Heels, Heels, Heels… Come to Wildfire!

Are you tired of the everyday look and in need of some change?


If you answered yes, Wildfire is the place to be. You need a boost—to your mood, style, and height. And Wildfire is known for having the best ones—women's heels!


Yes, heels will (literally and figuratively) elevate you in ways other shoes cannot. These shoes have been enjoying a prominent place in the fashion circuit, with various brands releasing their modified versions. 


Having so many options is fun until you get overwhelmed with all the colours and styles. Not to mention, luxury branded heels can get steep in price, which hurts the budget.


Again, why go through all that when Wildfire has all you need—style, versatility, comfort, and affordability—without the hassle?


Wildfire has all the heels you will need in your lifetime, grouped into several categories that can satisfy your needs: high, low, block, stilettos, court heels, bridal and evening, platform, mule, and closed-toe and open-toe heels. 


Because of these groupings, it will be easier for you to find the heels you need. Please get to know them more with some help from the Wildfire team! Let's start!


1. High Heels


Ladies who need shoes higher than 7.5cm gravitate towards high heels. Any footwear within this height falls under this category, whether stilettos, block heels, open, closed, or platform.


Wildfire's collection of high heels comes in twelve gorgeous colours. Choose from any of the following: black, brown, clear, gold, green, natural, pink, purple, silver, tan, vanilla, and white.


And if you need to get used to the height and strain that come with the steep incline, we recommend purchasing inserts like gel cushions and heel grips. These things make wearing high-heeled shoes comfortable. 


2. Low Heels


It's perfectly fine if you don't like high heels and prefer to be closer to the ground. Low heels, usually around 2.5–5.5 cm, are comfortable to wear throughout the day and night.


The most famous kind are the kittens, which are short, narrow, and slightly tapered in shape. 


Young girls who are learning to wear heels train with kittens. But now they are more than training shoes and have become a fashion statement.


Wildfire's low-heel collection comes in six easy-to-match colours: black, clear, natural, pink, vanilla, and white. Add a slight variation to your daily style with any of these colours!


3. Block Heels


We have the shoes for you if pain and discomfort turn you off, especially after a bad experience with stilettos. With their thick and broad design, block heels are a godsend for women!


You get the height you desire, whether high or low and remain comfortable because they distribute your weight evenly. 


Say goodbye to the pressure you usually experience in the balls of your feet, legs, and lower back, as these block heels keep you cosy. 


4. Stilettos


Stilettos are the opposite of block shoes, making them painful to wear. With narrow heels, these shoes can alter your balance and put pressure on the balls of your feet. Because they are thin, there's a constant risk of toppling forward and losing balance.


But some people are pros when walking in them, and the benefits, like longer and slimmer legs, are enough motivation to wear them.


If you must wear stiletto heels, here are some helpful tips to make the experience more bearable. 


  • Buy your shoes a few weeks or days before the event so you can spend 30 minutes a day practising them. You'll build muscle memory in no time and wear them more comfortably.

  • Walk in a heel-to-toe manner slowly, never stomping your foot down all at once.

  • Balance is critical to keeping it together. Learning to walk in these heels is like riding a bicycle. Always look ahead to your destination, never down.


5. Bridal and Evening


Are you getting married soon? Or are you part of the bridal party or need heels to go with formal attire?


Wildfire made shopping easy for you, as they curated the best styles you could wear to special events. The bridal and evening heels come in four affordable price ranges that won't eat into your budget: $0 - $20, $20 - $30, $40 - $50, and $50+.


And since all Wildfire shoes are versatile, expect to wear them again after your special occasion, making them worth it! You can wear these to work or dinner parties with friends. 


6. Platform Heels


If you dream of wearing high-heeled shoes that don't hurt, get a pair of platform heels. These shoes have an elevated front and back, which keep your feet level despite the staggering height.


Wildfire's collection of platform shoes will ensure you remain cosy, with block heels at the back and platform soles in front. 


Available in five colours, including black, natural, pink, silver, and white, and with closed or open toes, you have several options for all your special occasions.


Bring back the 70s with these flashback shoes and have the best night dancing.


7. Mule


Wildfire's collection of heel mules combines the slide-in comfort of open-backed shoes with high, comfortable heels. Most styles are open-toed, making it easier to put your feet in and head out the door. 


Stylish straps across the top of your feet keep them secured and add sexy silhouettes to the vibe. The collection comes in five affordable price ranges: $0 - $20, $20 - $30, $30 - $40, $40 - $50, and $50+.


8. Closed-Toe


Wildfire understands that some workplaces remain conservative and prefer closed-toe heels. The collection comprises pumps, slingbacks, and loafers.


Slingback heels are an excellent choice, with their stretchy strap around your heel's back, exposing your heel and ankle. They can easily become a favourite pair!


Because most of the closed-toe shoes at Wildfire are pointy, which can rub your toes and cause blisters, you can use toe caps or protectors. Or better yet, choose those with round-toe designs!


Wildfire Has All Kinds of Heels for You!


Our court shoes and platform heels go well with clothes for parties and other special occasions, while our low and kitten heels mix well with formal wear. In the warmer months, nothing beats a pair of open-toe heels or wedges. 


To make you feel stylish and secure, Wildfire's collection of women's heels includes square-toe heels and mid-heels. Buy a new prefered pair of high heels to put your best foot forward daily.


Find the ideal style that fits your lifestyle. Head to the nearest Wildfire retailer or shop online and take advantage of the flexible payment systems, which allow you to purchase now and pay in instalments later!