair of stiletto-heeled sandals is to invest in some accessories. To ensure you do not fall over and embarrass yourself, it is a good idea to buy some heeled sandals stoppers.


These go on the bottom of the shoes. They can help with your balance when walking and can help you avoid slipping through any soft grass or drain holes. We also recommend investing in some half gel innersoles for these heeled sandals. They are placed on the inside of your shoes and can give your feet a boost of foot care comfort that you did not know you needed.


Trust us, queens, you will feel one hundred times better with some gel innersoles in your stilettos.     


Are You Feeling Inspired By These Trendy Men's Heels?


Girl, we are! It is super cool to see how far we have come with fashion and how people of all gender types have the ability to express themselves through fashion. The shoe size on our size guide is available for all. If we could flaunt a pair of these pump heels as easily as some men can, we 100% would! 


In the meantime, for the girls who need a new pair of heel shoes for your next event, then head over to the designer brands heels online store, Wildfire website and check out our latest range of pump heels!