Heels, Heels, Heels! Find Your Perfect Pair at Wildfire!

Searching for the perfect pair of heels feels like rummaging through haystacks for a small pin. While several options are available, finding one that combines all the features of comfort, versatility, fashion, and affordability is challenging. 


Some heels would give you style, but the pain that comes with it is excruciating. Meanwhile, others are oozing with comfort but need more chic. And so, the search for the perfect pair continues until you miraculously end up here at Wildfire.


Finding this page will help you leap through all the brands available to find the best heels you can ever have. The options tick all you need and provide the best value for your money. 


Shopping for heels at Wildfire is a breeze, especially with the flexible payment systems that allow you to purchase now and pay in instalments later! Isn't that a treat?


It's time to elevate your shoe collection with the Wildfire collection of women's heels. The collection includes stiletto heels, platform heels, platform shoes, and wedges. 


Whether you prefer open-toe heels, square-toe heels, or even heel mules, there's a style that will suit your foot shape and shoe size. With a wide range available at Wildfire, you're sure to find your new favourite pair.


Get ready for a special occasion and wear formal attire. This is an ideal time to snag a great deal on stylish mid-heels, pumps, or court heels. So why not put your best foot forward now?


Discover these various options with the help of the team from Wildfire. Who else can describe the fabulous shoes but those who know them like the back of their hands? Let's start!


1. High


Some ladies prefer shoes taller than 7.5cm because these make them more confident and assertive. High heels cover stilettos, block, open, closed, mules, or platform. 


A perfect pair from Wildfire wouldn't break your wallet, as there are four price ranges: $0-$20, $20-$30, $30-$40, and $50+.


Madonna is an online-exclusive pair of high heels from Wildfire that fall within the $0-$20 price range. 


For that price, you get extraordinary, heeled sandals with strappy detailing over the top of your feet. The knotted V-shape design of the straps makes these shoes a standout. Wear them with a short dress, and you're ready for Sunday brunch. 


2. Low


Some ladies like it high, while others prefer to be closer to the ground, which is okay. Choosing low heels around 2.5–5.5 cm means you are happy with a slight elevation. 


Besides, the Wildfire collection has exquisite options, the most famous of which are the kitten heels. 


Kitten heels are short, narrow, and slightly tapered in shape. Initially, these shoes were for young girls training to wear heeled footwear. Over time, this style became an icon and a fashion statement. 


Tangled is a limited edition that deserves a spot in your closet. It has two horizontal braided top straps within the $0-$20 price range. What a steal!


3. Block


Wildfire has a collection of heels that can go low or high. But that is not what makes these shoes well-loved. 


Block heels are broad and thick, providing more stability and evenly spreading your weight. Ladies love that they remain comfortable and supported despite being on their feet for long periods. 


Outdoor events are the perfect times to wear block heels because they don't get stuck on soft grounds like soil and sand while keeping you stable on uneven surfaces. 


Madison is an excellent option to check out. It stands at 9cm but remains cosy because they're broad and thick. It has three elegant straps covered with dazzling diamantes to make you shine, sparkle, and be the belle of the ball.


4. Stilettos


If ladies flock to block heels, they try to avoid stilettos as much as possible. 


Some love these shoes for their sophistication and leg-elongation capability, but more are averse because of the pain. Stilettos place all the pressure in one area—the balls of your feet—making it unstable. 


Then again, some experts walk in these shoes like models, so the pain is nothing for them. Besides, no hurt can stop you from taking a closer look at Impress. 


It's a limited edition embellished pump. These Wildfire stiletto heels are entirely encrusted with diamantes, making you glitter and glamour.


5. Bridal & Evening


The collection of bridal and evening heels at Wildfire is a select group of shoes ideal for weddings and formal events. 


You can choose from twelve gorgeous colours to spice up your event. These heels come in black, brown, clear, gold, green, natural, pink, purple, silver, tan, vanilla, and white.


And since all Wildfire shoes are versatile, wear them repeatedly afterwards. Wear them at work, special occasions, and dinner parties. For instance, Astonish is an online-exclusive pair of heels you'll want to keep wearing. 


This Wildfire option has a gorgeous silky material and a signature top strap with an oversized bow detail. You deserve to wear these shoes to all your special events. 


6. Platform


If you need more than the height of high heels, consider getting platforms. Most of the Wildfire platforms stand at 9cm and taller. 


However, it's not a reason to feel intimidated because you will remain cosy throughout, thanks to the block heels at the back and platform soles in front. Platforms will (literally and figuratively) elevate your status.


Ariana is the best pair of platforms if you want to re-live the 70s. These limited edition shoes stand at 13cm and have a closed-toe design that's giving you Saturday Night Fever vibes!


7. Mule


It's time to change your shoe closet and add something easy to wear. Wildfire's collection of mule heels combines the slide-in comfort of open-backed shoes and high, comfortable heels. 


Since most styles are open-toed, wearing these shoes will take seconds before heading out the door. Busy ladies need a set of heels that are manageable to wear.


Harlem is an excellent option, with its crossover top straps that create a sexy silhouette over your feet. At $0–$20, these shoes will give you more bang for your buck!


8. Closed Toe


Because Wildfire understands that some workplaces remain conservative and prefer closed-toe heels, it curated a collection to make finding what you need easier. 


Virgo is an excellent choice for work. These loafer platforms are perfect for those long meetings that require you to sit, stand, and present in front of everyone. 


Find Your Dream Heels at Wildfire!


Head to the nearest Wildfire store or shop online and grab the best heels for you now!